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How to download Wild Rift APK officially 2021

Wild rift is the upcoming game of Riot Games Inc. League of Legends.

Everyone is expecting to play it. Official date release is announced as 27th October 2020, and it will be released in Southeast Asia on 28th October 2020.

Dive into Wild Rift: the skills-and-strategy 5v5 MOBA experience of League of Legends by Riot Games, now built from the ground up for mobile. With smooth controls and fast-paced games, you can team up with friends, lock in your champion, and go for the big plays. But - League of Legends: Wild RiftFeedbacks TapTap League of Legends: Wild Rift Group 1280 × 720 League of Legends: Wild Rift - Fizz Champion Stats and Abilities - SAMURAI GAMERS.

Southeast Asia Timeline is 1 day ahead of American Timeline; therefore, Southeast Asia will have release on 28th October 2020.

  1. The world of video games has received a new addition to its arsenal with the appearance of Wild Rift. Riot's new game for phones promises to be everything. The world of video games has received a new addition to its arsenal with the appearance of Wild Rift. Riot's new game for phones promises to be everything the computer version has shown so far.
  2. Wild Rift Patch 2.2b Update: Two new champions, balance changes and more. TapTap is a platform that doesn’t charge a commission when the payment is made for in.

Many people might have tried downloading the game earlier but failed to Login. This happened because you were not invited by the developers for playing the game.

But now you won’t fail to Login as this version will be the Open Beta and any number of players can join.

Yesterday at 5:04 AM. Oh, that's so doggy and funny! Download and pre-register on TapTap now, become a super-cute fluffy animal!

We have previously discussed how to master playing with other Wild Rift heroes like Annie, Alistar, Ahri, Wild Rift Map Guide, Wild Rift Beginner’s Guide & Wild Rift Champions Roles List. So make sure to check these hero guides as well.

For now, let’s focus on How to download Wild Rift APK.

How to Download Wild Rift APK?

You can download Game from few of the trusted websites

Apkpure is one of the most trusted sites which has regular updates and always goes foot to foot with Google Play Store for all the updates.

Softonic is one of the oldest Piracy Website which has every app that you would wish for.

Apkmirror is one of the recent websites but has well updated APK and OBB files for every app that you wish.

Taptap is an app for android only. It is basically Pirated Google Play store and helps you in downloading every app for free.

Wild rift is available for download and can be downloaded without using VPN. However, for playing game you need to use VPN as there was no server in whole Southeast Asia.

You also need to create a new account for playing it.

All you need to do is to wait for 28th October if you are in any of Southeast Asian country and then you can download and enjoy your game.

Thank you everyone for reading. This post was about How to download Wild Rift APK officially without using VPN 2021.

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Taptap wild rift

Recently, after a long wait, the LoL: Wild Rift open beta arrived in many countries to play it from iOS and Android devices. However, this is not a privilege that is open to everyone, there are some countries that are still waiting for access and can only opt for pre-registration. You don’t have to worry, in this guide, we’ll help you download League of Legends: Wild Rift on your Android smartphone, even if, this game isn’t available in your country.

There’s no doubt that LOL: Wild Rift is a really amazing game and most people want to play this game. However, this game is still limited to some countries. And your country might be among them. But don’t worry, if that is your case or you are looking for different options to download Wild Rift, we will help you with a series of suggestions.

How to Download LOL: Wild Rift on My Mobile

If you are in Spain or some of the markets selected for the open beta, you are in luck, since you will only need to go to Google Play to install League of Legends: Wild Rift on your Android mobile.

You just have to take into account the requirements of the game: Android 5.0 or higher, and enough space to not have a problem installing the game.

But if you don’t want to go through Google Play and are looking for other options, you can try other stores. For example, APK Pure, an alternative to the Google store, is safe and reliable. To download LoL: Wild Rift from APK Pure you just have to follow a few steps, since it follows the same dynamics as Google Play:

  1. Start by downloading the APK Pure app (or you won’t be able to open the XAPK file that you’ll need to download to install Wild Rift)
  2. And then, search for “League of Legends Wild Rift” inside the store
  3. Select “Install” and the download and installation process will begin
  4. Keep in mind that the XAPK file is about 1.9 GB, so it may take a few minutes to finish the process. And of course, you will have to give the corresponding permissions for APK Pure to install the game.

If you are not in a non-supported country, you may need to use a VPN in order to run the game, as you will need to “be” in a country where the LoL: Wild Rift open beta is available. But don’t worry, you’ll only need the VPN to log in, then you can play as normal as long as you don’t log out.

Another option is to use the Chinese TapTap store to download Wild Rift, following these steps:

  1. Download the TapTap app
  2. Search the Store for ” LoL Wild Rift ” to begin the download process
  3. Then, it only remains to follow the instructions to install the game on your Android mobile.

Taptap Wild Rift Download

Keep in mind that when using unofficial stores, the web browser and the device usually require additional permissions to install any type of file, since they take it as an unknown source.

How to Automatically Install Lol: Wild Rift on Mobile

If you are in a country where Wild Rift does not yet have the open beta available, you will see a “Pre-register” message on Google Play. What does it mean”? That you have the option to register to be part of the beta when it is available.

Taptap wild rift mod

If you decide to participate, Google Play will give you two options, as you see in the image. You can specify that Google notifies you when the game is available, so you can install it on your mobile. Or you can authorize the game to install automatically when the beta is enabled.


Taptap Wild Rift Mod

Either option will save you from having to continually check if League of Legends: Wild Rift is already available for your area. And of course, if you change your mind, you can unregister at any time.

Taptap Wild Rift

So, that ends this article where we discuss different methods to download League of Legends: Wild Rift on Android smartphones. If you find any trouble downloading this game on your phone, you can reach out to us. You can drop your comments and thoughts in the below comment section.

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