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No this is not a joke topic and I'm sure there will be flames and other laughs at it, but I simply cannot sit by idly while this Rioter destroys the balance and fun factor of league with his over powered champion designs.
I'm calling for his resignation from Riot games.
Every champion this Rioter has ever created has been unbalanced and broken to the point where it devastates game play and promotes anger and toxicity towards the game. Almost every champion he has ever created has been or still is unbalanced and the top bans for play. Especially Yasuo and now recently Kalista.
Simply put, its not fun to go against his champions, its just frustrating as hell, the power he puts behind them with his kits and passives he creates for them simply pushes the fun factor of the game to one side. Does no one at Riot games sit down with him and tell him that he needs to calm down? How are any of his idea's even allowed to pass beta testing?
I am not part of the champion design team, I don't know how the process works or what it entails, but I'm starting to think CertainlyT gets away with more things other Rioters don't, or maybe the development team just over looks how his idea's for his champions negatively impact game play all together. Double crit rate on one champion is something but to give him a second passive as well? Why? when he already has one of the most overpowered passives in the game? Kalista, his newest champion. Completely immune to melee champions, why would I even bring her bot lane when I can just go top and never take any damage from the poor sucker who choose someone like Garen?
His champions have little to no counter player and I think he does it on purpose. I'm sure every Rioter wants their champion to be popular and get picked a lot but to give them this kind of power just to gain favor? it's not right.4
I would seriously suggest that Riot rethink his next champion Idea, either don't allow him to make any more champions and put him some place else? or just get rid of him entirely, because at this rate what little balance team we have won't even get a break (Not like they do much anyway.)
For those who share the same idea, here's a petition, don't feel obligated, troll it, whatever you want. I'm just trying to get my point across. This is something I feel strongly agaisnt and I feel the only way Riot is going to listen is if I go to these extreme measures.
Thank you all for your time

August 'August' Browning is currently working as a Principal Champion Designer at Riot Games Inc. 1 About 2 Jhin 3 Contributions 4 Links 5 References Browning is from Alaska, and joined Riot late in 2012 immediately after graduating from university. He had spent many an hour playing DotA and League of Legends in his spare time and even used it as the basis for some of his educational works.1.

New Girl Vampire Champion, CertainlyT New VGU & So Much More Coming In League of Legends! 'Like' if you enjoyed & want MORE!→My New T-Shirts & Merchandise S. Bradford 'CertainlyT' Wenban is a Senior Game Designer on a Research & Development Project at Riot Games Inc. 1 About 2 Contributions 3 Trivia 4 References Bradford began working for Riot Games in December 2011. This was his first time working in the video game industry.1 Champion Design Darius, the Hand of Noxus Zyra, Rise of Thorns (partly with Steven 'Coronach' DeRose and Ryan 'Morello. Certainlyt champions Tag: certainlyt champions LOL Game And League of Legends Account. LOL Game and LOL Auto Chess LOL Game: Once upon a time. Jun 24, 2020 What do you know about CertainlyT. Bradford ‘ Certainly T ‘ Wenban is one of the senior game designers at Riot Games and is the one behind many champions in the history of League of Legends. A special feature of the champions Certainly T designed is that they are all special champions, whose gameplay and design are not the same.

Breaking news, gamers:Aphelios, the latest champion in League of Legends, will be the first character released without an E ability, instead possessing five unique Qs that will be cycled through as the game progresses. When we asked visionary designer Certainly “CertainlyT” T about his inspiration for this radical new design, he responded that his ultimate goal is to release a champion with no abilities, ultimate, or mobility.

“One step closer,” he whispers, face half hidden by shadow. For just a moment, he fingers a keycap, emblazoned with the letter E: then lets it slip, tumbling downwards into the storm drain below as the wind tugs at his coat, the rain pelts his brow. Thunder rumbles. “Three to go,” he says, eyes blazing with something that could be called madness.

Lol Certainlyt Champions

Certainlyt champ designsCertainlyt champions are op

Thanks, CertainlyT! Always a pleasure. After departing that darkened alley, the visionary designer invited us back to his office, where we were privileged enough to get an early preview of his latest design: Solus, a ball of light that just sits in the spawn fountain, unable to move, cast any abilities, type in chat, ping, or emote.

According to a dead-eyed programmer, Solus’ only ability, his passive, will incorporate over two hundred distinct mechanics, making it the only ability that requires a scroll bar for the in-game tooltip. We took the time to review this revolutionary new kit, and though it did require several hours for us to understand what the champion actually does (hint: it’s pretty obnoxious to play against) we’ll let CertainlyT himself give you a quick rundown.

“It might sound a little complex on paper, but actually playing it is a breeze,” the visionary designer explained. “What you need to understand is that Solus doesn’t really have an autoattack, but that his autoattack is also global: in a sense, he deals passive damage to all enemy champions that are affected by allied crowd control effects, shredding their armor and magic resistance by bouncing sunlight off of nearby terrain. This sunlight can also be directed to objectives by the strategic placement of mirrors. Placing the mirrors requires you to go into first-person perspective, where you can echolocate optimal points on the map with Solus’ unique soundscape-focused sub-passives. This will require headphones, and also a pretty advanced understanding of physics and the constraints of the speed of light.”


Certainlyt Champions List

Lol certainlyt champions

While some members of the community have been quite critical of CertainlyT’s work, condemning it as “overloaded” or “needlessly complex,” the visionary designer made it clear that he intends to stick to his signature style. “People are scared by what they don’t understand,” he remarked, staring fixedly at something beyond sight, something that only he can see. “What’s important is that you enable big brain plays. Yes. The biggest plays. For the biggest brain of them all.”

“That being said, Zoe was a mistake. I don’t know what the fuck I was thinking.”

Certainlyt Champs

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