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In this list of Ethical Hacker interview questions, we have covered all commonly asked basic and advanced hacking interview questions. Download Ethical hacking questions with answers PDF Ethical Hacking is when a person is allowed to hacks the system with the permission of the product owner to find weakness in a system and later fix them. Tag Archives: Penetration Testing interview questions. Network Penetration Testing Interview Questions & Answers. Web proxy: Burp Suite, OWASP ZAP; Web Scanners: WebInspect, AppScan, Burp Suite Professional; Reference: Security Products / Tools. List common network security vulnerabilities. Power Automate Interview Questions Power Automate (previously known as Microsoft Flow) is one of the easiest and one of the most powerful tools. It can be used to do automation and integration with 275+ data sources including Excel, SharePoint, SQL Server, Oracle, etc.

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There are various methodologies/approaches which we can make use of as a reference for performing an attack.

Web Application - PenTesting Methodologies

One can take into account the following standards while developing an attack model.

Among the following list, OWASP is the most active and there are a number of contributors. We will focus on OWASP Techniques which each development team takes into consideration before designing a web app.

OWASP Top 10

The Open Web Application Security Protocol team released the top 10 vulnerabilities that are more prevalent in web in the recent years. Below is the list of security flaws that are more prevalent in a web based application.

Application - Hands On

In order to understand each one of the techniques, let us work with a sample application. We will perform the attack on 'WebGoat', the J2EE application which is developed explicitly with security flaws for learning purposes.

The complete details about the webgoat project can be located https://www.owasp.org/index.php/Category:OWASP_WebGoat_Project. To Download the WebGoat Application, Navigate to https://github.com/WebGoat/WebGoat/wiki/Installation-(WebGoat-6.0) and goto downloads section.

To install the downloaded application, first ensure that you do not have any application running on Port 8080. It can be installed just using a single command - java -jar WebGoat-6.0.1-war-exec.jar. For more details, visit WebGoat Installation

Post Installation, we should be able to access the application by navigating to http://localhost:8080/WebGoat/attack and the page would be displayed as shown below.

We can use the credentials of guest or admin as displayed in the login page.

Web Proxy

Burp Suite Interview Questions And Answers

In order to intercept the traffic between client (Browser) and Server (System where Webgoat Application is hosted in our case), we need to use a web proxy. We will use Burp Proxy that can be downloaded from https://portswigger.net/burp/download.html

It is sufficient if you download the free version of burp suite as shown below.

Configuring Burp Suite

Burp Suite is a web proxy which can intercept each packet of information sent and received by the browser and webserver. This helps us to modify the contents before the client sends the information to the Web-Server.

Step 1 − The App is installed on port 8080 and Burp is installed on port 8181 as shown below. Launch Burp suite and make the following settings in order to bring it up in port 8181 as shown below.

Step 2 − We should ensure that the Burp is listening to Port#8080 where the application is installed so that Burp suite can intercept the traffic. This settings should be done on the scope tab of the Burp Suite as shown below.

Step 3 − Then make your browser proxy settings to listen to the port 8181 (Burp Suite port). Thus we have configured the Web proxy to intercept the traffic between the client (browser) and the server (Webserver) as shown below −

Step 4 − The snapshot of the configuration is shown below with a help of a simple workflow diagram as shown below

Ethical hacking is also known as the Penetration test. This penetration testing is a type of activity that is being introduced in the systems or the network. The main aim of Ethical hacking is to test to find out the threats, vulnerabilities in the system that a malicious hacker may find and exploit and cause to lose data, financial loss or the other major damages. The main motto of Ethical hacking is also to improve the security of the internet or the network by solving the vulnerabilities that are found during the testing. There are lots of Ethical hacking interview questions and answers that will help you a lot.

Ethical hacking is done by Ethical Hackers. Ethical hackers are also known as the White hat hackers. They are mainly networking security experts who consistently attempt to crack a computer system, network, application or the other computing resources. Ethical hacking is mainly done by the company or an individual to help to analyze the threat in the computer or the network. Below are some of the Ethical hacking interview questions and answers.

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Below are the list of Best Ethical hacking Interview Questions and Answers

1) What is Ethical Hacking?

Ethical Hacking is also known as white hat hacking. This type of hacking is mainly performed by the company or an individual. This Ethical hacking helps to identify all the hidden threats and the vulnerabilities in the system and the networks.

