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= move

From featured streamers to community creations, see what's new in the neighborhood.

= shoot

space = jump

shift = crouch

SK Gaming Prime is the academy team of SK Gaming. This page was last edited on 17 April 2021, at 14:42. Gamepedia's League of Legends Esports wiki covers tournaments, teams, players, and personalities in League of Legends. Get the Spicy Ramen Exotic Emote with Prime. In-Game Loot and More. League of Legends: 2nd Skin Shard Now Available. Prime Gaming Guide. To link your Prime Gaming and Amazon accounts, go to Prime Gaming and do one of the following: If you’re already a Prime member: Select Connect your Twitch account. Sign in to your Amazon account. Sign in to your Twitch account and select Confirm. If you’re not a Prime member: Select Start your 30-day free trial of Amazon Prime.

f = build mode


2 = weapons

r = reload




Lol Mystery Skin Shard

v = build

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1v1.LOL is a third person multiplayer action shooter. The game is inspired by the basics of Fortnite game and that the player must build the barriers and bridges. Using them for dodge or protection. A total of six game modes are available.

About the game

Have you heard of the new action game, that you can play in your browser? The advantage is that it takes almost no space on PC and you can play it immediately, without long installation process. The game has simple graphics and thanks to it, 1v1.LOL works smoothly and without lags. 1v1.LOL is inspired by Fortnite game, where you have to build walls as a defense. Fight your opponents and become a legend!

Game Modes

The game has a total of six game modes. In five you will fight against other players and the sixth is for beginners to learn how to build. However, not only for beginners, but also for experienced players who want to try new tactics.

League Of Legends Amazon Prime Skins

Just Build Mode

In this mode, as mentioned above, the player does not fight and may not survive. It's a quiet place to learn how to build. It is not easy at all to quickly switch between building and weapons, while your opponent is trying to kill you. Therefore, devote time and patience to this mode. If you're already a pro, just try new building strategies, maybe you will find a perfect and captivable defense.

1v1 mode

This is the most known and played mode of all. You can enter it without logging in. He finds the game almost instantly and you play against a random player. Here you have to be fast, because only one of you can win!

Battle Royale

As you can tell from the title, this is a classic mode where the fight takes place in one place with many other players. The playing field shrinks over time, so that the last two players will fight against each other for 100%. May the best win! Fight for your honor. There are a total of 10 players in the game.

Box Mode

Box mode is very similar to the Battle Royale mode, but only 8 players enter the game and from the beginning you start in boxing. The playing area is therefore very small from the beginning! At the end, the last live player wins. Let the fight begin.

Party Mode

Simply create a room with your friends. Create group ID and keep your game quiet with friends only. No strangers are allowed.

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1v1 Competitive Mode

It's a classic 1v1 mode. The only difference is, that you have to log in. The advantage is that if you are really good, your name will be among the TOP players and you will be known!

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Published on Mar 15, 2020

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