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Black Panther and Storm in Ororo & T’Challa, A Love Story

Previously in The Black Panther and Storm:

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For over ten thousand years, warrior kings called Black Panthers ruled and protected the isolated and unconquerable African nation Wakanda. In their isolation Wakanda became the most scientifically advanced nation on Earth. T’Challa was the latest Black Panther, and he believed that his great nation was obligated to use its resources to help the less fortunate; defenseless peoples of the world against tyranny, corruption, and megalomaniac super humans.

Black Panther later married Ororo ‘Storm’ Munroe the extraordinary mutant heroine.

Continued from THE HOUSE OF RAVEN

Story: Ororo and T’Challa, A Love Story

Chapter One

She unaware that her name was Ororo and that she was happily married to the man who stood in front of her.

She considered the man a stranger. He didn’t seem to know anything about her either. He had called out to her when she left in the opposite direction of where he wanted to go. He wished to go north while she wanted to head south of the desert.

“It’s best that I walk with you and if we don’t find anything then we will head back north,” said the man.

He was tall and strong. His pigmentation was like hers-brown. His eyes were brown and feline-like. A low crop of hair was on his head. The muscles in the face and the slant of the eyes exuded confidence and kindness. A black suit covered most of his body. In general she found him attractive.

“Okay,” said Ororo. “What do I call you?”

“Whatever you want,” replied the man.

“And don’t you have a name for me?”

“How about Cat Eyes?”

She found that weird. “Why?”

“Because your eyes are like a cat’s,” replied the man. “They are also blue like the sky.”

“Really,” said Ororo. It was like she was born a few minutes ago. She had general knowledge of things like her body, but specifics like how she got on a desert or where she was from were mysteries.

“Is something the matter?” he asked.

Ororo realized that her mind had wandered off. “No. This is so frustrating. And you also have cat eyes as well.”

“Then maybe we are related,” he said.

“I think it is too early to be making speculations. Let’s search the place first,” said Ororo. “If you can stand the heat?”

He complained about the heat before while she had found the mid day sun bearable. The sky was cloudless so the full force of the sun was beating down on them.

Ororo felt the weather in a strange manner. She felt like she could plug into it and manipulate it. She didn’t reveal the sensation to the stranger because she was uncomfortable with him.

“Can I trust him?” pondered Ororo.

A dry wind swept across her and the man. Unintentionally Ororo telepathically ‘jacked’ into the lower and upper pressures that created the wind. She saw the environment in different hues and shapes. The energy flows in the atmosphere became apparent to her.

Then Ororo felt a release in her body and she was lifted off the ground by a gust of wind. The wind swirled around Ororo, caressing her and it carried her higher. She felt that the elements were hers to manipulate. The sensation was delicious.

“Control yourself,” said a voice in her mind.

And she had control. Ororo thought about stopping and the wind obeyed. She looked below. She had a panoramic view of the desert. There was nothing but sand in either direction. Ororo wanted to explore further from the air. Then she remembered the stranger.

“Where is he?” she asked while staring at the desert.

Ororo Speed Test

She descended with ease as though it was natural. “I can move the weather,” said Ororo. “How glorious.”

She flew down and spotted the stranger. He looked at her with wonder.

“How did you do that?” the man asked.

“I just did,” replied Ororo. “Maybe you can do it also.”

“I already tried. Nothing happened,” said the man.

“Oh well I will continue exploring on my own from up here. I’ll come back for you,” said Ororo.

“How will you find me?” asked the man.

An idea came to Ororo. She concentrated and extended her hands. She ionized atoms and other molecules in her palms; then lightening shot out. The lightening was followed by plasma energy. In the wake of the energy releases, a hexagon mark was dug into the desert around the man. The mark was wide enough to be visible from the sky.

“I’m a weapon,” thought Ororo. It felt natural.

“That mark will help me locate you,” said Ororo to the stranger.

She flew off and the need to be uninhibited came on her. The Wind ran its fingers through her white hair. She closed her eyes.

“Control yourself,” reiterated the voice in her head. She opened her eyes.

The terrain remained unchanged even though she had gone farther than before. The land was devoid of vegetation and sand dunes rose and fell like static waves.

“Can I go faster?”

She willed herself and the speed increased. Her instincts forbid it.

“Why am I limiting myself?” thought Ororo. “I want to be free.”

The realization that she could do harm to the world then came to her. She slowed her speed and returned to her original mission that of finding clues. She wondered if it was best to look underground but she didn’t have the means to do that.

Ororo saw a rock formation and decided to land there. Animal and plant life was non existent near the towering rocks. She noticed that her clothes were still dusty.

“I need some water,” she said.

Hydrogen and oxygen atoms combined over her head and they coated particles in the air thereby becoming raindrops. Then the water drizzled on Ororo.

She looked astonishingly at the white vapor that covered her.

“Amazing,” Ororo said.

She stripped her clothes and felt a natural current flow through her body from the earth. She flew onto a rock and the cloud followed her.

“Who am I? Where did I come from?” were the questions that dominated her mind.

Then she thought about the man whom she had separated from. Maybe he was behind the amnesia. Maybe the entire thing was a sick joke.

“He won’t earn my trust easily,” muttered Ororo. She allowed some of the water to fill her cupped hands and then she splashed it into her face. “I can bring life to this desert,” she said. “First I have to ensure that no one else is here.”

The mini rain cloud dispersed, and Ororo placed her clothes on a rock for them to dry. She leaned against another rock and folded her arms.

“I really don’t want to spend the rest of my life here,” she said. “I know things and yet I have no reconciliation of the important things. Was I put here because of my abilities? Is this a punishment for a crime that I committed? Then this is a cruel prison.”

She peered at the sky. Probably her warden was watching. She thought about finding her way back to the stranger. She remembered the exact rotation of the planet, the wind and the unseen energy patterns at the spot where she left the stranger. Locating him would be easier than she imagined.

“These are extraordinary talents. What if I was truly a danger to others and I was placed here for their safety?” Ororo pondered.

