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Downloading for Fracking Idiots

Introduction READ about the content! Download the file(s) Identifying file types Extracting from ZIP/RAR archives Installing Package files Installing Sims2pack files Other file types Other Important Things to Know Where to look for content once installed Still having trouble installing content?

WinRAR is a powerful archive manager. It can backup your data and reduce the size of email attachments, open and unpack RAR, ZIP and other files downloaded from Internet, create new archives in RAR and ZIP file format. Dec 12, 2019 RAR is a free, closed-source command-line application that provides Linux and BSD users with an easy way to create or extract rar archives under their open source operating systems.

  • 1Extracting from ZIP/RAR Archives

ZIPs, RARs, and Archives

Most content you download will be saved on your computer with a file extension of RAR, or ZIP. RARs and ZIPs are examples of types of files called 'archives.' Archives allow you to compress other types of files so they take up less space. Archives can contain multiple files within them.

Downloading archives is quicker and easier than downloading many individual, larger files... But to get the files to work, you have to take them out of the archive and put them back into their original format. Taking files out of an archive is called 'extracting.'

The icon you have on a RAR or ZIP file will tell you whether you are ready to begin extracting from it... or whether you need to get another program to do so.

Does the icon you have for a RAR or ZIP look like one of those that is not in the purple box? Or does it your icon for a RAR or ZIP file look like any other type of icon not shown? If so, you will likely need to download a program like WinRAR to use RAR and ZIP files.

If your icon looks like either of those in the purple box, you already have the program you need to open both ZIP and RAR files - WinRAR or 7Zip.

Download and Install WinRAR

If you do not have WinRAR or 7Zip and you are using Windows, we recommend you use WinRAR to extract from both RAR and ZIP archives. It is a simple, easy to use program with a small install. You can have it running in just a few minutes.

Though WinRAR says it's a trial, it's a trial that never really runs out... After the 40 day trial is complete, it will nag you with a message if you double-click on an archive and actually open the program. But... you can close that message and continue using the program. If you just use Extract Here, it doesn't nag you at all.

If you like WinRAR, you should purchase it and support its development, but it will not require that you pay for it.

To download WinRAR, click here to go to its official site. You will most likely want the top link to the Graphic and Command Line, Trial version.

To install WinRAR, download the file to your computer by clicking on the link on the WinRAR site's download page. You can save it to your hard drive like you did the archive in Step 2. Once it has finished, double-click on the file to run the installer. You should just be able to click next, next, next, etc. to install WinRAR. At the end, click Finish to complete the installation.

Extract the contents of the archive

After you have WinRAR installed, you can then go extract the contents of the archive you downloaded.

Go to your computer's Desktop and double-click on the Sims 2 Downloads folder you made before, and downloaded the file into.

Once inside the folder, you'll see the file you downloaded. If your view doesn't look like the one shown, right-click on a blank space in the window. Under View, change it to Details as shown in the section on File Types. This makes it much easier to see information on your files.

You should have one of the columns displaying the file type. See how it says WinRAR archive under Type for the file in the folder. Note the RAR file extension? Because we have a RAR archive, we need to extract the contents of the RAR file.

You would do the same thing if you have a ZIP file - WinRAR can open both. As a downloader, they will work basically the same for you.

Right-click on the file and choose Extract Here. WinRAR will extract the contents of the file from the archive into the current folder.

You can also double-click on the file to open it in WinRAR and extract it that way. We recommend just using Extract Here as it's quite easy.... and you can select multiple files at once to extract all their contents to that folder at once.

You should have at least one more file showing in this folder now, in addition to the archive that was already there.

You can delete archive files after you extract their contents.

If you're on OS X

Get Winrar

Stuffit Expander is a nifty little program that, once installed, automatically decompresses all kinds of archive files including ZIPs and RARs as you download. You can get Stuffit Expander at its official site (free, but requires registration) or from other download sources such as Versiontracker. If you have any issues with Stuffit Expander, see here for a basic troubleshooting page.

