Simon Says Game For Adults

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Featuring games for bridal showers, weddings, birthdays, reunions and hundreds of ways to entertain guests on different occasions. Monday, June 18, 2012 8 Steps to Play the Adult Version of Simon Says. “Simon Says” is the perfect game to address a variety of skills to help with your child’s development! That’s why “Simon Says” is out May Game of the Month! Developing Body Awareness and Motor Development. This game is an excellent way for a child to practice improving his or her body awareness.

Is group gaming your kind of thing? Then you shouldn’t keep calm till you try this game, “Simon Says Game.” This game is a good Icebreakers Game and great for any team and gives you happy hours to always ponder when you want to feel good. In this game, the major aim is to test your focus and listening abilities; develop them if necessary. The game should be fast, so a second off can cost you the entire moment. Simon Says Game is ‘Focus’.

In the Simon Say Game, you need a coordinator or organizer who’s able to combine different gestures with spoken phrases. Speed is demanded so the process will look a bit funky and technical same time. To be more interesting, you need more participants, even up to 20 people. Preferably, you should play indoors, but outdoor can be great if you can still concentrate and stick to the whole concept.

  • Step 1: The game leader should form a circle from all participants. Players can form chain hold hands or still be hands-free if you chose to. Don’t forget to explain the rules of the game to everyone’s understanding.
  • Step 2: A participant should be chosen to play the role of the fiction character ‘Simon’. Simon is the leader and should stay in the center to fully face other participants. Simon’s role is to give orders as quickly as possible to those in the circle in a subtle way. Just like saying “Simon says jumps up!” At the Simon, phrase Tell all the players must exactly execute the request. If Simon simply says a phrase without including “says” then this is a trap and anyone so fast to comply will lose.
  • Step 3: For circle players, their task is to be good listeners to carefully point out the flaws in these commands to know when to comply and when not to. For example, if Simon issues a command including the phrase “Simon says …” the participants are compelled to obey Simon’s command. Otherwise, you’re not to obey Simons command.
  • Step 4: To eliminate players as soon as possible, Simon needs to issue these commands quickly and subtly. When a player gets confused and makes a move exactly like Simon without saying the words Simon says then he’s eliminated from the game. Play so fast until all the players are eliminated and then the leader ‘Simon’, can be changed.

Simon Says Game For Teens

Just as mentioned earlier in this context, your attention must be at the maximum. In this game, Simon Says, focus on Simon, listen attentively to every word that leaves that lips and don’t be so quick to act. For any little distraction, don’t be surprised to entirely lose what Simon just said and make gestures. Act only on the phrase “Simon says game.”

Simon Says Game For Adults Like Pretend To Be Drunk



Simon Says Game For Adults

  1. Increases concentration
  2. It creates a pleasant and relaxing atmosphere
  3. There are many moves and it can be a good exercise for your body.
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