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You’ve come to the perfect place! Nerd Magic happens right here, and we can do it for you too!

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Welcome to The Bean Counter, CPA Our Online Office brings financial services directly into your home or business enabling you to more actively participate in your financial management. Serving award-winning cakes and desserts, premier coffee. From our family to yours since 1998.

We Know How To Use the Right Tools

The Beancounter is one of our best and leading partners in South Africa. True superstars. The Beancounter's Sweets makes a range of treats, all made-to-order from scratch! We're delighted to assist with making any occasion sweeter with both our bakery items listed in the menu section, as well as custom orders. Dedicated to Community We have ample seating inside, with over 35 seat in a new retro designed seating area, as well as tables outside! If you want a quiet place to talk and catch up with friends The Bean Counter is your kind of place.

Bean Countery is a Certified Profit First firm, which means we take your profits really seriously. We partner with each of our clients to not only get the Accounting right, but partner and strategize with you on the systems your home contractor business needs to thrive!

The Bean Counter Cafe

We are far from the typical Accounting firm model. We are real, we are vested in our client’s successes, we don’t believe conversations about our finances or futures should EVER be boring, and we demand a standing appointment to make sure our clients hit their targets!

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If you’re ready for a better way to manage your business and finances, please book a call with us today!


Home Contractors Who Want Better Lifestyles

Whether you are a roofer, carpenter, interior designer, custom home builder, or swimming pool installer we are here for you.

Is cash tight? Are you frustrated with staff that can’t seem to solve their own problems? Are you working every day and connecting with your family very little? Are your supply purchases paid for? Are you current on taxes? How happy are your customers? Does your team enjoy their work?

Wherever you fall in the giant spectrum of possibilities, things can usually be better.

Let us help narrow down your current challenges and develop a roadmap to get you where you need to be.

Breakfast Sandwiches

Available on: English Muffin, Plain Bagel, Everything Bagel, Croissant & Sourdough

Choice of Cheese: Cheddar, Provolone, Hot Pepper

Add: Mayo, Ketchup, Breakfast Sauce

Bacon egg & cheese on sourdough toast with lettuce, tomato, mayo

The Beancounter Burlington Ia



Choice of Cheese: Cheddar, Provolone or Hot Pepper

Brisket & Cheddar with Horseradish Sauce on Sourdough
Grilled Chicken & Cheddar with Sriracha Mayo on Sourdough
Ham choice of cheese on Sourdough
Choice of Cheese on Sourdough
Grilled Steak choice of cheese on Sourdough

The Bean Counter Springfield Illinois

7.25 The Beancounter

The Bean Counter Shrewsbury Ma


The Beancounter Financial Services

Grilled Chicken shredded cheese, lettuce on a wrap with your choice of Ranch or Balsamic Dressing
Homemade Mayo based Chicken salad on Croissant
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