Chapter Two

The man’s name was T’Challa but he was unaware of it. The woman had flown off and left him like she expected him to wait there until she returned. However long that would be.

Such excitement was in her eyes before she left. He wondered if he could fly as well. Maybe he was not concentrating hard enough. What he did know was that his eye sight was strong. When the woman had climbed thousands of feet into air, he saw her clearly with his acute vision.

“Does she have the same ability?” he wondered.

He was aware that the woman had a particular scent. He was somehow familiar with it.

The sun’s heat intensified. The moisture on his lips was drying. Nourishment came to mind. He surmised that he could go a few days without food. How he knew that was a mystery.

He walked back to the spot where he had awoken. He hoped to find clues. Two people could not have been left there without a reason. He just couldn’t remember. There were no flashes of memories. It was a clean slate.

He bent down to the ground and studied the area with his hyper eye sight. Nothing unusual appeared. The situation was tormenting. He looked to the horizon and saw for the first time a rock outcrop.

Without thinking he rose and ran to the discovery. He found running to be quick and effortless.

“My body must be built for this,” he thought.

What seemed a long distance away turned into a light run for him and he was not tired when he arrived at the site.

The twelve rocks were fifteen feet tall and egg shaped. T’Challa budged one of the rocks and it moved. Then his mind started working on automatic. He was going to build a shelter.

T’Challa lifted the oversize rock. The muscles in his lower back strained and his biceps became taut. Slowly the rock came over his head and he walked with it to the spot that he had chosen. He was surprised by his strength level and he thought about the woman.

“She can fly and manipulate the elements whereas I have hyper senses and strength. Interesting,” T’Challa thought.

Several minutes later, he had erected the walls of the shelter neatly into a horse shoe shape. The construction of the roof tested his leaping ability. He was not sure how that would work.

He held the rock over his shoulder and judged where he wanted to land. Then with confidence he bent his knees, controlled his breath and sprung off the ground; landing with expert balance on the head of a rock. He walked over to the next rock head. By then his calf muscles were burning. Yet he continued with an iron will. He carefully rested the rock horizontally on the others. Then he somersaulted onto the ground.

“What was I before?” he muttered. One thing he took out of the experience was that he was a problem solver.

T’Challa completed the shelter and he sat at the entrance. His hyper vision kept on the direction that he came from. He still expected the woman to appear.

He was naturally attracted to her because she was beautiful. He liked her strong personality also. He concentrated on her image, hoping that it would unlock some kind of memory. The exercise was futile.

He took off the upper part of the uniform that he wore. A full face mask was at the top of the uniform. He had taken it off immediately when he had awakened. There were pointed protrusions on the head of the mask which had a cat like resemblance. The eye lenses were white. T’Challa played with the light-weight material between his fingers and he found that a metal was woven into it.

He ran his hand inside of the mask and felt a soft substance at the protrusions. He flipped open the mask to investigate. He found cybernetics in the inner lining of the mask.

“What is this?” he asked. “They control something.”

He put the top and the mask back on. He stood and allowed whatever came naturally to flow from his mind. He heard the sharp sound of claws unsheathing from his gloves.

“Weapons,” said T’Challa. “Why am I attired like a big black cat- a panther. Is this the cause of me being here?

“But am I assuming too many things at once? Suppose that I have no real past at all. That I did become conscious for the first time mere hours ago and I am being tested. I might be an experiment. Yet those things don’t sound right to me.

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“I was somebody, I just cannot remember who.”

He thought about sheathing the claws and the weapons automatically retreated into the gloves.

“So what about the woman?” he thought. “We may have known each other. Why were the both of us brought here? We woke up in such close proximity to each other so that there must be a relationship between us.”

Dusk came and the woman had not returned. T’Challa watched the burst of orange and red as the sun descended behind the horizon. His long range vision diminished so he left the shelter and headed for the air mark.

His sixth sense warned him that something was amiss. His hyper hearing picked up a heart beat that was not his own; the sound came from the sky. He looked up just as the woman flew over head. She came from behind the shelter. T’Challa surmised that she had circumnavigated the planet.

“Down here,” he shouted.

She spun around sharply and descended.

“Did you find anything?” T’Challa asked.

“Nothing, we are the only ones here,” replied Ororo.

“Well I built us a shelter,” said T’Challa.

“Us?” asked Ororo with a suspicious look.

T’Challa ignored it and got down to serious matters. “We need to talk about our situation,” he said.

“I agree,” said Ororo.

T’Challa gestured to invite her to walk with him back to the shelter.

“I have discovered that I also have great abilities that are mostly physical,” said T’Challa. “I found cybernetics in my mask that control weapons in my suit, and the suit itself is a type of body armour.”

“So what?” asked Ororo as she walked next to him.

“Considering your power set and mine I think we were warriors,” replied T’Challa.

“Or dangerous people who needed to be kept away from others,” said Ororo.

“You think that we were criminals?”

“We obviously did something wrong to warrant such a punishment as this,” said Ororo.

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“But that is assuming that we came from a place that has a proper value system. I don’t feel any dark emotions within me. What about you?”

T’Challa noticed that the woman was introspecting. “Actually I do feel a dark nature inside of my mind. I have to quell it so many times.”

This was interesting for T’Challa. Maybe she was correct and they were criminals.

“You are dirty,” said Ororo.

“What?” T’Challa muttered, and he checked himself. She was right. Sand covered some of his body.

“I can manipulate some water for you,” said Ororo.

“Thanks,” said T’Challa.

“Stand still,” said Ororo, and she duplicated the act that she had done to herself.

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T’Challa’s mind told him how the mini rain cloud was created and that meant that the woman was extremely powerful. He washed the dirt off his clothes.

“You have to clean your entire body,” said Ororo. “Take off your clothes.”

T’Challa realized that shyness was not apart of the woman’s character. He peeled off his uniform as Ororo looked on. Her eyes were glowing. T’Challa surmised that it was connected to the use of her extraordinary abilities.

He also felt a closeness to the woman, like he was exposed in her presence before. It felt perfectly natural.

