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As new champions arrive in League of Legends, gamers could not wait for its official debut.

League of Legends, one of the most played Multiplayer Online Battle Arena (MOBA), could have two new champions soon. LoL players based this assumption on Riot Games’ teaser released just recently.

The two new champions are like the Hallowed Seamstress, Gwen, and the Ruined King, Viego. Gwen is the recent hero that made her debut last month while Viego months ago.

Champions League Of Legends. April 2021 leleh k/da. Saved by Andrea. Champions League Of Legends League Of Legends Characters Lol League Of Legends Female Characters Anime Characters Female Character Concept Cute Anime Character Game Character Ahri Star Guardian. League of Legends is known for its appeal to a male audience. Having attractive female Champions helps with that.

Glancing at the teaser, players assume that these two new heroes will arrive in the upcoming patch.

Here are some details of the two new League of Legends champions:

A classic mage, Yordle

Based on the teaser, PCGames reported that the first new champion is a female introverted artillery mage best described as a grumpy Yordle hero.

No official announcements have been made yet regarding her name. Mireles, the lead producer of the game company, described this new hero in his own words, “As her gameplay kit developed, she would evolve from being an artillery mage to a classic mage.”

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“She still values her solitude and gets annoyed as hell with other champions dashing all around her,” added Mireles.

Additionally, he predicted that Yordle could be the next hero to debut in League of legends after Gwen.

New Marksman ADR

The second alleged champion is a Sentinel of Light marksman.

This champ is unique. Riot Games assigns his role to be a new ADR that will not rely on the bottom lane or support. Mireles explained that this new ADR is meant for mid-lane. Pretty unique and useful because ADR mid-laners are currently limited. For sure, fans assume this upcoming update with new heroes to be great content.

At the moment, Riot Games has not released additional details about this new ADR. Mireles promised the details would arrive soon enough. Fans and League players just have to wait and enjoy the new champ releases like the aforementioned Gwen and Viego.

A Revamped Dr. Mundo

Apart from the grumpy classic mage, Yordle, and the ADR marksman new heroes, another rumor is Riot Games’ working on a revamped Dr. Mundo. The game company said that this revamped version would arrive soon in League of Legends Summoner’s Rift.

However, no dates have been officially released, similar to the new champions’ debuts.

Lastly, fans can merely visualize the revamped version of Dr. Mundo. Riot Games did not provide any specifics regarding his new design. Pretty sure he will look more powerful.

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League’s two new champions are making the MOBA players of this game exciting. After Viego and Gwen, we did not expect that new champs would arrive sooner. We are as excited as you, so stay tuned for more updates. To play League of Legends and other MOBA games, download it on your computers or laptops.

League Of Legends All Champions

Esports is largely a male-dominated industry, where the chances of seeing a female player are relatively lower than a male player. League of Legends has always had problems with sexism. Sexist behaviour within the game includes scandals, objectifying character designs, and problematic player behaviour.

Riot Games’ Sexism Scandal

Two women sued Riot Games back in November 2018 that experienced sexist behaviour within the company. One thousand women employees received compensation for this behaviour.


Individuals spoke up about being unable to climb the career ladder. There were also issues with sexual harassment.

Eventually, in 2019, Riot settled the case. It ended agreeably, where Riot promised to treat its employees equally. There have been no more recent cases.

But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t other sexist elements about the game itself.

Character Designs

Based on back-breaking contortions and questionable anatomy, the splash art objectifies women and appeals to a male audience.

For one example, we can look at the Noxian assassin, Katarina. Katarina has a quite revealing outfit. In her splash art, she poses awkwardly with her breasts in the centre of the image.

Though Riot has had the chance to rectify this and prevent objectifying champions like Katarina further, they still release skins that are somehow more revealing. For example, DJ Sona, Arcade Miss Fortune or Elderwood Ahri.

Based on the recency of some skins like Elderwood Ahri, it doesn’t seem like Riot intends on changing these objectifying character designs any time soon.

Player Behavior

Though Riot claims that homophobia, sexism, and racism reduced to 2% in 2015, there are still many cases. Each day, with approximately 27 million players, 2% is still 540,000 people who are homophobic, sexist, or racist.

The 2% seems like a small amount, but toxic players are still common in a growing community.

This statistic also fails to account for the number of people that go unreported despite exhibiting these toxic behaviours.

Since Riot implemented the report system in 2015, the League’s statistics dropped to an incredible 2%. But that’s still around 540,000 people and counting.

What can we do?

To help remove sexism from League of Legends, the community must take further action. Check out the British Esports Association’s Women in Esports Campaign, which is one among many efforts to make gaming inclusive for all genders.

Champions should stop being sexualized and should cater to an equal audience.

Additionally, more in-person gaming may also help because it is easier to get away with toxicity when anonymous — but that is not the main problem. It is the community that promotes malicious behaviour. This means that it’s all up to you. If you experience any racist, sexist or homophobic behaviour, do not hesitate to report it.

League Of Legends Female Champions Names

Help lower that 2% to 0%, so that the League of Legends community can be free of toxicity of all forms.

Check out our article on ELO-boosting, what it is, how it happens, why it’s so harmful, and how we can prevent it.

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