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Feb 28, 2021 The 2020 Season World Championship (Worlds 2020) is the conclusion of the 2020 League of Legends esports season. The tournament was held in Shanghai, China. LoL Worlds 2020 Finals set a new record among all the final matches in League of Legends once again. At its peak, over 3.8 million concurrent viewers were watching the battle between DAMWON and Suning. After a long and very intense battle, DAMWON Gaming has defeated their opponents, thus becoming the 2020 World champions! Detailed viewers statistics of 2020 World Championship Worlds 2020, China, League of Legends. Statistics of matches, teams, languages and platforms. League of Legends tops Twitch with Worlds 2020 Even though the final didn’t manage to beat the all-time peak viewership record, it did help break a record on Twitch. During the final, Twitch reached the highest viewership in the League of Legends category with over 1.8 million.

League of Legends Worlds 2020 schedule has been released revealing the games begin on Sept. 25.

World Championships in League of Legends are an annual global showdown where the best teams from each region face off against one another in an endeavor to discover who reigns supreme. Whether chasing the money, title, or Summoner's Cup, one things for sure, players are ready to perform.

League of Legends Worlds 2020 Schedule

  • Play-in Stage: Sept. 25-30
  • Group Stage Round 1: Oct. 3-6
  • Group Stage Round 2: Oct. 8-11
  • Quarterfinals: Oct. 15-18
  • Semifinals: Oct. 24-25
  • Summoner's Cup Finals: Oct. 31

Play-ins Schedule

Friday, September 25 (4 a.m. ET)

  • MAD Lions vs. INTZ Esports
  • PSG Talon vs. Rainbow7
  • Legacy Esports vs. INTZ Esports
  • LGD Gaming vs. PSG Talon
  • Team Liquid vs. MAD Lions
League of legends worlds schedule

Saturday, September 26 (4 a.m. ET)

  • Rainbow7 vs. V3 Esports
  • INTZ Esports vs. Papara SuperMassive
  • V3 Esports vs. Unicorns of Love
  • LGD Gaming vs. Rainbow7
  • Unicorns of Love vs. PSG Talon
  • Papara SuperMassive vs. MAD Lions
  • Team Liquid vs. Legacy Esports

Sunday, September 27 (4 a.m. ET)

  • V3 Esports vs. LGD Gaming
  • Rainbow7 vs. Unicorns of Love
  • PSG Talon vs. V3 Esports
  • Unicorns of Love vs. LGD Gaming

Monday, September 28 (4 a.m. ET)

  • Papara SuperMassive vs. Team Liquid
  • MAD Lions vs. Legacy Esports
  • INTZ Esports vs. Team Liquid
  • Legacy Esports vs. Papara SuperMassive

Group Stage Schedule

Monday, October 5 (4 a.m. ET)

  • Machi Esports vs. G2 Esports
  • JD Gaming vs. Rogue
  • Top Esports vs. DragonX
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Tuesday, October 6 (5 a.m. ET)

  • Suning Gaming vs. Machi Esports
  • DragonX vs. FlyQuest
  • Fnatic vs. Gen.G Esports
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Thursday, October 8 (5 a.m. ET)

  • Machi Esports vs. Suning Gaming
  • G2 Esports vs. Machi Esports
  • Suning Gaming vs. G2 Esports
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Friday, October 9 (5 a.m. ET)

Worlds 2020 Lol
  • Rogue vs. JD Gaming
  • DAMWON Gaming vs. Rogue
  • JD Gaming vs. DAMWON gaming
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Saturday, October 10 (4 a.m. ET)

  • Fnatic vs. Team SoloMid
  • Team SoloMid vs. Gen.G Esports
  • Gen.G Esports vs. Fnatic
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Sunday, October 11 (5 a.m. ET)

  • FlyQuest vs. DragonX
  • Top Esports vs. FlyQuest
  • DragonX vs. Top Esports
  • To be determined vs. To be determined

Matches for the quarterfinals, semifinals, and finals are yet to be determined with the worldchampionship taking place on Oct. 31 at 6 a.m. ET.

The League of Legends World Championship is the final event of the LoL esports calender where the best teams in the world gather and compete for the title of World Champions. Read on to find out more about Worlds 2020.

League of Legends World Championship 2020

It’s the final few games of the League of Legends World Championship as eight teams remain to battle it out in the Knockout stage of the tournament.

The previous Group stage was marked by a strong performance from the likes of China’s TOP Esports and JD Gaming, and South Korea’s DAMWON Gaming, Gen.G and DragonX. Teams from the western regions would perform poorly during Group stage play with none of the teams from the North American LCS managing to qualify for the Knockout stage.

This poor performance is encompassed by the fact that LCS number one seed Team SoloMid failed to win any matches in the Group stage, ending their Worlds campaign on a 0 – 6 match record, the first time in Worlds history a number one seed from a major region has done so.

Here is a breakdown of the League of Legends World Championship Finals between Suning Gaming and DAMWON Gaming.

For more information on Worlds 2020, we’ve created League of Legends World Championship guide.