“Give them to me,” said Ororo and extended her hand. “I’ll dry them.”

T’Challa gave her the uniform and looked on with curiosity. She held the clothes in her hands and concentrated. T’Challa sensed the heat generated by her body.

“Are you finished?” he asked.

“Yes,” she responded.

“So am I,” he said, and he approached her.

T’Challa was slightly taller than her and he was six feet tall.

“Stand still. I’ll dry you,” said Ororo.

She held his right shoulder and warm air swirled around T’Challa’s body. In no time he was dry.

Then Ororo headed for the shelter while he hurriedly dressed. She sat on the ground and shouted, “So do you have an idea of how to get out of here?”

“Not as yet,” said T’Challa confidently. “How about you?”

“I was going with the wait- and-see approach for now,” replied Ororo.

“So what are we going to do in the meantime?” asked T’Challa.

“I want to test the extent of my abilities, I’ll do that tomorrow.”

“And the day after?”

“I’ll see what the day brings,” replied Ororo. “How do you plan to use the time?”

“Watching you,” replied T’Challa.

She didn’t seem to catch the joke. But for T’Challa it was much more serious. He didn’t have technology or resources available to fashion a means of escape.

“I thought about searching underground,” said Ororo. “There aren’t any caves so I scratched that idea.”

T’Challa found that the underground search was an intelligent idea. It flipped the entire situation.

“We should leave it open,” said T’Challa. “You maybe onto something.”

“What about food?” asked Ororo.

“I believe that I can go a long while without it,” said T’Challa. “Can you?”

“I don’t know but I draw strength from the planet,” said Ororo.

Chapter Three

“I knew her,” thought T’Challa as he watched Ororo. Her eyes were closed as she leaned on a rock.

“I don’t remember how we first met, our first touch or when we fell in love but I know this woman intimately,” thought T’Challa.

His hyper hearing indicated that Ororo was awake. He assumed that she was in mediation. He had the urge to confront her on the issue, but held back.

“Does she also feel the same way but isn’t saying anything?” T’Challa asked internally.

“We were lovers,” said Ororo, and she opened her eyes slowly.

“I was thinking the same thing,” said T’Challa. He went next to her. An electrical sensation erupted in his chest.

“I’ve been brooding over it since I saw your body; it looked like familiar territory to me,” said Ororo. “And I don’t even know your name or where we are from.”

She held his cheek. T’Challa was struck with a terrible pain.

“It’s troubling for me also,” said T’Challa.

With the barrier of strangers removed nature took its course. He kissed her affectionately and she responded likewise. They took their time, savoring the emotional eruptions, hoping for more revelations. Someone had done a very cruel act to them; to deny a couple of their love and pit them against each other.

Moments later, T’Challa and Ororo were making unbuckled and passionate love. Both knew where to touch to elicit pleasure in the other.

Chapter Four

The next day Ororo and T’Challa travelled to the other side of the planet. T’Challa flew alongside her on the manipulated winds. Much to Ororo’s surprise and delight she felt the same exhilaration in T’Challa’s love making like she did in flying.

Ororo dropped off T’Challa on a slope and she left her clothes with him. Then she headed a mile away in front of him. He had explained to her the level of his vision which made it safe for him to view the test from a safe distance.

Ororo hovered in the sky with her arms apart and she closed her eyes. She perceived the elemental forces as dials that she could turn. She turned them all on and to the maximum level. Five colossal sand storms formed a ring around her.

A dark emotion swelled up inside and Ororo unscrewed the bottle that trapped the darkness. She felt the violent change in the weather.

“I am a storm,” she thought. “I will become the storm.”

Then she felt herself physically removed from the world. She opened her eyes and she was no longer in the reality she had known. She was in a dark realm. She looked at her body; all the flesh and bone had disappeared. A glittering humanoid mass was her new form.

“It’s beautiful,” she said.

Suddenly she felt a shift in the new plane of the existence. The natural energy patterns were being disturbed and they reacted violently.

“I’m causing this,” said Ororo. “Maybe I calm them.”

She concentrated and found that when she pacified one area another area would erupt in confusion. She could not grasp them all at once like a fist of God. She was in fact doing harm.

“I have to stop,” she said.

Ororo tried to reel in her dark nature but it refused to return to its prison. She struggled against an almost overwhelming and sweet urge to remain free to do whatever she wanted. She was fighting dark temptation.

“I will not be a destroyer,” said Ororo.

She willed the darkness back into the prison. Instantly the plane of reality returned to the real world. She was flesh and bone again. Yet she was exhausted and momentarily lost focus.

The winds that held her up died and so did the sand storms. Gravity grappled her body and pulled her down mercilessly. She blanked out twice.

“Everything is happening too quickly,” she thought dreamily.

She regained enough consciousness to manipulate the thermal winds and they cushioned her free fall. The wind rushed against her face. She looked on helplessly as the earth grew nearer. Her world was spinning rapidly.

Then she blanked out again.

She was shaken awake by T’Challa. He face was covered with sand.

“Can you hear me?” he asked.

“Yes,” she muttered.

He lifted her up and carried her in his hands.

“You nearly ripped apart the planet,” said T’Challa gently.

Ororo smiled a bit. “I went to another place. You should have seen it. It was like codes that ran a system. I was a different being,” said Ororo.

“Did you lose control?” T’Challa asked.

“Yes and I had to restrain the dark force that I told you about,” replied Ororo.

He looked at her with concern. She was tired and wanted to rest. She fell asleep and dreamt about flying over the desert.

Later she awoke with the sun blazing down on her. T’Challa had her in his arms as he withstood the brunt of the fireball.

“It worked,” he said.

She held his face caringly. She saw the happiness in his eyes that she was alive and well.

“How long was I under?” asked Ororo.

“A few hours,” replied T’Challa.

Ororo was aware of the personal sacrifice he made for her well being.

“He loves me deeply,” thought Ororo.

She wondered if he felt intimidated by the grandeur of her abilities. She could crush him instantly. Was he afraid of her in someway? She wanted to know.

