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Mar 09, 2021 The 2021.1 versions of Autodesk Moldflow Insight, Synergy, and Adviser, are now available for download! Existing subscribers can access this latest update within your Autodesk Account portals, or, by opening the Autodesk Desktop App, then navigating to your software updates. I saw some videos on youtube of people using Fusion 360 to simulate the manufacturing process of 'Injection Molding' using a tool called MoldFlow inside of Simulation, Simplify. I have been looking around the web and inside Fusion360 but without any luck. Does somebody knows were is this tool? How can be activated? Download Fusion 360 for personal, hobby use. Get a free, limited version of Fusion 360 for home-based, non-commercial projects. Need full features and functionality? Choose 'A business user' and get a free 30-day trial of Fusion 360. Fusion 360 โปรแกรมเดียวที่รวม CAD, CAM, CAE ไว้ด้วยกัน รวบรวมการออกแบบ การผลิต และ การตรวจสอบไว้ในโปรแกรมเดียว เหมาะสำหรับงานออกแบบ.

Autodesk® Moldflow® software provides a broad range of simulation tools for injection mold design, plastic part design, and the injection molding design process to help engineers and analysts create better products by enabling them to make crucial decisions earlier in the design process.

MoldflowFusion 360 moldflow sensor

Fusion 360 Moldflow Sensor

Autodesk® Moldflow Features

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Autodesk Moldflow has features and tools that allow you to:

  • Validate and optimize plastic part and mold designs before manufacturing—increasing efficiency, minimizing reliance on physical prototypes, reducing costs, and improving product quality.
  • Optimize the position of the gates and runner designs to optimize product quality and minimize costs.
  • Evaluate and optimize plastic part and injection mold designs to help control shrinkage and warpage based on grade-specific materials and processing parameters. You can output accurately compensated models for tooling or further geometry modification.
  • Calculate the effect of fiber orientation, in fiber re-enforced plastics, on product shrinkage and warpage and make these effects available to structural analysis products to evaluate the performance of the molded part.
  • Optimize the layout of the cooling system and evaluate the impact of different mold materials to improve product quality and reduce the cycle time. Moldflow Insight supports state of the art cooling technologies, including rapid-temperature cycling, conformal cooling technologies and Induction Heating.
  • Optimize the injection molding process and part design with Moldflow® Insight’s Design of Experiments (DOE) capabilities.
  • Use Moldflow Insight to simulate the standard thermoplastic and thermoset molding processes, as well as many variations (e.g. two-shot overmolding, injection compression molding, compression molding, bi-injection molding, MicroCellular injection molding etc.)
  • Simulate with confidence using precise material data on more than 10,000 grade-specific plastics. Get additional materials tested, expert data-fitting services, and extensive material databases with the Moldflow Plastics Labs.
  • Moldflow Insight provides direct editing tools in Synergy to evaluate different variations of part designs and the resulting impacts on manufacturability on the fly.
  • Fusion 360, included with Moldflow Synergy and Adviser subscriptions, enables quick CAD model simplification, cleanup, and editing that can help any user save time on model preparation, improve mesh quality, and explore the impact of design changes more quickly. Fusion 360 can import CAD data in a variety of native and neutral CAD formats, identify potential problems before they occur, and help you quickly remove excess detail.
  • Moldflow Insight provided cloud enabled options that offers the benefit of expanded solve capacity. Solve many simulations in parallel in the cloud, while freeing up local resources. These cloud capabilities allow the analysis of scenarios and designs overcoming local resource restrictions.
  • Helius PFA included with Moldflow Insight Ultimate subscription to pass as-manufactured inputs in to a structural analysis.

Purchasing Autodesk Moldflow


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Fusion 360 moldflow system

Fusion 360 Free For Hobbyists

Call or e-mail us if you are interested in purchasing Autodesk® Moldflow™. Applied Engineering is authorized to sell Autodesk products throughout the United States and has offices in Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota and Wisconsin.

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