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League of Legends Worlds 2020 odds

The odds below represent the outright market for the League of Legends World Championship. For a full list of the markets available for League of Legends, we have a dedicated page for League of Legends Worlds 2020 odds.



TOP Esports (Eliminated)


JD Gaming (Eliminated)

G2 Esports (Eliminated)

Gen.G (Eliminated)

DRX (Eliminated)


Fnatic (Eliminated)

LGD Gaming (Eliminated)

Rogue (Eliminated)

MAD Lions (Eliminated)

Team SoloMid (Eliminated)

Team Liquid (Eliminated)

Unicorns of Love (Eliminated)

FlyQuest (Eliminated)

Machi Esports (Eliminated)

PSG Talon (Eliminated)

SuperMassive Esports (Eliminated)

INTZ (Eliminated)

Rainbow7 (Eliminated)

V3 Esports (Eliminated)

Legacy Esports (Eliminated)

Worlds 2020 Lol Icons

LoL Worlds 2020 tournament format

The Knockout stage for the League of Legends World Championship 2020 will be played in a single elimination, Best-of-Five (Bo5) format.

The teams were drawn into the bracket at random with first seed teams facing second seed teams, and with no two teams from the same group being placed in the same half of the bracket.

LoL World Championship Finals: Suning Gaming vs. DAMWON Gaming predictions

After four weeks of intense competition, the League of Legends World Championship 2020 concludes with the finals, held at the Pudong Stadium in Shanghai. Six thousand people will be in attendance to watch home team Suning Gaming take on South Korean competitors DAMWON Gaming in a best-of-five (Bo5) match.

Every year the LoL World finals features a spectacular pre-game show and this year is set to be no different, as it marks the 10th anniversary for the game. A mix of augmented reality and synchronised LED technology are being leveraged to produce the show, and with a live audience in attendance the atmosphere will undoubtedly be electric for spectators (and will add an extra layer of pressure for the teams competing).

Following three consecutive years without an LoL Champions Korea (LCK) representative in the LoL World Championship Finals, DAMWON Gaming step onto the Worlds stage as the best team from the South Korean league. DAMWON are no strangers to the World Championship, having reached the quarter-finals in 2019 before being knocked out by eventual finalists G2 Esports.

Worlds 2020 Lol

Following a disappointing end to 2019, DAMWON Gaming have been on the incline in 2020, finishing fifth in the LCK 2020 Spring Regular Season and then first in the LCK 2020 Summer Season. Their performance at Worlds 2020 has been dominant, entering the finals on a 11-2 match record - losing only to JD Gaming in the group stage and to G2 Esports in their Bo5 match (Game 2) in the semi-finals.

The semi-finals match against G2 Esports was an opportunity for DAMWON to get their revenge against the European team, and they did so in emphatic fashion by closing the series out 3-1. There’s been much discussion within the community about how dominant DAMWON Gaming have been when playing on the Blue side of Summoners Rift, for which they’ve now won 24 games in a row.

Statistically, DAMWON Gaming have been a top team at Worlds 2020 and are the better team heading into the finals. The team have averaged a +1820 Gold Difference at 15 minutes ([email protected]), a 75% Dragon control rate (DRG) and an 86% Baron control rate (BRN), making them the team with the best objective control throughout the tournament.

Their Jungler Kim “Canyon” Geon-bu has been a focal point throughout Worlds 2020, earning +560 average Experience Difference at 10 minutes (XPD10) and +11.1 average Creep Score Difference at 10 minutes (CSD10), the highest amongst all players at the tournament.

Will Suning lift the Summoners Cup on home soil?

Home team Suning Gaming have also experienced quite a journey to the World Finals, entering the tournament as the 3rd seed from the LPL, and with a line-up that has little to no experience of competing on an international stage.

Worlds 2020 Lol

Suning finished 11th in the LPL 2020 Spring Regular Season and by no means looked like a World Championship contender. The team performed much better in the Summer Regular Season, finishing with a 12-4 match record and beating domestic opponents V5 and LGD Gaming in the playoffs, to secure their spot at Worlds.

Suning faced tournament favourites and LPL 1st seed TOP Esports in their semi-finals matchup, with the majority of analysts projecting a 3-1 score line in favour of TOP. However, very much like their quarter-finals win against LPL 2nd seed JD Gaming (3-1), the team surprised the world by beating TOP in convincing fashion, leaving no doubt that their spot in the finals is well deserved.

Going into the finals, Suning’s in-game statistics aren’t as impressive as DAMWON’s - the team have averaged a +679 [email protected], a 63% DRG and a 65% BRN. While these numbers put them in the top percentile at the tournament, DAMWON will look to exploit the weaknesses shown in these numbers. One redeeming stat that benefits Suning is their First Blood rate (FB%), which currently sits at 73%, indicating that their aggressiveness in the opening stages of a game have been fruitful.

The Money Line currently favours DAMWON Gaming by 67% to win the head-to-head match against Suning Gaming, in the LoL World Championship 2020 Final. The projected map score for the Bo5 match is 3-1, with the over/under Total Kills set at 16.5 for DAMWON and 11.5 for Suning.

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