“I’m more powerful than you. Honestly how does that make you feel?” she asked with her hand still on his face.

“It doesn’t bother me,” T’Challa replied.

“I find that hard to believe,” said Ororo with a smile. “You can’t harm me but I can destroy you.”

T’Challa grinned. “This might sound wrong but I can shut down your vital systems including your brain with a single finger tap,” he said.

“How do you know that?”

“I just like I know that my suit is insulated from your lightening and that I’m faster than you.”

Ororo placed her next hand on his face.

“You are a piece of work,” Ororo said. “That thing you did last night to my body. That was a finger tap too?”

“Yes,” T’Challa and kissed her forehead.

“Then we are both dangerous in our own right,” said Ororo.

“I guess so,” said T’Challa.

Chapter Five

Two days eventually became a week and one week turned into three. When the couple wasn’t making love they spent their time building a large shelter, their home. Ororo brought the massive rocks from far distances with tornadoes and T’Challa lifted them into place. After a month the crude and small horse shoe shaped shelter was now a grand hall.

Hunger was a major factor that they coped with. T’Challa was gradually dwindling in size. Ororo’s lost of weight was less apparent. A torturous rationalization loomed over them and it was that T’Challa would die from hunger first.

Whoever placed the couple on the planet wanted them to die slowly. Without the full knowledge of their past Ororo and T’Challa faced a bleak future. Suicide was not even considered. Both had resigned to battle on until the bitter end.

With the shelter completed the couple had a general lack of activity. They usually slept all day and the imposed laziness made them even sicker.

“I guess we were very active people,” said T’Challa once.

“Remember you presumed that we were warriors,” said Ororo.

T’Challa recalled the statement.

“Great warriors,” said T’Challa.

“I wonder if there were other couples like us,” said Ororo.

“Probably,” said T’Challa.

“If we knew them then most likely they are looking for us,” said Ororo.

An optimistic expression came on T’Challa’s face. “You’re right.”

“So we definitely have to hold out,” said Ororo.

Hope of rescue carried them through the second month, but by the fourth month the chances seemed slim.

On the first day of the fifth month an object blocked out the sun. Ororo sensed the object and T’Challa heard the murmur of its engines. The couple exited the shelter and gazed at a space ship.

The vessel came directly overhead. The ship was flat and semi circular.

“I think we should keep our guard up. They might be our rescuers or the ones responsible for our predicament,” said T’Challa weakly.

“I agree,” said Ororo.

A person appeared in front of them. He was a birdlike humanoid. Dark circles lined his eyes.

“Ororo and T’Challa,” he said like they were last people he expected to see.

“Is that our names?” asked T’Challa.

“Yes,” replied the alien.

“How do you know us?” asked Ororo.

“Who doesn’t know you? Half the known universe is looking for you.”

Chapter Six

An hour later, T’Challa and Ororo were on the medical ward of the Shi’ar research ship. T’Challa went over his name a couple of times and the woman’s name was Ororo. After spending so long on the planet the entire rescue seemed like a dream.

Ororo rested comfortably on the bed next to him. She was also undergoing brain scans to find out the reason for the memory loss. They held hands across the small space that was between them.

The ship’s captain came in when the scans were completed. His name was Ragul. He saw to it that the couple were fed and cleaned up before the scans.

“How did you find us?” asked T’Challa.

“We had a probe in this solar system and it picked up atmospheric anomalies on the planet that you were on. It took us a while to get here. Then we saw your home on the surface,” replied the Ragul. “I have sent a message to the Kree command telling them of your rescue.”

“Are you taking us to the Kree?” asked Ororo.

“No. You’re going straight to Earth. Those were the orders I got from the government,” replied Ragul.

“We are that important?” said Ororo.

“Yes. You know the king and queen personally,” said Ragul.

“Any ideas who did to us?” asked T’Challa.

“Well there was also a reward for any information on the whereabouts of Thanos and someone called Raven since they were involved in your disappearance,” responded Ragul.

“I can’t put faces to those names,” said T’Challa.

“The same here,” said Ororo. “Who is Thanos?”

“A dangerous manic,” replied Ragul.

“So we were protectors,” said Ororo.

“Probably,” said Ragul.

“Are there more protectors like us?” asked T’Challa.

“Yes,” replied Ragul.

“I hope that we can get our memories back,” said Ororo.

“As for the scans they will only serve to tell us if there are any mechanical devices in your brains. The medical facilities on your world will better study your biology,” said Ragul.

“Are our species spacefarers as well?” asked T’Challa.

“No. Only a few of your kind travel in space,” answered Ragul.

“Well thank you for all that you have done,” said Ororo.

“I have to admit that there is also a reward for finding you,” said Ragul with a grin.

T’Challa and Ororo had a few more questions for him and then he left.

The information swirled around in T’Challa’s mind.

“Human, Earth, Thanos and Raven,” said T’Challa.

“We’re going home,” said Ororo.

“What will be waiting for us?” asked T’Challa.

“Who knows,” said Ororo. “I’m just glad that we survived the ordeal.”

For the duration of the trip the couple explored the planetary research vessel. The impending moment when they would meet their past weighed on them. They were certain that things would never be the same. They were forever changed by the memory losses.

The captain called them to the bridge and he told them that the ship travelled through hyperspace. They were about to enter human space.

T’Challa and Ororo viewed the passing star lights from a wide window. Suddenly the lights stopped and a blue planet appeared.

“That is Earth,” said Ragul. “We will dock at the Peak space station. They handle relations between Earth and the rest of the universe.”

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Ororo went closer to the window and she pressed her hand on it. Then she returned to T’Challa’s side.

“I don’t remember it,” she said.

“Neither me,” said T’Challa.

Chapter Seven

Ororo and T’Challa were escorted to the chief room of the space station. They met a green haired woman, a young ebony woman, a fifteen year old boy wearing a visor and a man who also wore a visor.

“First thing,” said the green haired woman. “Do you recognize any of us?”

“No,” replied Ororo.

