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This tutorial which will show you how to create a business directory or Yellow Pages on your Joomla site. We're going to use a component called Sobi2, which is available from Installing Sobi2. Click here to download the Sobi2 component. Go to Administrator Extensions Install / Uninstall and upload the Sobi2 files. Our Joomla Sobi2 development services include: Custom Sobi2 templates: If you want your Sobi2 directory to outshine your competition’s, custom design is a must. Our web design team will develop your organization a premium Sobi2 theme that will ensure your site stands out.

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How to add 'No-Follow' rule to SOBI2 (Joomla extension)

Adding the no-follow (rel='no_follow') links rule to the excellent Joomla extension SOBI2 is easy in the latest version of SOBI2, and after recently answering a plea for advice on a SOBI forum I thought I'd include it here for anyone else who might need it (....which by the number of questions on the forum for this particular matter, might be quite a few), so here it is:

  1. In the back-end of Joomla, go to the SOBI component.
  2. Go to (general) 'Configuration'
  3. Go to 'Registry Editor' (it's marked as 'experimental' in recent SOBI2 versions .....).
  4. Go down the Registry list until you find: 'Section: URL'.
  5. Then simply put in the field numbers that you want to add no follow attributes to (the default is #8 - for Website URLs - , but if you've changed the order or have added any extra custom fields containing URLs you'll need to add those as well, separated by a comma - and take out #8 if it no longer corresponds to a URL / link...).
  6. THEN: TICK the box ...(I actually missed that obvious point the first time - it's called fatigue, from setting up a website.....)
  7. Press save. And you should be right.


Sobi2 Do Joomla

It's a good idea to write down the ID number of any fields you wish to include BEFORE you begin (......including any custom ones you may have added when setting up your SOBI form- the default one for website URLs is #8 , however if you've added any additional custom fields to your form then as a result the default #8 field may have moved up or down the list, & may now be eg: number 11......). To find the list of field IDs for your system, go to 'Custom Fields Manager' section within the SOBI2 (general) Configuration section......

Sobi2 Joomla

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Sobi2 Joomla 3

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