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2/15/2022by admin

In a battle between two of the best Chinese Dota 2 teams today, Invictus Gaming once again proved why they finished as the top seed in the region by eliminating PSG.LGD and reaching the ONE Esports Singapore Major grand finals.

With their 2-1 win, IG are now guaranteed a top-two finish and a rematch with Evil Geniuses in the finals.

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All three games were close at moments, but IG controlled the opener with FlyFly’s Morphling and a very evenly paced approach that limited how LGD could respond. That first game led to LGD getting more aggressive in game two, running an Alchemist, Troll Warlord, and stealing Mars to runover IG’s Puck/Juggernaut combo and even the series up 1-1.

LGD held a lead for more than 46 minutes in game three, but IG had a lineup built for the late game with its Puck and Phantom Lancer that let them stay close and eventually surpass LGD with a few key plays. The deciding game lasted just over an hour, had a kill ratio of 43 to 39 in favor of IG, and ended with a big team fight.

While LGD were busy trying to defend their high ground from IG’s onslaught, IG’s creepwaves made it through the weekend defenses and managed to destroy the opposing ancient while the enemies were distracted.

  1. Invictus Gaming have become the first Chinese team ever to lift the Summoner’s Cup after blowing Fnatic away 3-0 in the League of Legends World Finals 2018. Despite losing twice to the Europeans in the group stages, Invictus (iG) were dominant in the final, winning the 834,375USD prize money much faster than many commentators had expected.
  2. TheShy, XUN, Rookie, Wink, Lucas, Along2021-03-289 LPL 2021 SpringTheShy, XUN, Rookie, Wink, Puff, Baolan, Lucas, Along20 - 16 Demacia Cup 2020neny, XUN.

Despite the loss, LGD exit the Major at third, taking home $75,000 and 400 Dota Pro Circuit points, having only lost three series the entire event.

IG will play EG in a rematch from the second round of the upper bracket, where EG swept the Chinese team. The winner of the final series will claim the title of Singapore Major champion, $200,000, and 500 DPC points.

Only three regions remain in the running at the ONE Esports Singapore Dota 2 Major after Invictus Gaming knocked out Thunder Predator 2-1 to secure a top-four finish today.

TP were the sole representatives for South America following beastcoast’s withdrawal from the Major due to COVID-19 concerns. They were also the final team outside of North America, China, and Europe left standing after Neon Esports were eliminated by Team Secret in the previous series.

IG actually looked shaky at the start of the series, dropping the first game in just under 28 minutes to a powerful core Juggernaut/Death Prophet pairing. They did make a slight run at around the 16-minute mark, but TP bounced back and cleaned things up from there.


With that opening performance, it looked like TP were going to sweep the series and upset another top team, but IG were back to their typical dominant selves in game two and absolutely crushed TP with a 31-5 kill ratio in 27 minutes. Emo went 12-1-11 on the always powerful Puck, and flyfly’s Troll Warlord put in work to decimate TP’s Nature’s Prophet and Medusa core.

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It was the same song and dance in game three, but TP made the crucial mistake of giving Emo his signature Storm Spirit to pair once more with flyfly’s Troll. That ended up costing them the series as they were eliminated 2-1, concluding an incredible playoff run that included knocking out Team Aster and Virtus Pro.

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With this win, IG secure a top-four finish at the Major and will play Team Secret for a spot in the top three and another shot at making the grand finals. Meanwhile, TP exit the event in a joint-fifth, taking home $25,000 and 300 Dota Pro Circuit points.

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