“Wow. Well I’m Brand the head of operations at the facility.” She pointed at the young woman. “That’s Shuri, the boy is Umba and that gentleman is Scott Summers.”

Shuri approached the couple and hugged them.

“I’m so glad that you’re back,” said Shuri. “We have to get back to Wakanda to fix this problem.”

“Wakanda?” asked T’Challa.

“That’s where you are from. You and Ororo are its leaders. I’m your sister. Umba is your ward and Ororo’s cousin and Scott is our friend,” said Shuri.

“This might be a bit too much for them right now,” said Scott.

Umba went to Ororo and hugged her. She returned the favor, but she didn’t feel any emotion for him much less the rest of the group. They were strangers.

“I have to do this all over again. Familiarize myself with them and hope it triggers something,” thought Ororo.

Thirty minutes later, the group headed to the African nation Wakanda. Shuri told Ororo and T’Challa about the search operation.

Nova from the Space Corps and the Guardians of the Galaxy sent word to S.W.O.R.D and everyone that the couple was missing and that Thanos was behind it. Nova’s contact on Earth Captain America then informed Shuri and the X Men about the disappearance.

Ororo would have never imagined that she held such a high position and with such people around her. Shuri, Umba and Scott were likeable. She wondered what Wakanda would be like.

Ororo peered out of the plane’s side window. They were entering the Earth’s atmosphere. She plugged into the elemental energy; the world felt ill, it was not as pure as the desert planet.

The following hours were spent meeting unfamiliar people. Everyone was told that the couple needed time for adjustment.

The medical scans stated that the memory loss was permanent. The couple would have to re learn everything. A library of videos, files and books were given them to cover their history and the world’s.

Ororo found it hard to read the materials. She told T’Challa and he had a similar feeling.

The couple was robbed of the experiences that they shared with their loved ones. It was horrific.

Yet everyone considered it a miracle that Ororo and T’Challa were able to know that they were in love despite the memory loss.

Ororo’s mother-in-law suggested that the reason for the pair knowing that they were lovers was due to a spiritual bond that no one could tear apart.

Next Story: Reverence

The Black Panther and Storm in Crisis

Previously in The Black Panther and Storm:

For over ten thousand years warrior kings called Black Panthers ruled and protected the isolated and unconquerable African nation Wakanda. In their isolation Wakanda became the most scientifically advanced nation on Earth. T’Challa was the latest Black Panther, and he believed that his great nation was obligated to use its resources to help the less fortunate; defenseless peoples of the world against tyranny, corruption and megalomaniac super humans.

Black Panther later married Ororo ‘Storm’ Munroe the non-Wakandan mutant hero. However, in Wakanda the royal couple’s noble endeavors were considered private affairs, which conflicted with their official duties.

Two years ago, Wakanda was fatally attacked by the royal couple’s super human enemy- the mind controlling Darkheart. In the wake of the attack that devastated the nation, the royal couple resigned on the principle of accountability, they dissolved the monarchy and they gave governance to a democratic government.

Black Panther and Storm were temporarily reinstated to Wakanda’s leadership to save the world afterwards the incumbent president resigned, which left Black Panther and Storm in power.

Meanwhile, Nginda a secret society member transformed himself into the Hatura- a secret hulking living weapon that was created to stop the Savage Hulk. Storm fought the Hatura and his female accomplice Slay, but they escaped, and a conspiracy removed all evidence of the battle at the Wakanda military facility where the Hatura formula was kept; therefore Storm only had her word, which only the Black Panther believed.

Nginda has entered the general election race to become the President of Wakanda without the fear of being arrested, because Storm has no evidence against him, and Nginda wants Wakanda to return to self imposed isolationism, which T’Challa had slowly eroded. Storm and T’Challa joined the election race so that Wakanda may help the world.

But the nations of Earth were fearful of Wakanda’s omega weapon and the United Nations had threatened to destroy it.

Story: Crisis


In the mid morning on the eve of Wakanda’s general election, T’Challa and Ororo the leaders of Wakanda were notified that their political rivals Nginda and Slay were at the Presidential Office.

T’Challa was a handsome thirty five years old man; his body had been made strong from years of battling threats to Earth and his homeland. His attractive wife Ororo was thirty years old and she had an indomitable will that carried her through the perils of a super heroine life.

Nginda was a sharp thirty six years old man and his body was built like a boxer. The Hatura monster inside of Nginda turned him into a juggernaut of power. While Slay was a beautiful thirty-four years old woman and deadly in her military skills.

The two opposite groups that vied in the close race for the Presidency met in the briefing room. Nginda took the liberty of opening the shades of the window that had a view of the memorial monument for the million lives that were, needlessly, taken in the Darkheart attack. Nginda and Slay had lost loved ones in the attack, which they vehemently blamed on T’Challa’s and Ororo’s super hero activities.

T’Challa noticed the drawn shades and the monument. He had mourned for the lives that were lost in the attack. Ororo had also mourned, but she was focused on Nginda and Slay because they made it appear that Ororo was a liar to the nation and her husband.

”Good morning what can we do for you?” asked T’Challa.

”Morning, I want you to withdraw from the election immediately,” said Nginda.

”Are you serious?” asked Ororo sternly.

”A member of the UNDA crossed over to our party yesterday and he was present at the backroom meeting where both of you were asked to return to the leadership. Where you T’Challa said and I quote, ”We are bad for this nation, we will jeopardize the safety of the nation with reprisal attacks from our enemies”,” said Nginda.

”We can leak it to the media and with tomorrow being Election Day, you can see the damage it will cause your campaign,” said Slay.

T’Challa made brief eye contact with Ororo and he understood that they were thinking on the same page then he said, “We will not exit the elections. Leak it if it pleases you.”

You’re a hypocritical bastard, thought Nginda. He glanced at Slay, and he knew that as friends they shared the same thought.

“I see that it will take a lot more than putting the country needlessly in the line of fire before both of you develope a crisis of conscience,” said Nginda. “But at least we mutually understand that you’re both wrong for this country. Thanks for the meeting.”

