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The good news is that testing your broadband speed is really easy to do! Simply click the button labelled “Go”. A broadband speed test will be performed and give you a live reading of your current download speed. You can then compare that reading against the speeds that you should be getting. In order to measure your download speed, our test selects a server close to your location and uses this server to download a file. The test then measures how fast the file is downloaded over a certain amount of time to pinpoint your download speed. To test your upload speed, we run the download speed test in reverse.

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Are you not getting the speeds you think you should be? Here you can test your connection speed and find out why you may not be getting quite the speeds you should.

There are many things that can cause less than perfect download speeds.

Fast Broadband Speed Test

• Are you testing your connection speed wirelessly?

If you are testing your download speed using a wireless connection, you may notice it is not as high as it could be. Connecting directly to your router using an ethernet cable will produce a better connection. Over a wireless connection it is common to lose download speed. Factors for loss include:

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  • How far away from the router you are
  • Wireless interference from other devices
  • Router does not have the most recent firmware upgrade
  • The router is simply not capable of producing higher speeds

• Is your router/computer capable of producing higher speeds?

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What is the quickest internet speed

Atlantic Broadband Test My Speed

If the network card on your computer is not gigabit compatible, your computer is not capable of downloading over 100 mbps. The same can be said for your router.

• I am connected directly in and still not getting the correct speeds.

If you are connected directly into your router, and still experiencing low speeds, there are a few possible causes. The router may not be capable of producing the speeds you are looking for. For a true connection, bypass the router and connect your computer directly to your ONT(Optical Network Terminal). If you are still experiencing low speeds, make sure that you are using either a cat 5e LAN cable or a cat 6 one. Certain cables are capable of providing an internet connection, but not all cables can provide over 100mbps.

• Lastly, check your firewall or antivirus.

Broadband Speed Test Ookla

Firewalls and certain antivirus applications can unexpectedly impact your speed results. If you have another computer or laptop to test your speeds on, it would be helpful as well.

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