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The marketplace is hosted by Mimeo Inc., an approved Wendy's vendor. At Wendy's Print-on-Demand Marketplace, you can browse and purchase material offered from Wendy's such as the Daily Operations Plan, Preventive Maintenance Manual, or Wendy's Operations Standards Manual. All material offered at the marketplace is approved by Wendy's. Sign up for a free Mimeo Photos account and create custom photo projects including photo books, cards, calendars, and prints. Available for personalized photo.

  • Upload your existing documents, videos and other content for immediate results
    We help make it easy

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    Constant updates, enterprise-class features, dedicated support. Mimeo Digital has it all.

  • Taking a Blended Approach?

    Mimeo is the only provider of enterprise-grade digital and print

    Find Out More About Mimeo Digital

    Constant updates, enterprise-class features, dedicated support. Mimeo Digital has it all.

  • Start Today With
    What You Have

    Don't be fooled by vendors taking months to convert
    your content into their proprietary 'locked-in' format.
    Upload as-is. We'll help you improve it over time.

    Find Out More About Mimeo Digital

    Constant updates, enterprise-class features, dedicated support. Mimeo Digital has it all.

Digital ?

Mimeo Digital is the only platform to power your digital documents, videos and other corporate content while offering a truly blended solution.
Your audience can access your documents, take great notes, and collaborate with others anytime, anywhere.
Stream your HD videos straight to your audience. We'll even optimize for device size and bandwidth.
Distribute in any format including images, slide decks and even executables.

Get Up & Running Today

No upfront time or cost investment. Upload and go.

1. Upload Your Content
We'll prepare your content for distribution in minutes.

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2. Distribute to Your Audience
They'll access your content through a user-friendly library.
3. Measure Engagement

What's Your Goal?

Securely distribute your content. Go Digital or Go Blended to support your global cross-generational audience while reducing your costs.

Mimeo Distributes Your Content
wherever, whenever & however
You need it

Control and Accountability

Roll out to tens, hundreds or thousands of users with just a few clicks.

Enable your team, partners or customers to distribute your content. Get new content in front of your audience immediately. Set expiration dates to manage audience access length. Retain Control - Revoke content access from anybody in seconds.

Protect your IP. Stop redistribution.

Tell your security auditors to bring it!

Encrypted everything - your content is uploaded to our own secure, on-premise data centers. Retain control over your content to ensure it properly reflects your brand.

Great Notes


Personal and Collaborative Notes take it to the next level.

Our complete toolset ensure your audience has all the tools they need for classes and meetings. Watch as your audiences notes stream into your dashboard where you can monitor the engagement.

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  • Reduce Costs

    Move to a blended approach to reduce operational costs

  • Offer Options

    Support a cross-generational audience from a single solution

Mimeo Digital Platform

  • Go Global

    Your content goes anywhere with our world wide platform and support team

  • Sell

    Create a revenue stream selling your content through a custom-branded storefront

  • Premier
    Customer Care

    Our 24/7 support teams in the Americas, Europe and Asia ensure full coverage to support your needs

  • Nothing
    To Install

    We support any device with no software, plug-ins, or apps to download or install.

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  • Unlimited

    Upload and Distribute as much content as you want. We won't limit you or increase your costs.

  • Continuous

    Watch your capabilities grow over time
    as we add valuable new features to empower you.

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