Nginda and Slay left the Presidential Office; T’Challa and Ororo returned to the Executive office.

“Do you think that they will leak it?” asked Ororo.

“Yes,” replied T’Challa.

”It was fortunate that last night we sensitized the supporters about the gravity of voting for us,” said Ororo.

”But the statements will impact on the swing voters,” said T’Challa.

The Intelligence Division rang. T’Challa took the call and a small holographic face of Modakai the Intelligence Division Head Manager appeared.

“Good Morning, what is it?” asked T’Challa.

“Morning, the UN are prepping the Protectors and we have intercepted a transmission that states that they will strike us tomorrow,” replied Modakai.

T’Challa knew that the Protectors’ purpose was to protect Earth but if they attacked Wakanda Ororo and him would be forced to try and destroy them, which Ororo and T’Challa did not want.

”We will strike at them first,” said T’Challa. ”Gather all the intel on the Protector program.”


The need for a common multilateral superhuman program, as the first line of defence and the last resort of an attack, was the genesis for the United Nations’ Protectors program. The Protectors were 100 humanoids that were born in test tubes and they possessed: durability, energy projection, energy manipulation, flight, super speed, super senses, super strength, super healing and they could survive in any environment.

The permanent members of the United Nations Security Council each had an activation key for the Protectors and all the keys needed to be activated for the Protectors to be awakened. The Protectors were dormant in cryogenic cylinders, where information on their targets was transmitted as dreams into their brains. The secret headquarters of the Protectors was an invisible multilevel airship that hovered in the North Atlantic, just minutes from Canadian airspace.

The Protectors were prepared for their first mission- the destruction of Wakanda’s Hider Machine. The Hider Machine could remove a country or landmass from the Earth and return it. Therefore, the United Nations Security Council demanded that Wakanda destroy the Hider Machine or it would be destroyed for them. Wakanda had refused on the grounds that the machine was for their protection and the standoff had created an international security crisis.

The impending strike had two objectives: the destruction of the Hider Machine and the crippling of Wakanda’s ability to re create the machine. The location of the Hider Machine was deemed to be in the major military facility outside of the Central city.

But the strike was part of an overall plan for the international isolation of Wakanda until they ended the Hider Machine program. Joel Abierman the United Nations Secretary General was the architect of the isolation plan; he gained the support of the major world nations and economic packages were promised to developing nations for their co operation.


Nine hours before the strike, a sudden electrical storm appeared around the military airship where the Protectors were kept. Lightening bolts destroyed the communications antennas and the invisibility camouflage system. Then the climate around the airship became a harsh blizzard and the equipments outside of the hull quickly iced up and refused to function, like the guns of the soldiers.

A bright golden light illuminated the upper deck and when the light subsided twenty five Wakanda commando platoons were on the deck. They fanned out quickly. Their objectives were to commandeer the airship and the Protectors. The commandos were ordered to use non lethal force but all the crew had to be put off the airship within thirty minutes.

The commandos wore white, vibranium weaved, full body armour uniforms. T’Challa wore the Black Panther full body vibranium battle uniform. The commandos carried rifles while T’Challa’s only visible weapon was the sword, which he had recently built. The sword was magnetized to T’Challa’s back and the sword had two time and space computers, which allowed T’Challa teleportation and time travel. Additionally, the sword’s double-edged blade was made of a deadly energy called dark force and nano robots sheathed it.

T’Challa moved like a panther through the ship as he fought and defeated the guards. Ororo was not in a vibranium uniform since the special metal reduced her ability to manipulate energy. But she was in the battle. She created tornado speed winds that threw down stubborn metal doors and they scattered enemy forces, meanwhile, she kept the snow storm outside of the airship.

In twenty five minutes, all the ship’s crew had been forced to evacuate. That information was reported to T’Challa and Ororo by Shuri- a thirty four year old woman-the platoons’ general.

Immediately, T’Challa teleported to Wakanda, and he returned seconds afterwards accompanied by Taku the burly forty years old Chief military scientist and ten engineers.

”Begin phase two,” said T’Challa to the forces.

The engineers took control of the computers that monitored the Protectors while Taku invaded and downloaded the database that stored all the information on the Protectors to discover their weakness.

Meanwhile, the airship was piloted to an unpopulated island in its vicinity. The airship was lowered onto the island and then T’Challa contacted the engineers in Wakanda who awaited the command to use the Hider Machine.

”Do it now,” said T’Challa.

The engineers activated the Hider machine and the island along with the airship disappeared from Earth. They reappeared in a dome that was in an inter dimensional tunnel.

T’Challa and Ororo teleported to Wakanda; they informed the nation of the preemptive strike and then T’Challa and Ororo visited Abierman.


Abierman in a response to the Protector incident said that, ” Wakanda proved that they were unrestrained enemies of the free world.” Later Abierman went to his office where he met T’Challa standing, waiting for him.

”What is this?” said Abierman. He was fifty two years old, he wore bifocal glasses, had a broad chin and he was bald.

Ororo closed the door behind Abierman. ”We should ask you the same thing,” said Ororo. ””Enemies of the free world,” when he have fought off threat after threat to Earth.”

”So what now?” asked Abierman calmly.

”The Protectors will be returned as soon as possible. But don’t ever threaten my country again,” said T’Challa.

”But-” said Abierman.

However, T’Challa and Ororo teleported from the office and they went to Wakanda. The security officers broke through the office door since the warning system had indicated teleportations in the office.

”They are gone,” said Abierman.

”Who sir?” asked the Chief of Security.

”T’Challa and Ororo,” replied Abierman. ”Go now.”

The security officers departed from the office; Abierman kicked the desk in frustration.


But Abierman’s political stance against Wakanda had unknowingly influenced a cursed man named Kiber. Centuries ago, Kiber was a warlord and an accomplished fighter from the Steppes of Asia with a home and a family; his enemies had called him Kiber the Cruel. Kiber lost everything at age forty and he was handed the burden of an immortal army.

