Pattern Animation After Effects

2/15/2022by admin

To begin with the animation must be rendered once, before it can be played in real time. The animation is then rendered, when the green bar under the time marker runs continuously across the timeline (see the screenshot below). Evolution Options: Cycle Evolution. This setting ensures that the pattern returns to its origin at the end of each. Browse other questions tagged after-effects animation or ask your own question. Featured on Meta Stack Overflow for Teams is now free for up to 50 users, forever. Animate a vector pattern animation From the course: Getting Started in After Effects for Illustrator Users Start my 1-month free trial Buy this course ($34.99.) Transcripts View. Explore the effects and animation features in Adobe After Effects to make a glowing line drawing animate into the pattern of a printed circuit board. Make a printed-circuit pattern draw itself using the animated outlining look of the Vegas effect in Adobe After Effects. Animate a vector pattern animation From the course: Getting Started in After Effects for Illustrator Users Start my 1-month free trial Buy this course ($34.99.) Transcripts View.

Learn the easiest and quickest technique for creating patterns in After Effects.

If you find yourself frequently creating animated backgrounds in After Effects, then chances are you probably often have to create patterned backgrounds. However, instead of precomposing and duplicating, you can easily create dynamic patterns using shape layers.

In the following video tutorial created by the good people at Ukramedia, we will learn a simple and fast method of creating dynamic patterns in After Effects. This helpful tutorial covers:

  • Creating Solids
  • Working with Shape Layers
  • Grouping Shape Layers
  • Using the Repeater Effect

This video was first created and shared by Ukramedia on their YouTube channel. Thanks for sharing, guys!

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Have any other tips for creating patterns in After Effects? Share in the comments below.

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From the course: Getting Started in After Effects for Illustrator Users

Course details

Even to users familiar with Illustrator and other apps in the Creative Cloud, After Effects often comes across as difficult to learn. However, your understanding of Illustrator gives you an edge in learning After Effects, as Illustrator and After Effects have several elements in common. In fact, some of the most amazing After Effects animations that you see on television or on the web began in Illustrator. In this course, instructor Mark Christiansen focuses on these familiar features and shows you the basics to put your designs in motion. Mark walks you through familiar tools and elements, then shows you how to set up Illustrator layers for motion, animate a vector pattern, set your animation to music, and more.
Note: This course was created by Mark Christiansen. We are pleased to host this training in our library.


  • Mark Christiansen is a creator and leader. He is also the author of After Effects Studio Techniques.
    In addition to writing the definitive book about creating visual effects with the world's most popular compositing application, Mark has supervised visual effects for feature films such as All About Evil. He has also created visual effects, animations, and designs for Avatar, Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End, The Day After Tomorrow, Spy Kids 3-D, and more. Mark's clients include Sony, Adobe, Cisco, Sun, Cadence, Seagate, Intel, and Medtronic, and his broadcast motion graphics work has appeared on HBO and the History Channel. Mark's roles have included production, direction, design, and on-set and post-production supervision. His career began at LucasArts.
    Mark is a founding author at ProVideo Coalition and an instructor at fxphd and the Academy of Art University, as well as a guest host on podcasts including 'The VFX Show.' He is located in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Skills covered in this course


After Effects and Illustrator: A natural fit?

- [Instructor] One great thing about working with carefully designed elements from Illustrator is that you don't have to do a lot of complex work to bring them to life. Now, it seems only natural that these pattern forms revolve because of this spiral pattern that we see inside them, and that's what I'm going to set up now. And if my description didn't do it justice, well, let me just show you. So, first of all, I'm going to be fading up the letters in succession. Now, to do that, I want to work with the patterns. That's the visible portion. The forms are now just holding out those... I call them 'spirals,' but they're really radial arrays. And let me change the color just to make this a little bit clearer. All right, so... Command+Shift+A de-selects, so that's the way I'm doing that. You can also just click somewhere else to de-select. And let's reveal opacity. Again, nearly every layer has transform controls that…

Pattern Animation After Effects Ccw

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After Effects Simple Animation

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