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  1. Bell Speed Test Internet Speed

MCSnet - High Speed Internet In Rural Alberta. Reliable like the prairie winds. Since 1995, we've brought high-speed internet to rural Alberta. Stportal mahendras. Test length: s: Stats. Time (s) Speed (Mbps) Upload. Time (s) Speed (Mbps) Show detailed information about used algorithms. Ping is measured as a response time for a HTTP request. Multiple requests are sent in 100 ms intervals. The graph shows response times for individual requests. The time values are preferably obtained. Speedtest Custom - Test your internet speeds.

Date: Mar 03, 2021 Internet Insights

Internet speed is important for a myriad of reasons! It helps you be more efficient with work, the kids can complete schoolwork without interruption, and it allows you to enjoy your audio or video entertainment with little buffering. Here’s how to run an internet speed test and some resources you can use to do so.


Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

There are times when the speed of your internet is impacted by the quality of the Wi-Fi connection to your home or business. Check out some of our tips to try to get a better Wi-Fi signal as this might be the culprit that’s slowing down your internet.

Get Close to the Router

Being as close to the router as possible will remove blockers such as walls, plumbing, and provide a much more accurate reading of your internet connection.

Turn Off Devices

Choose only one device to test your internet speed, and then turn off the rest of your laptops, tablets, phones, and even your smart TV. The more devices that are active in your house, the less accurate the speed test will be for you.

Cancel Downloads & Uploads

Having downloads or uploads on the go while you are conducting a speed test will impact your results because it is being diverted to an ongoing task.


Below are some resources you can utilize for checking your internet speed. After following the steps above, all you should have to do is hit a prominent “Go” button and your test is underway!

  • MCSnet Speed Test
  • Shaw Speed Test
  • PCMag Speed Test
  • How to test your internet speed on Google products

I Ran My Test, Now What?

For the average household of two to six people, a download speed of 25 Mbps should be sufficient to be able to browse the internet, stream HD content on several devices (or 4K content on one device), and play online games. If you are falling under this threshold, and notice that the internet is lagging when multiple users are on devices, you might need to discuss upgrading your plan.

Also, check the minimum speed requirements your internet service provider has promised. If your speed is lower than this threshold, give them a call, there may be a technical issue on their end, or you might need a hardware upgrade and you should speak to customer service.

Testing your internet speed can help it function more efficiently and be a step to troubleshooting connectivity issues. Typical users with MCSnet can expect 30 Mbps/5 Mbps (download/upload) speeds (depending on radio signal quality), and knowing your internet speed helps to hold ISPs accountable to their promises when customers conduct these tests.


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Please suspend all downloading and network activity before attempting this test.

Bell Speed Test Internet Speed

Quoted speeds are max rates. Average rates may be lower with higher network load. Peak usage times are usually in the late evenings, when speeds will be slower.

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