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I feel like this is probably such a niche problem that nobody here will be able to help but I figure I will give it a try anyway since googling for a solution didn’t help much.

3DConnexion Spacemouse and Fusion 360 issues So, does anyone use one of these 3D mice with Fusion 360? Mine almost works but it won't take multiple types of input at the same time. Mickey Wakefield, Fusion 360 Global Community Manager explains why #SpaceMouse and #CadMouse gives you extra power for your #Fusion360 workflow.

While I wait for my CNC machine I have been spending a lot of time in CAD and I have discovered an annoyance.

When using my SpaceMouse in Fusion 360 I am only able to Pan/Rotate/Tilt/Zoom one axis at a time. In the past (using Solidworks or Catia) I have been able to rotate the part around and zoom simultaneously but Fusion doesn’t seem to like that.

Anyone else with a SpaceMouse out there have any ideas?

Hi All -Fusion

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FusionApologies if this has already been requested elsewhere, but does anyone know how to create a way to use a 3D mouse in Fusion 360's 2D drawing mode? I'm looking for pan and zoom functionality. Autodesk doesn't support it, and reading the posts below, it doesn't seem like a high priority to them.
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I have come across a project by Brayden Aimar that seems to be working on this using custom config files, but I have not been able to get it to work for me. I understand that the AcCoreConsole.xml file is key, but don't know how to configure it and more importantly how to debug it. This profile also looks to be for an enterprise spacemouse, which most people don't have. I'm looking for something that just takes care of moving around to start off with, and would work with any basic spacemouse. ... se-ConfigFusion 360 free download
I've also see the other approaches to use the spacemouse as a 2d mouse / joystick, but then I wouldn't be able to use the mouse at the same time, correct?

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Current default navigation in Fusion 360 drawings maps tilt forward and back to zoom in and out. Ideally that could be remapped to lifting up and pushing down on the spacemouse.

Spacemouse Fusion 360

Default panning is done with a middle-click and drag motion on the mouse. Ideally that could be mapped to pushing the spacemouse forward/back and left right.
SpacemouseOrbit on the spacemouse would be disabled.
Does anyone know how to create such a profile? Even if there were limitations, this would really help out the entire Fusion 360 community.
Thank you!
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