Wps App Download For Jio Phone

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  3. My Jio App Download

Download WPS Office 13.7.0 for Android for free, without any viruses, from Uptodown. Try the latest version of WPS Office 2021 for Android. Imo for jio phone, imo for jio phone 2 download, imo for Kai-OS, imo for jio phone,imo for jio keypad phone,how to download imo in jio phone. Download WPS Office for Android - Kingsoft Office Suite Free is a completely free office productivity suite, which includes three programs that reflect the different purposes and tasks required in. You can enable hotspot in your jio phone, by default hotspot setting is not given in your jio phone operating system, but once you install your device can appear to hotspot option in this app and after that you can turn on hotspot easily. So you can install this Jio Hotspot app after enjoy to shareing internet to your friends from your jio phone easily.

Do you know how to use hotspot in jio phone? Because of Jio phone running in Kai OS, many users are still confusing that will jio phone have hotspot feature. In this post, I am going to share everything needed to know about Jio phone hotspot, installing hotspot app on your jiophone etc.

How To Enable And Use Hotspot in Jio phone [JioPhone 1 & 2]

There is in built hotspot sharing feature in Jio phone. You can use them to turn on Jio phone hotspot and share internet with others. Jio phone hotspot available in both Jio phone 1 and Jio phone 2 Qwerty keypad mobile phones.

  • Go to settings on JioPhone
  • Then navigate to Internet sharing option
  • Select WiFi hotspot
  • Select “On” from there to turn on hotspot in Jio phone

If you want other devices to share internet connected to Jio phone Via WiFi, you need an option to turn on in settings section. If you have turned on that feature, the connected device with Jio phone can share internet from Jio phone. Thus you can limit the internet sharing on jio phone hotspot.

In simple:- Settings—->Internet sharing —-> WiFi hotspot—> ON

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Wps App Download For Jio Phone

What to do when your jio phone do not have hotspot feature?

Wps App Download For Jio Phone Free

If your jio phone do not have this feature, to get hotspot feature on Jio phone, you need to update your jio phone software to the latest version. For this, visit nearest jio service center to update jio phone software.

Thus you can limit the number of devices connected to your jio phone for wifi connectivity.

How to connect jio phone to other hotspot devices

It is possible to connect your jio phone to another wifi hotspot and access internet. It’s like connecting any other android smartphone with hotspot network. For this, you need to turn on wifi on your jio phone.

How to turn on wifi connectivity on your jio phone?

Go to settings and then scroll to bottom. There you can see “wifi” option. Just select the option and then turn on wifi network. Your Jio phone will automatically search for available wifi network around your phone and list them. To connect with them, you need to pass an authentication process. If wifi network is password protected, you need to enter correct password to access wifi network on Jio phone.

Select any wifi connection available. when you click on it, you will get a box to enter wifi password. Enter password and then connect with wifi hotspot and enjoy internet on jio phone.

Can Jio phone connect to JioFi router wifi network?

Obviously, You can connect Jio phone to jiofi wireless router device for accessing internet. You need to connect with the jiofi wifi router SSID and password.

First you need to turn on Jiofi device, and then turn on wifi in jio phone. So your phone will identify the wifi network and then click on the network name of Jiofi. so you will get a box t enter SSID and password of the JioFi device. Enter the SSID and password carefully and connect with JioFi dongle wifi hotspot and start using internet.

SSID and password can obtain from jiofi router itself. open back cover of your Jiofi modem, then remove battery. There you can see SSID and password. Note the both credential and connect using the SSID and password.


Do i need to download and install any hotspot app on jio phone?

You no need to download hotspot app in jio phone since now Jio phone all series are come with in built wifi hotspot features. If you are using old model jio phone, then you need to update jio phone software to enable hotspot feature in Jio phone. Visit nearest jio service center to update jio phone software.

What may be the cause of Jio phone wifi not working issue?

You need to connect with correct SSID and password to connect with other wifi hotspot with Jio phone.

To access other devices to connect with your Jio phone hotspot, then turn on the feature on your jio phone settings as i mentioned above.



My Jio App Install

This is very great pleasure since Jio phone have hotspot features. Basically the wifi hotspot features are very rare in such kind mobile phones. But Jio loaded the features to use wifi hotspot in jio phone since they have millions of customers and users in India. More over jio phone have other features and apps like whatsapp, facebook and other apps are available to use.

My Jio App Download


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