Kiber’s immortal life was filled with violence. He fought in both World Wars, in the Pacific Basin and in the gangland streets of the world. In all the wars Kiber fought he tipped the scales of victory towards the side that he wanted to win. In the process, he amassed a fortune, class, connections, knowledge and military resources.

Kiber summoned his 100,000 immortal soldiers by thought; the soldiers were intelligent but they had no free will.

Kiber agreed with Joel Abierman that Wakanda was a threat to the free world; Kiber realized that the United Nations’ policies against Wakanda were ineffective. In Kiber’s mind the free world needed the unrestrained, flexible and deadly force of his army to defeat Wakanda.

Kiber’s first strategy was the political destabilization of Wakanda. Kiber had procured a mutant inhibitor machine and a magnetism control suit for the purpose of terminating Ororo and T’Challa and the prey would be lured into a trap.


A non-descript man stared down a silent Cape Town street. The Wakanda embassy was at the end of the street. The man wore a grey sport jacket that hid a bomb. In quick steps the suicide bomber made it to the embassy gates and he detonated the bomb.

The quiet Cape Town district was awakened by the bomb’s explosion. The explosion destroyed the front of the Wakanda embassy, most of the street and it left a deep crater. After a minute there was movement in the crater. The scattered matter of the suicide bomber crawled to each other. Bone, tissue and flesh reformed and soon the bomber was made whole, but his body had third degree burns, his face was ugly and unrecognizable.

He stared briefly into the sky then he moved out of the crater. His muscles had not regenerated enough; therefore, he struggled as he climbed out the crater and when he ran. The bomber ran until he reached the edge of the burnt out area that was around the crater. A blaring police car skidded and stopped in front of the bomber and an officer alighted from the car.

”Stay calm, help is on the way!” said the shocked officer.

The bomber punched the police officer in the throat. The officer fell backwards. The bomber entered the car and pushed the other officer out of the car. Then the bomber drove the police car at full speed from the scene. Twenty minutes later the bomber drove the police car off a pier and he disappeared into the sea.

T’Challa and Ororo were in the Defence Division where they spoke with Taku who was still in the inter dimension. T’Challa and Ororo were more concerned with the safety of Wakanda than the voting in the elections. The meeting with Taku was cut short when T’Challa and Ororo were informed by the spy satellites department that all of Wakanda’s embassies were bombed.

Each embassy had a spy satellite that monitored them and the images of the bombings were shown in the operation room. Preliminary reports stated that there were causalities.

Immediately, T’Challa called on his sword to teleport him to an embassy that he chose at random, but Ororo stopped him.

”Let us speak about this first,” said Ororo softly.

”In the next room,” said T’Challa.

T’Challa and Ororo entered a private room. Ororo knew that T’Challa wanted to use his sword to travel into the past to prevent the deaths yet for her it was unethical.

”If you do this where will you stop?” asked Ororo. ”You have to restrain yourself.”

T’Challa realized that Ororo was correct. The couple returned to the main room.

”W’Kabi what do you have?” asked T’Challa.

W’Kabi was a young brilliant military mind and he was in charge of the Counter Terrorism agency.

”In the aftermath of all the bombings severely burnt humanoids walked or ran out of ground zero,” replied W’Kabi. ”They all went for the sea and disappeared.”

The satellite images of the bombings were played in several frames on the large plasma screens.

”Pause the frames,” said Ororo. The frames were paused and it became clear what Ororo had seen- all the humanoids had stared directly at the spy satellites.

”They are sending a message to us,” said Ororo.

”That they have thrown down a gauntlet,” said T’Challa.

The Head Manager of the Intelligence Agency sent a multimedia package that contained a terrorist video message taken from foreign news channels and a preliminary analysis.

The terrorist wore a masked hood with eye slits and the video’s background was black. The terrorist vowed the destruction of Wakanda and harm to any nation or person who associated with the country. The terrorist ended the message with the name of the terrorist group- the Immortal Army.

The first preliminary analysis stated that the speaker was not Middle Eastern and it was a voice recording.

”Immortal Army. They will be begging for mercy when we are done with them,” said T’Challa.


Abierman called the bombings ”cowardly” acts but stated that it was another reason for Wakanda to return the Protectors so they could track the terrorists.

The statements made Kiber upset. He once frequented the United Nations building; therefore, he knew the layout of the offices and the security. He entered the information into a teleporation wrist band device and he placed the mask on his face. Kiber teleported to the UN building security control center and he defeated the guards; then Kiber teleported into Abierman’s office. There were five other people in the office other than Abierman. Kiber swiftly knocked them unconscious and he stopped Abierman from pressing the panic button. Abierman was thrown onto the book shelf and he fell heavily onto the ground.

”Who are you?” asked Abierman as he stood up gingerly.

”I bombed the embassies,” replied Kiber.

”What do you want with me?”

”Lay off of me, since we want the same thing. An end to Wakanda,” responded Kiber.

”You’re a terrorist!” said Abierman.

”No,” said Kiber. ”I am fighting them. I am harming them. Isn’t that what you wanted? And you need not be involved.”

Kiber pressed a preset button on the teleportation device and he vanished from the office. He reappeared in a bunker. Kiber checked the security system and it was clear. He wondered how long again he had to wait before Wakanda found the clue to his location that he had left in the video message. In the meantime, Kiber double checked his trap.


The polls had closed in Wakanda and the counting of the ballots began. However, the election results were far from T’Challa’s and Ororo’s mind as they formulated a policy for the capture of the Immortal Army. The Counter Terrorism agency stated that they had a break through in the analysis of the video message. On the video message was a faint sound of a bird that lived only on an island off the coast of Greenland.

T’Challa and Ororo accompanied by ten commando units teleported to the island. However, the region had entered the Polar Nights period- three months of darkness. Therefore, T’Challa and Ororo used their natural night vision and the commandos used infer red goggles. There was one structure on the island, which was a bunker.

Suddenly, T’Challa sensed multiple bodies that appeared around the Wakandans. The number of hostiles steadily grew. T’Challa took the sword from his back and the nano robots that sheathed the sword retreated into the vibranium hilt.