For uncompressing .rar archives, you can also use UnRarX, a simple and efficient freeware tool.

For uncompressing a .zip you don't need additional software since that functionality is already built into OS X. Right-click on the archive and select 'Open With' > 'Archive Utility'. Archive Utility ('BOM Archive Helper' in earlier versions of OS X) lives in <Harddrive>/Applications/Utilities.

You can always search Apple's Disk Utilities directory for other solutions.

If you're having trouble extracting from an archive...

If you don't have the Extract Here option or if the icon for your archive doesn't look like the one shown...

  • You probably don't have WinRAR. Make sure you download it and install it before trying to extract from an archive.

If you get an error when trying to extract from the archive, like a CRC error or an error about it being corrupt...

  • Try re-downloading the file. Go back to where you got it from originally and download it over again. You'll get errors like that if there was a problem in transferring. Downloading the file again will usually fix the problem.

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Custom Content Expansion Packs Installation Gameplay Guides Technical & Graphics Issues Body Shop & Homecrafter Miscellaneous Issues FAQ Index

MTS's Sims 2 Q&A Help Forums

Downloading for Fracking Idiots

Introduction READ about the content! Download the file(s) Identifying file types Extracting from ZIP/RAR archives Installing Package files Installing Sims2pack files Other file types Other Important Things to Know Where to look for content once installed Still having trouble installing content?

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Get winrar free download

'Any RAR password unlocker that can unlock a file downloaded from other sources?'


'Any WinRAR password recovery method? I added a password to protect my RAR files, but embarrassing, I completely forgot it now.'

To save storage and protect files, you tend to create protection passwords for RAR. But when you forgot WinRAR password, this may cause you break out into tears.

But, fortunately, you can learn about the methods for RAR password recovery in this article and unlock RAR/WinRAR password.

Things You Need to Know in Advance

Part 1 will describe 3 free ways to unlock files when you have forgotten WinRAR password.

Part 2 provides you with an online RAR password unlocker, which is great if you don't want to install software on PC.

Part 3 introduces you an excellent Win RAR password recovery tool, which can do more.

Part 1. Unlock WinRAR Password (Free)

First, you should try out the various possible combinations of numbers and letters that you personally use. If you can't find it, you can give priority to the free ways: Notepad and CMD.

#1. Frequently-Used Passwords

Take a deep breath and relax. Now search and recall all possible passwords, list them, and try them one by one to unlock .rar password.

such as

default numbers 123456, 00000, 007, abc123, and more

birthday of your wife, your girlfriend, or your baby

wedding anniversary, divorce date, payment password

#2. Use Notepad & Commands

This is a free WinRAR password cracker, very rare, although it is the most complicated one. If you want to try, you must complete each step perfectly.

Now let's check out the steps to recover:

Step 1. First, create a Notepad, copy and paste the specific commands to it, then save it as a bat file, e.g. RAR-password.bat (You can Find the commands in the end of Crack RAR. Passwords)

Step 2. Double-click to pen the bat file. You'll see a 'Rar Password Cracker' window.

Step 3. Go back to the locked RAR file, right-click it, select 'Properties', and copy the name and folder path.

Step 4. Now you can past them to the window as:

Enter File Name:

Enter Full Path:

Step 5. Press 'Enter' key to run, and after that, you can see the password of the RAR file in the Window.

#3. Open RAR with Notepad

I will show you how to unlock RAR files without password. You can use Notepad on Windows to unlock, which may be something you never thought of. But it did work bypass RAR password, for some cases.

Let's take a look at the specific steps.

Step 1. Right-click the encrypted RAR file and open it with Notepad. You'll find that complex characters fill the entire document.

Step 2. Press the 'Ctrl + F' shortcut to find the string. Find Ûtà and replace it with 53tà.

Step 3. Similarly, replace 'IžC0 with IžC0.

Step 4. Save the modified file and close it.

Step 5. Now double-click to open it with RAR. Tada! You unlock RAR without password successfully.

