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Open SnagIt and Go to Profile section; Click on the Input part and you will see a menu. Click on the “Keep Links” Keep the web site or page open and capture an image; Activating Flash Hotspots. After you capture the image, it will open in SnagIt editor. Now on the right hand side bottom, look for Links/Hotspots item. Apr 13, 2021 Snagit can capture the entire contents of a web browser or application window including the content that extends beyond the visible area in the window. There are two ways to capture a scrolling area.

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Part 2. Snagit Scrolling Screen Capture Not Working? Here Are Fixes

Snagit Website Screenshot

1. Snagit scrolling capture failed?

If you receive an error or no response when capturing a scrolling website, you can fix the problem by using a different browser.

Besides, you can upgrade the latest Snagit to solve the problem, because the scrolling profiles were added to Snagit 12.4 and later.

2. Scrolling capture is not available in Opera or Safari?

Scrolling capture is not supported in Safari on Windows and Opera. Using the Snagit 11 Custom Scroll or Snagit 12 Custom Scroll is recommended as the alternative.

3. Scrolling capture takes a black section in Internet Explorer?

Some users reported that the scrolling capture cuts off the very bottom edge of the screenshot or displays it as a black section in Snagit 10 in Internet Explorer. To solve it, you should follow the actions below:

Step 1. Select Profile Settings, find Input, locate Properties, and click the Scrolling tab.

Step 2. Uncheck the Use fastest scrolling method option.


Step 3. Click OK to give a retry.

4. Text Capture Mode is missing?

Text Capture is no longer supported in Snagit 10 and later.

Even if you are running in Snagit 10 onwards, the text scrolling capture is failing in Microsoft Word, you should set the view settings to Print Layout view.

Techsmith Screen Capture

Select View tab in office 2003 or View Menu in Office 2007 to find Print Layout.

The above issues are those frequent problems that most users may encounter. If your Snagit is still not working, just exit the security software like Kaspersky, MacAfee, etc.

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