Speakeasy Bandwidth Test

2/14/2022by admin
Speakeasy Bandwidth TestBandwidth

The first step to analyzing any internet speed test is creating a repeatable testing environment. In order to minimize the possibility of any variables affecting the reliability of the Speakeasy speed test, we ran it five times on three different devices ― a desktop, a laptop, and a smartphone ― on the same internet connection. The 'atomic-future' scenario is real for upstream bandwidth. A megabit/s of dedicated global transit, the most expensive class of traffic there is, costs less than ten cents per month at scale. That bandwidth is unmetered, i.e. Nobody cares if you use it or lose it. Ten megabit/s, for less than a dollar a month, is good for up to 3.2 TB per month.

Ookla is devoted to providing world-class products and services. Sometimes that means saying goodbye to old products, like Speedtest Mini, and hello to new ones...

We are excited to announce Speedtest Custom, a new and enhanced testing solution from Speedtest by Ookla that is HTML5-based, Flash-free, and mobile and web-friendly. With Speedtest Custom, you can customize and publish a test within minutes.

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As of June 30, 2017 Speedtest Mini is no longer available, and all current licenses will expire. We encourage you to upgrade to Speedtest Custom for free at your earliest convenience.

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