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With the challenges faced in modern audio production, Mix Engineers are using innovative tools to allow them to stream mixes live, directly to a client for Mix Feedback. In this article, we'll take a look at several options you can use with Pro Tools that allow you to live-stream mixes to your clients directly, even to a web browser.

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Pro tools 10 351.8K views Discover short videos related to pro tools 10 on TikTok. Watch popular content from the following creators: TAY(@taysounds), pro tools(@protools17), Arturo Galindo(@arturogalindo24), pro tools(@protools17), 240z(@240zskiz). First things first, ALL Pro Tools systems can import video and bounce a final mix as audio or embed the audio into a new video. Although there are some advanced features of working with video in Pro Tools HD, everything we’ll be talking about applies to all Pro Tools systems. All you need to do is start with a Quicktime video.

Imagine now making mix tweaks for a client (who is in a different location) while your client is listening to the changes.... in real time. No more bouncing and emailing Mp3's for every little tweak. The current situation within the production industry has forced many people to start exploring different workflow options in order to continue being productive. One of the biggest challenges that has always existed is 'mix approval,' or making sure the client is happy with a mix, whether it's music or post production. Several apps that have existed for years are now getting their turn in the spotlight, primarily ones that allow you to stream mixes directly to clients. Now, these live-streaming capabilities come directly from your Pro Tools session. Some options even allow you to stream video of your Pro Tools Session as well as the audio. While there are many options available, we will take a look at the two most widely used: AudioMovers and Source Connect.

Audiomovers Listento

Stream high-quality, low latency audio directly from your session

Listento is a plugin made by Audiomovers that allows you to stream high-quality audio mixes directly out of your DAW to a web browser. Your client receives a link that is generated in the Listento plugin, which allows them to stream the audio via any web browser. Listento also allows you to have several instances active which allows for you to stream multiple outputs from your session, all to different links. Check out the video below to see how easy it is to use Listento with Pro Tools. Learn more at

Audiomovers offers a subscription service by the week, month, or year. You even get one free week when you start



Source Elements has made plugins supporting the audio and film industry since 2005. They make a range of products, including plugins that will allow you to record talent in remote locations directly to your timeline. Source-Live is the plugin solution that allows you to stream high-quality audio and video, in sync, directly from your DAW. Your clients can listen to you mix stream directly in a web browser or iPhone. Audio streams use 2048-bit encryption over SSL, with client password protection. For more info check out: and watch the video below for a demonstration of how you can use Source-Live by the guys at Pro Tools Experts

Source Elements offers a range of products including Source Connect, which allows you to record remote audio to your DAW, and Source Nexus, which allows you to turn any audio application on your computer into a plugin. Check out more info on the range of Source Elements products:

Change is a constant, see you in class!

Pro Tools Video

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Pro Tools Video Engine Error

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