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Aspose UnArchive is a free archive unpacking tool, designed to open RAR files, browse and extract RAR archive online. UNRAR files online quickly and securely. Easily browse RAR archive, UNRAR selected files and download uncompressed data in a minute. No special software required — just upload your RAR archive and leave the rest to us. Zipify winzip is unarchiver, file extractor & zip viewer for 7zip, 7z, rar, zip & other formats. Zip File Reader: Now feel relax & easy as there is a powerful zip file reader, Unrar file opener, rar extractor & a free file manager within Zipify rar viewer & extractor for android. Browse multiple files in rar file manager.

Compress, Encrypt, Package
and Backup with only one utility

With over 500 million users worldwide, WinRAR is the world’s most popular compression tool!

There is no better way to compress files for efficient and secure file transfer. Providing fast email transmission and well-organized data storage options, WinRAR also offers solutions for users working in all industries and sectors.

Is Unrar And Rar Viewer Safe

WinRAR is a powerful archiver extractor tool, and can open all popular file formats.

RAR and WinRAR are Windows 10 (TM) compatible; available in over 50 languages and in both 32-bit and 64-bit; compatible with several operating systems (OS), and it is the only compression software that can work with Unicode.

Remove all identical files from your system with the complete media editor
tool to separate your media files individually and delete their copies from
your storage.

Remove all identical files from your system with the complete media editor tool to separate your media files individually and delete their copies from your storage.

Reduce the uneven space acquired by duplicate saved media easily. Instant media remover for your Windows 10 device to delete multiple copies of a single file flexibly and simply.


  • Live status viewer of the file processing.
  • Group view of the media files stored on the device
  • Easily navigate multiple pictures and music files on your device
  • Find individual files with multiple copies for deletion including the original file
  • File editor & modifier with simple editing tools and file browser
  • Custom or complete scan options of the file system to sort files easily
  • Quick file scan for multiple file operations
  • Skip any file while scanning and jump to another file
  • Custom folder selects from your storage device
  • Custom sort with pictures, videos, music and documents files on your device
  • Multiple file types support like Mp3, PDF, Docx, Mp4 and almost every other file type or extensions
  • Support Universal Windows Platform for flexibility and responsiveness

It includes editing tools for modifying, custom selection and delete, many others to explore. Combination of nice design and a friendly user interface. App also includes alternative tuning options such as open file and even custom delete features.


Avoid any replication of your personal data or files with the productivity tool on your windows device to edit music, documents, videos or pictures smoothly.

Unrar and rar viewer online
  • Click on the Quick Search button for duplicate file search.
  • Advanced Search: For advance Duplicate File Search.

Step 1: Quick search

  • Click on the Quick search button there is some default folder already selected to scan.

Step 2:

Unrar And Rar Viewer
  • if you want to scan the default folder so do not remove it if you want to remove click on the close button that showing the right side of the file.
  • Or you can remove all files just click on the Remove all button.
  • Add folder: Click on add folder button to add a folder to scan.
  • After select files and folders click on the Scan button and wait for your selected file to be scanned.
  • Select the duplicate files that you want to remove.
  • Deselect the files that you won’t keep on your system.
  • You can also apply filters like Search by files, by name, and by size.

Step 3:

  • After selecting a duplicate file that you want to remove click on the Remove Duplicates button you all delete file go to Recycle bin.

Step 4:

  • You can arrange your duplicate files by name or by size
  • Delete all your duplicate files in just one click.

Step 6:

  • Click on Advance search button there is three-step.
  • Select the file that you want to scan.
  • There is a default file selected if you want to scan the default file so keep it otherwise remove from the list.
  • Click on Remove all button to remove it from the list
  • ADD FOLDER: Click on Add folder button to add a folder in the list to scan.
  • Click on the Next button.

Step 7:

Unrar And Rar Viewer Download

  • In step 2: Select file Extension to search :
  • Click on the All Type Extensions button to scan all types of duplicate files.
  • if you want to scan only one type of file like Document, Pictures, video, and audio so select on extension and click on the next button.
  • There is another option to convert your file extension into another if your extension is not available in the above section.
  • Click on the Next button after select extension.
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