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Multani Mitti And Rose Water: Rosewater is an antioxidant and a mild cleanser. Multani Mitti for.

If you have dry skin, frequent use of multani mitti can make your skin even drier. Similarly, for the hair, using multani mitti very often can damage the scalp and make it flaky. For dry skin, multani mitti should be used no more than once a week. For those with oily skin, it can be used twice a week. Best Multani Mitti Powder Brands. Multani Mitti Face pack for instant Skin whitening or Fairness. The natural skin lightening. Neem and Multani mitti pack for pimples, acne cure. Take 1 teaspoonful of multani mitti powder.

Multani Mitti : the magic clay

In the era of beauty creams and products, Multani mitti ( fullers earth) is still known for it’s unbelievable benefits. No matter how many beauty kits you have, the best one is in your kitchen. Usually, Indian mom’s are religious believer of natural ingredients. We have many natural beauty products in our kitchen like tomatoes, cucumber and lemon juice.

Other than these, there are some herbal too like masoor dal powder, besan(gram flour), and chandan (sandalwood). Those cheap natural ingredients are more effective than the expensive creams and gels ( long term use). Almost every cosmetic company claims to have a natural ingredient in their product, then why can’t we use them in their rawest form.

Multani mitti is one of them, you can mix it with water or milk and apply it on your face. additionally, you can put some drops of rosewater and glycerin also. Multani mitti is efficient in balancing the excessive oil in the skin. If you are having acne-prone skin, it can work like magic! Now, it is going really popular out there.

History of multani mitti

It is also known as fullers earth. It is used from a very long age for it’s cooling and nourishing properties. Indians are using it from a very past. Multani mitti can be used to clean, nourish and exfoliate your skin. It has elements which absorb oil, dirt and impurities effectively. Fullers earth can make your skin soft and supple.

Many skin experts have shared their ways for using it. The best part about fullers earth is you can use it with anything according to your skin type. Around 2000, Multani mitti ( mud of Multan, Pakistan) was used to clean Taj Mahal and it has to be praised for the beauty it maintained to this old monument. Fullers earth is now manufactured synthetically.

It is mainly composed of Lime, water, iron oxides, silica and magnesia. It is easily available in Indian market and this magic mud is costing only about 20 Rs packet.

Fullers Earth Benefits

  1. It is generally used on oily skin, as it is known to reduce acne and pimples.
  2. Improve our skin tone.
  3. Removes excess oil and dirt.
  4. Basically, it is an cooling agent so it can treat sunburn or inflammation effectively.
  5. Can cure infections and rashes because of it’s antiseptic properties.
  6. improves blood circulation for better glowing skin.
  7. provide new healthy skin.

Using it according to your skin type

For Normal skin

As we know, multani mitti is antiseptic which makes it suitable for all skin types. People with normal skin can also use multani mitti for absorbing dirt and sweat. It is effective in treating inflammation and curing infections. People having dry skin can also use it with milk as it has soothing properties which prevents dryness. It tightens the skin and reduce the chances of wrinkles or fine lines. Multani mitti also improves blood circulation in the skin.

For Oily Skin

Many experts recommends multani mitti face pack for oily skin. Use it with water and few drops of rosewater or orange peel powder. Using it will control the excess oil or sebum secreted by sebaceous gland. It is effective in reducing acne/pimples breakouts. Fullers earth is very beneficial for oily skin because of his antiseptic absorbing properties. The multani mitti face pack rejuvenates, exfoliate and tightens skin.

For Dark Circles

Some fresh multani mitti along with grated potato and some lemon juice will help you get rid of dark circles. Apply the paste and leave it for 25 minutes. You can also add few drops of vitamin e capsules. Do this everyday and you will see it’s effects.

Natural exfoliating face mask

Multani mitti face mask is a natural exfoliator. It exfoliate your face deeply and remove the dirt and dead skin off your face. Squeeze one tablespoon of lime and some rose water. Apply the thick paste on your face and leave it for 25 min. Rinse off with lukewarm water. Use a moisturizer after it as multani mitti makes your skin dry. Don’t apply it more than twice a week. It efficiently prevents pimples and acne.

Natural shampoo

Multani mitti can be used on hair for shiny smooth hair. You can add amla juice or sarso ka tel or eggs. You can even add a tablespoon of beer to it. Take some multani mitti powder and rub about 10 minutes in your head and wash with water and brush. It will absorb all dirt and oil.

If you have dull, damaged hair, multani mitti can restore it. Firstly, moisten your hair with lukewarm water and use multani mitti with sesame oil and leave it covered with towel for about 1 hour. Wash it and massage with refined oil in your scalp. Wash with shampoo and let it dry naturally.


A face mask of fullers earth, rose water, besan and tomatoes are helpful in treating sunburn. This antiseptic beauty face pack will lose tanning and rejuvenate your skin.

Tip: Do not store fullers earth in fridge or in moist places, Always store it in air tight containers.

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