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  1. Jumi is the set of extensions (or add-ons) for Joomla! An extension is used to add capabilities to Joomla! That do not exist in the base core code. There are thousands of them. You can find more examples over at our ever growing Joomla!
  2. Jumi is the set of native custom code extensions for Joomla! Jumi includes custom code into Joomla! By many ways: directly, from a file or from a database record. Jumi includes custom code into many Joomla! Places: modules position, articles or into its own pages.
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- speed up your Joomla! Site by using a Content Delivery Network. Is an extension for Joomla! That allows for easy integration with a Content Delivery Network (CDN). Incorporating a CDN with your website gives you several benefits, including the following: ★ Faster Page Loads - Since most of your files will be. Interesting question which I hope there is a workaround for - I am using Joomla 3.0, for which I have installed the Jumi module. When using session variables, I can use them perfectly through my.



Jumi is the set of custom code extensions for Joomla! 1.0.x, 1.5.x and 1.6.x in their native modes. Since 2006 more then 200.000 downloads.

With Jumi
* you can include php, html, javascript scripts into the modules position, articles, category or section descriptions, or into your own custom made component pages,
* you can even include static html or txt pages into your pages without using wrapper component,
* you have full access to Joomla! variables, functions, constants, etc. in your php scripts.

Jumi is ideal solution for
* including banners or text ads into your Joomla! site: no matter if your own or affiliates ones,
* easy and fast inclusion of smart javascript, php, html and dhtml scripts into your Joomla! content,
* fast development of not only small and simple customized modules and plugin solutions based on php, javascript and html or dhtml scripts like flash shows, ads and picture presentations, forms inclusion, etc. But for the development of more sophisticated solutions including database data processing.

For Jumi tips and tricks visit dedicated Tips & Tricks Jumi pages at http://2glux.com/projects/jumi/tutorial

Fix in 2.0.5: security vulnerability of the component.
Fix in 2.0.6: link changes


New in 2.0 (for J1.0 and J1.5): +component, + router (J1.5 only), +languages, +storage of custom code into a database table too, integration of all Jumi extensions.

Fix in 2.1.0 beta3: security vulnerability of the component.

New in 2.1 (still beta): direct code including into Joomla! content, pdf rendering, clearing the code from RSS feeds, security filtering option, debug mode in a plugin and a module, etc., etc.

New version for J!1.6 is ready. There is a problem with the module, so Jumi plugin is converted from Content to System, so you can place jumi syntax wherever you want in the site. There are also problems with the i18n, probably it is an issue in the core.

Jan 18, 2013: New version for J!3.0 is ready!

If you find issues, please report them: http://code.google.com/p/jumi/issues/list

NOTE: You can install 2.0.6 version on top of the previous version, without uninstalling it.

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Jumi Joomla 3

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Dec 09 2015
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Aug 15 2006
GPLv2 or later
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This extension does NOT implement the Joomla! Update System

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Jumi Joomla 3.x

This extension does not automatically provide information about new versions in Joomla! Update Manager.

Jumi Per Joomla

In this case, you have to manually check the developer site to download and install new versions with new features, enhancements, security or bug fixes.

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