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2/14/2022by admin
Hi all, first of all i've sent a support request to softube for this problem, its taken over three weeks and yet no response, so i thought i might pick a few people brains.
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  1. Re: Use Microfreak as a controller in Ableton Live « Reply #8 on: August 13, 2019, 08:54:03 pm » Sorry for the noob question, but in Ableton Live, when I press MIDI mode to configure the paramters on the MicroFreak, it's not reacting to any of the knobs for assignment like with my other controllers.
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  3. The MicroFreak is just a lot of fun – tons of sonic range, a clever keyboard, all in an inexpensive little package. (And if you get into it, you should also check out Mutable Instruments’ modules, which included some open source oscillator types that Arturia adapted for their design.).

In Ableton Live, create a new MIDI track 2. Add External Instrument from Ableton Live Instruments 3. Configure External Instrument to your MIDI OUT that you use for the Arturia MicroFreak 4. Select Arturia MicroFreak as MIDI input for this track 5. Add 'Arturia MicroFreak Editor version II BETA.amxd' to this track Table.1 Name Midi CC Range.

AbletonAll my 35 plugins of softube keep crashing ableton, this is a new occurrence. I think it might be a continuation of problems with the softube installer they introduced early in the year or, maybe the latest ableton build?. Everything is latest version, including ableton, max, windows 10, softube installer, ilock ect ect. I've done the routines of uninstalling ...reinstalling including ableton ect ect to no prevail. Yes i have installed all plugins manually as well. Like i said i've never really had an issue with softube, and i'm not crying about how bad they are,although im yet to get a response from their support team, i'm sure their busy.Ableton
I guess is anyone one else experiencing issues with softube. The products range from modular, monument, ect to tube tec, harmonic distortion and tape ect. I dont think its my computer as every other plugin, program is working fine no hitches, even with the updating of windows 10 a week or two ago. I dont think its ableton 10.1.7 which i updated a couple of weeks ago.

Microfreak Ableton Torrent

Microfreak Ableton Download

Just an annoying issue i guess, any help would be wonderful!
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