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League of Legends Season 11 does not have an exact start date yet, but based on the past timelines from the end of one season and the beginning of the next, it should be sometime in early January.

As League of Legends continues to grow each season, changes and newer releases tend to leave older champions struggling to find their place in Summoner's Rift. Since 2019, however, Riot Games has let players decide which champions will get a visual update and rework to bring them up to modern standards. While the latest League of Legends vote included many of League's oldest champions, the winner that will receive the first VGU in 2022 is Udyr, the Spirit Walker.

  1. During the League of Legends Season 11 kickoff livestream, Riot dropped some massive bombs on its player base with plans for the new champions arriving this year. We got some insight into four new champions that will be coming in 2021, but the biggest announcement, without question, was the reveal of the next new champion Viego, the Ruined King.
  2. The definitive source on all updates coming to the game.

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Even among the earliest releases, Udyr was different because he had four basic abilities instead of three basic and one ultimate spell. While this unique playstyle made Udyr a force to be reckoned, he gradually fell out of the meta as more champions could invade, duel, or accomplish similar things without using their whole kits. As a result, Udyr was overwhelmingly voted for by players in every region to receive the next update following previous successes like League of Legends' Fiddlesticks.

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Though some gameplay elements are subject to change or removal, designer RiotStashu noted the empowered stance-dancing and lack of gapclosers are parts of Udyr that will be staying after the update. Furthermore, artist RiotEarp mentioned that Udyr's new design will embody a primal shaman channeling spirits of the Freljord including Volibear. Players won't be seeing an actual model for some time, but the new concept art definitely takes inspiration from his ultimate skin, Spirit Guard Udyr.

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With Udyr's VGU kicking off soon, the League of Legendscommunity can expect blog posts every few months until it arrives in 2022. Along with the VGU, however, the Crime City Nightmare and Debonair 2.0 will also be getting skinlines in 2021 following a thematic vote. For now, there is plenty of things to do in-game such as grind solo queue or prepare for the Lunar Revel 2021 event, which is coming soon.

League of Legends is available on PC.

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