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Full HD wallpaper for Challenger Ahri in League of Legends game, wallpaper for Desktop, Smartphone Android or Apple. For more with World Championship, Challenger, Ahri, ..

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Ahri and her amazing skin: Challanger Ahri comes to charm you and your smartphone with her nine tails. This fox is cunning, this fox will win any duel in the mid lane of the Summoner Rift. The enemy nexus has no chance with Challanger Ahri on your team of champions. Her magic skills are extremely good in the right hands. One charm fired in the right way and you can dominate everyone. Challenger Ahri. By rozemira Watch. Ahri heart lol love magenta pink red challengerahri ahrichallenger challengerahri ahrichallenger league leagueoflegends leagueoflegends leagueoflegendsfanart ahritheninetailedfox ahrilol ahrifox ahrileagueoflegends leagueoflegendslol ahrifanart. The charm is kinda hard to see i suppose Discord: Stream: Twitter: Support me on Amazo. Resolution: 1902 x 1124 File type: JPG File size: 207 KB Download. Related Wallpapers.

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Challenger Ahri Skin Information

AvailabilityNot Available In Store
Price975 RP
ConceptAhri as a Super Sentai heroine
ModelNew model with new colorful textures
ParticlesAll new particles and effects on abilities and ultimate
AnimationsNew animation for recall
SoundsNew sounds for abilities and recall
Release date15/01/2015

Challenger Ahri is a rare skin that was released in January 2015.

The skin was released to celebrate the start of Season 5. The skin features Ahri as a fearsome warrior with a new outfit who is ready to take on anyone who dares challenge her (pun intended). Challenger Ahri also shares the same skin theme with champions such as:

  • Conqueror Karma
  • Challenger Nidalee

The skin was originally available in the Riot store at the start of Season 5 for 975 RP. Players could buy the skin for a limited amount of time before it was removed from the store. Any players who managed to get this skin definitely got themselves a bargain!

The skin features Ahri as a warrior with a brand new red outfit to match her red tails. The skin has a new model and texture which includes a new hat for Arhi as well as several other changes. Unlike her default skin she definitely looks a lot darker and more fearsome.

Ahri’s particles have also been modified on most of her abilities to include new mesmerizing colors and glowing effects. You can tell a lot of effort has gone into making this skin!


The skin also includes a new recall animation where Ahri moves her orb around her before teleporting back.

If you want to add this special Ahri skin to your collection then luckily you still can! You might not be able to buy it in the Riot store anymore, but you can still buy it from our store. We have plenty of accounts with Challenger Ahri on them as well as numerous other rare skins. Check out our accounts below to add Challenger Ahri to your skin collection.

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