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The template is developed by a professional team from the design studio JoomShaper, and is equipped with a number of useful studio extensions, greatly increasing the functionality of the web page. The template design is adaptable enough to allow the site to be conveniently displayed on various devices: home computers, laptops, tablets. These templates are made by third-party developers. We are only listing the templates with J2Store integration. You will be redirected to the template developer’s page for purchase. Support and updates for these templates should be obtained from the respective developers. JoomShaper Templates. The comonent in Pro version comes with a range of professional looking templates, as well as a. Powered by jDownloads. Xchange your J!3.9 Extension Subscription(s) for VIP Points. READ MORE Latest Xchanges. Aikon Magic Popup 1.2. Find free extensions and templates for your Joomla site in the Black Joomla, the free download directory for Joomla template components, modules and plugins. JoomShaper Decora 1.0 Black Joomla Free Joomla Template Joomla Extensions.

NEWS365 from JoomShaper
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News365 is a fully adaptive template for Joomla 3.6 and later. It is best suited for global or local news sites / magazines, professional blogs and other projects related to editorial publications and materials. This amazing product offers both in-built support for Joomla articles, and K2 from the JoomShaper Studio

The price is relevant. It does not have binding to the domain or not limited to work. Packages are not from public (only directly from the author or its sources). Without left links and third-party code. Getting updates with a discount only through your personal account. Support or installation is paid separately!

Joomla templates NEWS365 from JoomShaper

News365 is a fully adaptive template for Joomla 3.6 and later. It is best suited for global or local news sites/magazines, professional blogs and other projects related to editorial publications and materials. This amazing product offers both built-in support for Joomla articles, and K2. News365 also has an integrated e-commerce solution using J2Store. It really gives you great control over the articles that you want to show and create the organization of your news or magazine site.
The template includes variants of MegaMenu and the organization of its demo pages are developed with a user of high-class design, along with areas for placing advertising banners. The template structure from the JoomShaper Studio is built on the Helix 3 platform, which is already integrated with News365. This template offers many customization options and a multifunctional tool Page Page Builder Kit Pro to make your news and magazine site unique. The template is compatible with all modern mobile devices. We recommend it for all types and sizes of news, magazines and other relevant sites.
News365 is a template from August 2016 from the developers of JoomShaper. Adaptive template for 100% for Joomla has a beautiful, organized, neat and clean design with all the modern features required now powerful websites on the media. If you planned to launch an online version of your newspaper based on an information agency or start creating a taco based on a fully Internet media portal, News365 is ready to fulfill these goals.
The development of a completely new info portal with News365 is very easy and very effective. The template requires less technical skills. You do not need to be a developer and there is no need to hire professionals for the final coding. News365 has a number of innovative features that will make your way to the news release modern and real.
News365 has 2 stunning changes (Home) Homepages, 4 pre-installed colors. It fits any type of media site, for example, news, magazine, blog and any other dynamic portal.
News365 is built on the famous platform Helix 3 Framework JoomShaper, which provides you with 100% responsive, easy and mobile site. The template includes SP Page Builder Pro, a revolutionary Drag & Drop system for building content Joomla kits. Using built-in, more than 41+ custom and premium add-ons for developing a media site is impressive.
When using this template, you can add and manage news content using Joomla with a default article feature or with the built-in K2 component. Use whatever kind you like. The studio also made add-ons related articles, compatible with K2 and Joomla articles functionality. News messages can be displayed beautifully, using custom Slider Articles and Gallery articles (add-ons). The dedicated component is provided for managing and displaying advertisements on the site, and the J2 Store is included in the package if you want to make the section of the store inside.

  • news365_quickstart_j3 - Quick start (demo install package)
  • news365_template_j3 - a separate theme (template)
  • mod_sp_tabbed_articles - module of table materials

JoomShaper - Studio templates development for Joomla. Templates JoomShaper have excellent design variable. Customizing gives in not only style design of the site, but most of its modules, which is very convenient because it allows you to adjust the resource under the chosen topic. Templates have a simple but attractive animation that gives originality website. The developers of the studio have been added to various modern extensions that make work much easier with the site materials.

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Joomshaper Templates Download

Version: 1.0.0

Politicas is a Joomla template suitable for political parties, political campaigns, activism, political grassroots movement, or anything related to politics.

Version: 1.1.0

The template description is prepared.

Joomshaper Templates
Version: 1.0.0

Podcast is an ultra-flexible Joomla template well-designed to promote your podcast shows. It supports both audio and video formats. This template can be used by individuals and teams or companies. Examples include comedians, storytellers, influencers, celebrities, and radio networks. Listeners and potential customers can have a better presentation of your podcast shows and consume your content anywhere they have access to the Internet.

Version: 2.8.0

By incorporating imagination and by choosing the Onepage template, before any owner of a site open unlimited space for realization of the website of your dreams. The unique structure of this site is that when you select any page of the site, the upper part of the main menu when scrolling up becomes available. It remains only to find colorful pictures for your own website and to please their visitors.

Version: 2.2.0

If you need to create simple and intuitive for any visitor to the website with a story about your company or product, we take the basis of the Joomla template Qubic. He is well-acquaint your clients with the information and it will give a structured view for easy navigation through the site.

Joomshaper Templates Download

Version: 2.3.0

Template Tixon is a mixture of a small website and blog, where You have the opportunity to Express themselves. Thanks to a catchy but understated design, the visitor to Your site will definitely pay attention to Your fresh ideas and desire to work. But not only design is a plus template. You can also note proper layout and functionality is quite impressive.

Version: 2.5.0

You up to date with world news? Expert on the political situation or you have your own view on what is happening in the world, then the ideal solution for You would be the template Newedge. It is helpful to tell the whole world that is backstage. Or to cover the events of sport, culture and the gaming industry. Your visitors will always be informed in time.

Version: 2.2.0
Joomla 3 templates free

The embodiment of modern art, the creative flight of ideas, the possibilities are endless use and concise professionalism - that is, without much exaggeration, is the template JoomShaper Revibe. The developers have managed to create a truly multipurpose theme that comes in a wide set of features and integrates seamlessly with popular plug-ins, add-ons. The template is equally beautiful on different devices, and is straightforward to set up and manage.

Version: 2.4.0

Any site that has an interesting design which can interest the user. No matter what you're looking for, because if you come across a site with interesting animantia, unusual structure, and most importantly just pleasant to look, you are sure to linger on it. A striking example of such a design solution for the site will be a template Macro.

Version: 2.8.0

OneClip template is a ready solution for the business promotion associated with products and services. This one-page template allows you to start a site with minimal effort even without having technical skills, and a lot of intuitive customization tools will help give it a unique appearance. In addition, the template is compatible with all screen resolutions and has support for multiple languages on the website.

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