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2/14/2022by admin

I think we all agree that the stock League of Legends maps are pretty cool. Nonetheless, wouldn’t it be nice to have a bit more variety? Perhaps a winter version of Summoner’s Rift?

Install league of legends on chromebook

League of Legends is a free-to-play team strategy game created by Riot Games. Play 140 champions with endless possibilities to victory. How to install League Of Legends on mac/apple. Wildrift League of legends How to Download Install And Play is for Everyone - Hello everyone, in today's video, I would like to share with you How t.

Fortunately, the LoL community has come up with a marvellous program that allows just that! In this article, I will show you the steps you need to follow in order to install these so-called “map skins”.


Step one – Downloading “Skin Installer Ultimate”:

First and foremost, we need this nice little program. “Skin Installer Ultimate” is the program that will allow you to easily mod your LoL installation in order to install whichever skin you like. To download the program, go to this link: and click on “Download Version Now!”

This will download a *.zip file containing the program. Extract the contents of this file to a folder of your choice and open this folder:

Now, click on “Skin Installer Ultimate.exe” to start the program, which looks like this:

Great, now we need to download a new map!

Step two – Choosing a map skin:

Choosing a skin is the hard part there are so many awesome ones out there! Those I would recommend you try are Beach Rift and Snow Rift (both from Yurixy:

For the purpose of this tutorial, I will be installing Snow Rift, which can be downloaded at the page below:

Scroll down to “Download” and select the version you want.

Once the download is finished, go back to Skin Installer Ultimate and click on “Add Files”:

Then browse to the map you’ve downloaded, and select it:

Now, wait a few seconds for the file to load, the click the “Add to DataBase” Button. Enter a meaningful name in the text box that appears, and click ok.

Finally, go to the “Install Existing Skin” Tab, select the check box that corresponds to the skin we’ve just added, and click “Install”:

You will be shown an “Install Preferences” windows. Check the options you want, then click save. You’ll now have another window, this time for the “Skin Character Selection Options”. Select the options you want and click “Done”.

Wait for several seconds (can even go up to a few minutes), and you should now be prompted with an “Install Complete” message!

That’s how you can install custom League of Legends maps! You can now start LoL and enjoy your new Summoner’s Rift!

Thanks for reading!

Hey everyone. Decided to make a tutorial on this because nothing else came into mind. So here is a tutorial on getting custom skins!

1. Click on this link and download Wooxy. I promise there are no viruses.

2. Open the file. If you don't have anything that reads Winrar, here's a download link to that as well: Download Rar Reader You need it to open the file. So yeah. You probably have this though.

3. Start the application and run it.

4. Do all the stuff that pops up and make sure you have enough space.

5. Wooxy should now open up. If not, I don't know wtf you did. If it does not open, try to reopen it or redownload it if that doesn't work. Or you can just give up.

6. After it opens, go to one of these websites:

These websites contain custom skins and other custom stuff.

7. Download your custom HUD or skin or map.

8. Open the skin file and your rar thing should open it.

9. Open your wooxy, go to skins, and click on import.

10. Drag your custom skin file into wooxy AFTER you select import on wooxy.

11. Click on the skin that's now in wooxy and click install.

12. Now go test out your skin!

Install League Of Legends Launcher

My Top 10 Favorite Custom Skins

1. Ronald McShaco

Its McDonald! And if you watch videos by RackaRacka, you would love this skin to! Also, the jack in the box is a burger with eyes.

2. Pool Party Ahri

Nice skin. Cuz... Um... Skin is good cuz the orb has a new look to it and stuff...

Install League Of Legends

3. Warwick the Cowardly Wolf

The child hood is real. After finding this skin, I decided to watch an episode of Courage the Cowardly Dog and now I can't stop watching episodes on YouTube.

4. Freddy Krueger Shaco

Install League Of Legends Garena


Fits well with Shaco's theme. Also, they removed the knives and gave him claws on his hands to represent the knives on Freddy Krueger's hands in the movie.

Install League Of Legends

5. Sharingan Vel 'Koz

Install League Of Legends Riot Games

Looks great! Cool skin idea! The new particles really do have that sharingan feel to it.

6. Majora Kindred

The color and detail on this skin is good. Also, I'm a Zelda fan (^∇^*) Ocarina of time was the best in my opinion.

7. John Cena Lee Sin

There's a new champion...



8. TF2 Scout Ekko

I used to play TF2. That's one reason I like this skin. Another reason? Look at the picture.

9. Cookie Monster Nunu

Your cookie monster. And your ults a giant cookie. Think about that. A giant cookie. Holy shit I'm mindblown right now (๑・㉨・๑)

Install League Of Legends On Chromebook

10. Snoop Dogg Nasus

Gr8 b8 m8 I r8 8/8 4 dis cre8ive skin which l8er lead da MLG 4ces to da battle.

Smoke weed everydey 420 blazeit (ง •̀灬•́)ง


1. Will I get banned?:

No, Riot has confirmed that downloading custom skins is allowed and will not get you banned.

2. Can other people see them?:

No only you can see custom skins youve installed. Everyone else just sees the default skin.

3. I dont see my custom skins anymore:

After every patch you will have to re install your custom skins as they will not work again until you do so.

4. Is it free?:

Yes it is free.

5. Will I get viruses or adware that can harm my PC or Mac?:

Wooxy will not give any viruses. However, some skins can give you viruses when downloading them. This is easy to avoid however. All the skins have ratings. If there is a skin with a low rating, you knows its a bad skin or it might have a virus. If there's a skin with good ratings its fine! Common Sense is magic!

6. How do I get rid of skins?:

ALWAYS uninstall the skin from RAR or whatever! Never delete the skin files until you have uninstalled the skin. If you don't do this, shirt will happen to you league and you can google how to repair it.

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