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The embouchure hole of a flute is always situated at a distance of 17mm from the cork (more precisely, the near end of the reflective plate.) This is to correct the tuning of each octave, and especially in the third octave.
Because the flute is constructed with two open ends, the length of the tube as calculated based on resonance frequencies is slightly longer than the actual length of the tube. This is called open pipe end correction. Because the length required for this correction grows as the pitch played gets higher, if the flute were a perfect cylinder, as the player goes up the octaves, the intervals between notes would get smaller. This placement of the embouchure hole at a distance of 17mm from the end of the pipe, and the conical shape of the head joint are the solution for providing this pitch interval correction.
This distance and shape is based on the measurements arrived at through a long process of trial and error undertaken by the German instrument maker Theobald Boehm in the 19th century.

Free Flute Sound Kit

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