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5 Key Factors for finding the best hosting company

1.Speed & Uptime
Performance is everything. Visitors like it and so do search engines.

Price is important. Find the best value in your hosting company.

3.Technical Support
Don't go at it alone. Take advantage of 24/7 support & make sure it rocks.

  • Joomla is an open source web application. A CMS designed to create, develop and operate websites or online stores. Hosting is an online service for hosting and you can use a CMS to create a website or online store. We will see the features, benefits and need for domains, price plans, free and paid.
  • PJ Fancher ( If you want power, speed, and Joomla installed for you at checkout, InMotion Hosting is the one for you. The company does a lot of things well, and helping users build a beautiful, professional-looking, and SSD-powered Joomla website or online store is one of them. Go to full review».

Look for the best features. You want to look at options like e-mail accounts, ftp accounts, bandwidth, space, etc...

63,180 Authentic User Reviews by paying customers on 2,935 Different Joomla Hosting Services Joomla is a quickly rising CMS star in the online environment alongside names like WordPress and Drupal. One of Joomla’s. Search for jobs related to Hosting company website using joomla or hire on the world's largest freelancing marketplace with 19m+ jobs. It's free to sign up and bid on jobs. A Joomla hosting provider is a company or body that offers Joomla hosting services. It is typically a company that offers or provides Joomla hosting services. Any hosting company that offers Joomla hosting services is a Joomla hosting provider/company. Things to Consider When Choosing a Joomla Hosting Company 2021.

5.Company Reputation
Hosting companies with happy customers means you will be happy too.

How Joomla Hosting Works: Joomla is a program that runs on your Host's server. A server is just like any other computer except it's optimized for transferring information across the internet. Joomla has a set of system requirements that must be met. Most of the servers we work with are run using the Linux operating system. These servers usually comes preconfigured with Apache and cPanel on them. cPanel is a manager that gives the everyday user access to programs, email, ftp, etc...

Once you have access to cPanel or the equivalent, you can set up MySQL databases and transfer the files up to your server via FTP. Once you have the files in the right directory you can visit the frontend in to install.

Joomla is a Content Management System (CMS) which gives you more control over content creation and display. It allows you to update articles quickly and change the whole look of your site with just a few clicks. Unlike old website building, when you change a Joomla template, every page is updated. This used to take lots of man hours, but now it can be done in a matter of minutes.

Probably you know that Joomla is one of the best content management system out there, easy to build professional websites with it and it’s used by thousand of webmasters world wide. Joomla can be hosted on many types of servers, from linux to windows and from shared hosting to dedicated servers. Before you are going to choose a joomla hosting company, you have to consider the following important keys:

  1. Monthly budget you can spend for web hosting
  2. Technical experience you have with Joomla and web hosting
  3. The importance of your website (personal or business)

The answers will point you in the right way to choose the most suitable hosting plan for your upcoming Joomla project.

If you are new to Joomla and are creating a personal website, the best is to choose a hosting company, which has experience with this system and provide tutorials for Joomla.


For Joomla experts, who are developing big projects based on Joomla it’s recommended to use a virtual or a dedicated server, this require large budget to spend for hosting.

If you are somewhere in the middle, running a small business and developing small to medium sized websites, we recommend to use a business hosting or a virtual server. These two types of hosting will allow you to get a dedicated IP and servers are faster and more reliable comparing it to a shared hosting.


Joomla Hosting Company List

Best Joomla Host for Small Websites

If you need a personal web hosting account for your hobby or small business website, we recommend using WebHostingHub. You will get unlimited space, bandwidth and email addresses and you can host multiple websites. Check my full WebHostingHub Review page for more details.

Best Business Joomla Hosting

Joomla Hosting Services

For a medium to high traffic website, I would go with InMotion Hosting. The company offers high class business shared hosting with upgrade possibility if needed. If you are targeting international customers and expecting to high traffic in the future, server upgrade is essential. Read my InMotion Review to find out more about the company.

Free Joomla Hosting


This type of hosting is best for beginners, and we do not recommend free hosting for business websites at all. These accounts do not have too much security and the reliability is unacceptable for business. In most of the cases you are not allowed to host a domain name (you have to use only subdomain) and some times your site is forced to display unwanted banners, produced by your hosting firm.

Managed Joomla Hosting

Shared Joomla Hosting

Most used are the shared accounts, this is the basic and the cheapest professional hosting. Usually you get all the features that a Joomla website needs for about $3 to $10 per month. In this case, your Joomla site will be placed on the same server with hundreds of other accounts and websites. It looks like ipage is not the best hosting for joomla.

If you deal with a company which has experience in managing shared servers and their tech support is also good, you are in a good situation, because not too many company’s servers are optimized for Joomla. If you are new to this CMS and creating Joomla websites, this is a great place to start, learn and grow. For an inexpensive price, you can get everything that a small to medium sized Joomla website needs.

Business Joomla Hosting

As the name says, this type of hosting is recommended for medium sized business websites, which require more security and better uptime. It may cost little more then a usually shared account, but it worth the money in most of the cases. With business Joomla hosting you can get a dedicated IP and your Joomla websites will not be shared with so many accounts. Websites will load faster with fewer issues.

Virtual Private Servers for Joomla

Virtual server is needed when your shared account does not support your high traffic website anymore. Usually high web traffic and visitors are causing high CPU usage, which are not allowed on shared hosting servers. So if your website has reached a high number of visitors, you better upgrade to VPS.

It is much more expensive comparing it to shared hosting, but this can support much more high traffic websites then a basic hosting plan. It requires higher technical skills not only with Joomla but also with servers. If your hosting company has a good support, your issues are solved.

With VPS hosting you can create shared accounts and resell a part of the server, you will have full control over the server and will be able to do the configuration as you need. On this type of hosting Joomla sites will have a better performance and higher security. The price of a virtual server may vary between $20 and $80 per month.

Joomla and Dedicated Servers

For joomla experts, extension developers, the best way is to rent a dedicated hosting server. If you are developing high resources applications for Joomla, it’s recommended to host it on a dedicated account. This will give you the highest security and the best performance, but these require the highest budget as well. The monthly cost of a dedicated hosting is about $100 to $500, depends on the features of the server.

Green Hosting for Joomla Websites

Green datacenters and hosting are almost the same as standard web hosting except that hosting firm will use servers that use less energy and are connected to a grid which is supplied with energy produced by the power of wind. Most of companies consider this as a good marketing method, but certainly helps in reducing the carbon emission and protecting the environment.

Joomla Hosting Company

We hope our website contain all the information you need for choosing the right hosting provider for your Joomla projects. If you have questions or suggestions feel free to contact us.

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