Iphone Wifi Speed Test

2/14/2022by admin
  • Test your Internet connection bandwidth to locations around the world with this interactive broadband speed test from Ookla.
  • Speed Test on iPhone Without App Before we begin with the third-party apps, you can also perform a speed test on the iPhone without an app using the Safari browser. Simply open the web browser, and go to speedtest.net. Now, the catch here is that Safari on iPhone does not support flash so if you select Ookla, you will be asked to download the app.
  1. Wireless Router Speed Test
  2. Wifi Speed Test Free

Set up your iPhone or iPad with the free Speedtest iOS app to test your connection speed and quality anytime, anywhere. Find out how fast the internet is anywhere in the world with the help of our massive global server network.

The speed test on this site is designed to deliver an in-depth report that covers a connection's speed, quality, data packet rate, and other important details. It will help users to gain a clearer understanding of how their existing web connection works and if it can handle VoIP service. 1.SpeedTest by Ookla (Best WiFi Speed Test Apps For iPhone). Ookla SpeedTest App- Logo Use SpeedTest for a quick, easy, one-tap connection testing and accurate. Millions of users use this application for testing their WiFi/ Broadband/ ADSL/ Mobile Internet Speed.

  • Discover your download, upload and ping
  • Measure jitter and packet loss
  • Real-time graphs show connection consistency
  • Troubleshoot or verify the speed you were promised
  • Select a testing server from anywhere in the world
  • Track past tests with detailed reporting
  • Easily share your results

Available in 17 languages.

Wireless Router Speed Test


Video testing


Video testing empowers you with a real-time assessment of your network’s current streaming quality. Available on the iOS Speedtest app, taking a video test gives you actionable insights that help you optimize your online video experience.

  • Measure max resolution, load time and buffering
  • Get recommendations about which devices video will perform best on on your network
  • Compare historical streaming experience to network performance in your test result history

Speedtest VPN™ for iOS

Speedtest VPN ensures your online privacy and security from the convenience of your Speedtest® mobile application. Get started securing your connection with 2 GB of free data over VPN per month or upgrade to Premium for unlimited data protection.

Wifi Speed Test Free

Learn more about Speedtest VPN.

Our mission at Speedtest by Ookla® is to make the internet faster by providing data and insights on real-world internet speeds. With billions of tests worldwide, we meet you where you are with apps for the devices you use most.

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