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2/14/2022by admin

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Joomla different user group on registration. With Improved Registration you can manage Joomla users registrations by creating simple rules. You can, for example, block all users with an email address of a certain domain, or accept only users with defined usernames, or also assign user to user group automatically on Joomla based on email address and username.

This extension enables you to manage both Login and registration from a module itself without having the user to go the registration page.

List of features:
- Option to disable login and display only registration in the module.
- Recaptcha Support.
- Fields Validation.
- Option to display Radio Buttons to switch between login and Register either at the top or bottom.
- Ajax Registration helps to register without reloading the entire page.
- Option to select the process for new user account activation
- Option to manage terms of use on registration.
- Manage the label for the input fields with a single click
- Display Terms of Use
- User Activation Management
- Show/Hide Password
- Joomla 4 Compatible
- Admin Notifications
- User Redirection
- User Activation Management



Nov 23, 2020: v1.12
# W3C HTML markup bug fixes

Nov 14, 2018: v1.11
# Login and Logout redirection issue resolved.
# Toggle visibility show/hide issue resolved.

Oct 17, 2018: v.1.10
+ Toggle Password visibility feature added on the login/registration screen
+ Activate and manage user registration as of default Joomla
# Ajax registration issue fixed
# Language filter

Aug 22, 2018: v1.9
#Adding jui root to return url, this is useful when the site is nor install in the ROOT of domain and is on a /path
#Decoding return url before processing redirect on register.
#Removed style.css file from tmpl/assets folder

Jul 25, 2018: v1.8
#Fixed Notify Admin on registration
# Fixed modal popup
#Improve Registration
#Improved UI
#Fixed Verification link

Jun 11, 2018: v1.7
# UI Improved
# Joomla 4 Alpha Compatible

May 29, 2018: v1.6
- Remove None option from the user activation account.
# reCAPTCHA problem solved.
# Ajax problem is solved in both layouts: Radio/Tabs
# Fix redirection on Login/Logout
# Set required fields
# Design improve

Apr 3, 2018: v1.5
# Logout URL fixed while SEF enabled.

Feb 27, 2017: v1.4
+ Options to used tabs instead of radio Buttons
^ removed jQuery and added JS for button switch
# Fixed the SEF URL redirect upon login/logout

May 10, 2016: v1.1
^ Joomla Version Update
# Captcha Fix for Joomla 3.5.1
# Minor Styling Fixes

Apr 1, 2016: v1.0
+ Initial Release

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Joomla Registration

Last updated:
Oct 29 2020
6 months ago
Date added:
Apr 01 2016
GPLv2 or later
Free download
Joomla RegistrationJoomla Registration

Joomla Registration Form

J3J4 Alpha

Joomla Registration Form Not Working

Uses Joomla! Update System

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