Get Winrar Free

Part 2. Win RAR Password Unlocker Online

There are many online sites. I tried several ones and pick password-online. It takes 10 Euros for unlocking 1 RAR file, not so cost-effective. And it requires me to upload the RAR and wait for an e-mail for confirmation.

Step 1. Copy and paste '' to your web browser on PC.

Step 2. In its home page, click the 'Upload your encrypted file' button and select the RAR file you want to unlock.

Step 3. Enter your email address twice.

Step 4. Now check the notification email sent by the website and activate it.

If you're looking for a more cost-effective tool, please keep reading.

Part 3. WinRAR Password Recovery - Password Genius

Here is the ultimate weapon for RAR password recovery - Password Genius. It can help you recover forgotten WinRAR password with simple steps. And it's better than others for:

1. You can use it unlimited times as it provides a lifetime license.

2. Apart from RAR, it also can recover forgotten password on Excel File, Word, PPT, PDF and more office program

3. It's easy to use and it works fast, saving you time and avoiding invalid attempts.

Now that you get to know its features, follow the steps for Win RAR password recover:

Step 1. Download Password Genius and install it to your computer.

Step 2. Select the 'Recover Passwords for Files and Archives' mode.

Step 3. Since your goal is to recover forgotten WinRAR password, please select 'RAR Password Recovery'.

Get winrar for mac

Step 4. Click the folder icon on the right and select the RAR file you want to unlock.

Step 5. Now select the attack type and options and click the 'Start' button.

Step 6. Finally, it automatically finds out the password and displays it on the desktop.

Let me now introduce its 4 attack modes and the corresponding settings.

'Brute-force': After selecting the 'Brute-force' attack mode, mark the options in the 'Length' and 'Range' tabs respectively.

'Mask': The most important thing after selecting 'Mask' is to enter the known characters and replace the unknown characters with '?'.

'Dictionary': Select the 'Dictionary' attack mode, then select the 'Dictionary' tab and click the 'Select Dictionary' button to import the TXT document. (You can create a TXT password dictionary if you come up with a few guesses.)

Get Winrar 32 Bit

'Smart': After selecting the 'Smart' attack mode, click the 'Start' button.

RAR Password genius can retrieve your forgotten password. Compared with RAR Password genius, PassFab for RAR is faster to unlock rar winrar password. Because it uses advanced technology and new search algorithms, the time required for the retrieve process is reduced. What are you waiting for? Use it to remove RAR pass now.

How To Get Winrar For Free

Tip 1. How to Unlock WinRAR after You Get the Password

When you have already obtained the password, to unlock a RAR file is very simple and convenient.

Step 1. Double-click the RAR file with password-protection to open it in WinRAR (or other compression program).

Step 2. Click the second option 'Extract to' on the toolbar to save it to the same location as the original RAR file, and then click the 'OK' button.

Step 3. Type the RAR password and click 'OK' to extract the file.

Tip 2. Does Convert RAR to Zip Work When Forgot WinRAR Password?

When collecting effective solutions, I saw a saying that when converting from RAR to ZIP format, the password would be automatically removed. This seems to be a reliable WinRAR password cracker or method, but after a specific attempt I found that impossible.

I tested the first 4 online ZIP converters on Google and none of them works.

#1. For

When I import a password-protected RAR and click 'Start Conversion', the following error occurs.

#2. For

When I click 'Select File' to upload an encrypted RAR file, an error occurs as well.

#3. For

I clicked 'Browse' to import the file, but it didn't work. I do not know why.

#4. For

I successfully converted the RAR to a Zip file, but it still requires a password to access the file.

The Bottom Line

This article describes 3 ways to unlock WinRAR password for free, a way to unlock RAR without password, and a WinRAR password recovery software. All in all, Password Genius is a reliable RAR password unlocker, the easiest and most convenient solution. And in the end, I also mention 2 additional tips for you.

If you have any questions, you can write it down below. And our professional technical team will get to you soon.

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