”Prepare for battle!” said T’Challa.

Ororo decided that it was unsafe for her comrades if she used lightening or gusts of wind without restraint in such a close proximity battle; therefore, she created a double edge ice sword.

”They are not human,” said T’Challa as his panther like sense of smell had indicated it.

There was a growl from the multitude of humanoids and then they attacked. The commandos fired their automatic guns. T’Challa and Ororo slashed through the surge of the humanoids.

The humanoids were armed with swords and spears; they attacked the Wakandans from all directions.

T’Challa and Ororo headed for the bunker. Kiber awaited them.


Firstly, Kiber turned on the mutant power stunner machine that had a range of 50 meters. Secondly, he activated the magnetism control cybernetic suit that he wore. Lastly, he armed the automatic rifle that was in his left hand.

As soon as, Ororo entered the bunker she lost her night vision and she felt something missing from her body.

”I am powerless,” said Ororo.

Abruptly, T’Challa’s sword flew from his hand and disappeared from his sight. A fluorescent bulb that hanged from the ceiling came on. Kiber stood on a metallic platform. He wore a mask.

In a sharp movement, Kiber extended his right arm and aimed his right fist at T’Challa. Instantaneously, the vibranium in T’Challa’s suit was under the control of Kiber. Kiber opened his hand and the vibranium collapsed and shot through T’Challa’s body like a thousand small shrapnel.

T’Challa collapsed and he went unconscious.

Kiber fired the rifle at Ororo. The rapid rat ta tat tat rapport filled the bunker.

Ororo had expected it; therefore, she dived onto the ground and she rolled out of the path. She stopped the roll, took a quick breath, and she hurled the ice sword into Kiber’s face. The ice sword stuck Kiber in the left eye.

Instinctively, Kiber mashed a button on the platform for an emergency escape. The platform quickly lowered into a tunnel. Kiber withdrew the ice sword from the painful wound. He seated himself on an electric sled and he activated it. The sled shot forward and headed for the beach.

Meanwhile, T’Challa’s sword called out to Ororo.

”Come to me!” said Ororo.

The sword teleported from the wall it was stuck into and it reappeared in Ororo’s right hand. Ororo then dropped next to T’Challa who had a faint pulse and he bled profusely. Ororo’s beliefs stopped her from going into the past to prevent T’Challa’s condition.

”Take him to the Defence Division infirmary and tell them what happened,” said Ororo to the sword. ”I am going after the one who did this.”

The sword did as instructed while Ororo leapt into the tunnel.


Ororo raced down the tunnel then she felt her powers and the night vision returned. Ororo created strong wind currents that lifted her body and she was pushed forward at an extremely quick speed.

Ororo erupted out of the tunnel and onto the beach. Ororo did away with strong winds and she stood on the beach trying to determine the direction the terrorist went. The scent of salt hanged in the air and the waves crashed loudly on the rocky shore.

Ororo felt a quick movement in the air currents. The movement was heading in her direction and it was in line with her neck. Ororo ducked out of the path. Wurrr! An object passed over Ororo. The object was a chakram- a razor sharp edged metal hoop. Ororo tracked the chakram and she fired a lightening bolt that struck the chakram out of the air and it fell onto the shore.

Two growls flanked Ororo and she smelt the decomposing bodies of the humanoids. Ororo concentrated and created miniature tornadoes inside the stomachs of the humanoids. The tornadoes grew and whittled away the humanoids then the tornadoes died down and disappeared.

”Face me!” shouted Ororo since she was tired of the decoys.

”In due time,” shouted Kiber. He stood on a bluff and the eye wound had healed but had left a scar. Then Kiber detonated the bomb buried in the beach.


Ororo created a cocoon of plasma around her body in the milliseconds it took for the scorching heat to engulf her. The rest of the beach was blasted into the air and it fell as rubble. Seconds later Ororo flew out the crater. She looked around for Kiber, but he had vanished.

Ororo spotted the bunker and the commando units had converged on it. The attackers were gone. Ororo contacted Wakanda and she ordered three small army airships for an immediate pick up.

When Ororo arrived in Wakanda she was informed of T’Challa’s condition. T’Challa was in a coma and it was a miracle that he was alive. One doctor suggested that T’Challa was kept alive because of the healing properties of the Panther plant that T’Challa had eaten in the crowning ceremony to become king of Wakanda (only a person from T’Challa’s lineage could consume the plant without dying from it’s toxicity). But it was still too early to determine if he would completely heal or die.

”Keep me notified,” Ororo said and she left the infirmary. Ororo had to debrief the generals on the failure of the mission to capture the terrorist and inform the nation of the situation. Moreover, Ororo contacted Taku for an update on the Protectors and she received a report that a weakness had been discovered but it had to be double checked. The Foreign Affairs Division stated the UN had passed the economic packages to the majority of the developing nations that had ties with Wakanda and those nations were scared into the deal by the terrorist threats. The nations had ended diplomatic relations with Wakanda. Therefore, Wakanda was officially made isolated by the rest of the world.

An hour later the Wakandan general election results were announced.


T’Challa awoke from the coma a week after the incident on the island. Ororo was alerted and she soon arrived at the infirmary.

”Are you all right?,” said T’Challa weakly.

Ororo sat on a chair near the bed and she held her husband’s hand.

”Yes I’m all right,” said Ororo and she kissed him on the lips.

”What’s new?”

”We lost the terrorist, the country is stable, we returned the Protectors, the world shuns us and we won the elections,” said Ororo.

”We will catch him,” said T’Challa.

”I know we will,” said Ororo.

T’Challa took two days to fully recover. Then he was back to full force. T’Challa and Ororo addressed their supporters and saluted their rivals Nginda and Slay whom had formed the opposition.

T’Challa and Ororo vowed the destruction of the Immortal Army and the Presidential couple declared to the world that the offer of help was still open to any nation that needed Wakandan assistance, they need only call the Red Phone in the Presidential Office.

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