2) What are the works of ethical hackers?

The main work of the Ethical hacker is to attempt the circumventing of any of the weak point in the network or the system that can be exploited by the malignant hackers.

3) What are the constitutes an Ethical hacker should always follow?

The following are some of the constitutes an Ethical hacker should follow and they are:

  • The ethical hackers should have written permission to examine the network or the systems and attempt to identify all the hidden risk factors.
  • Ethical hackers should respect the individuals or any of the company’s privacy.
  • At the time of leaving the office, Ethical hackers main work is to shut down each and everything without leaving them open.

Interview Questions And Answers

4) What are the types of tools that are used by the Ethical hackers?

The following are some of the tools being used by the Ethical hackers:

  • Metasploit
  • Wireshark
  • NMAP
  • Burp suit
  • Nikto
  • SQLmap

5) What is burp suit in the Ethical hacking?

Burp suite is mainly a type of a unified platform that is generally used for the invading in the web application. Burp suite contains all the desirable tools that the Ethical hackers need to attack an application.

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Ethical hacking Interview Questions PDF

6) What are the types of tools you will get in the Ethical hacking?

The following are some of the types of tools that you will get in the ethical hacking:

  • Proxy
  • Spider
  • Scanner
  • Intruder
  • Repeater
  • Decoder
  • Comparer
  • Sequencer

7) What are the different types of hacking stages?

There are different types of hacking stages. Some of them are:

  • Reconnaissance: The Reconnaissance is the first phase of the hacking system. In this stage, the hackers used as much information as possible about the purpose.
  • Scanning: The scanning is the second stage. This stage mainly involves exploiting of the information being gathered during the Reconnaissance stage and it is also used to investigate the victim.
  • Gaining access: Gaining access is the stage at which the real hacking mainly takes place. In this stage, the hackers will exploit all the vulnerabilities that are being discovered during the reconnaissance.
  • Maintaining access: At maintaining access stage, the hackers will maintain access for future exploration.
  • Covering tracks: This is the final phase of the hacking stages. Once the hackers have succeeded in gaining and maintaining access, they will cover the track and the traces so that further detection can be avoided.

8) What are the types of scannings used in Ethical hacking?

The following are some of the types of scanning that are used in Ethical hacking:

  • Port scanning
  • Vulnerability scanning
  • Network scanning

9) What is the port scanning in ethical hacking?

Port scanning is one of the frequent reconnaissance techniques that is used by Ethical hackers to discover the threats and the vulnerabilities that are exploited by computer hackers.

10) What is vulnerability scanning in Ethical hacking?

Vulnerability scanning is the type of a computer program that is mainly designed to approach the networks, connections or the applications that are known for the weakness.

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11) What is network scanning in Ethical hacking?

Network scanning is the type of procedure that is used to identify the entire active hosts that are active on the network. They may be present either for the purpose of attacking in the network or for the network security assessment.

12) What is a footprint in the ethical hacking?

The footprint is the type of technique that is used to gather all the information about the computer system and all the individuals they belong to. To get all the information, ethical hackers should use various tools and all the techniques of the footprint.

13) What are the different types of techniques that are used in the footprint?

The following are different types of techniques that are used in the footprint:

  • Open source footprint
  • Network enumeration
  • Scanning
  • Stack fingerprint

14) What is network sniffing in ethical hacking?

Network sniffing is the type of process of monitoring and capturing all the packets that are passing through the given network using the sniffing tools.

15) What are the types of hackers?

The following are the different types of hackers:

  • White hat hackers, also known as the Ethical hackers
  • Black hat hackers, also known as the computer or network hackers
  • Grey hat Hackers are the blend of the two hackers that are ethical hackers and the network hackers
  • Miscellaneous hackers

16) What are the different types of software used by hackers?

The following are the different types of software being used by hackers:

  • Metasploit framework
  • NMAP
  • OpenSSH
  • Wireshark
  • Nessus
  • Aircrack NG
  • Snort
  • John the ripper

17) What are the different types of the programming languages used by hackers?

The following are different types of the programming languages used by hackers:

  • Python
  • C
  • C++
  • Perl
  • Lisp

18) What is the differences between Ethical hacking and computer hacking?

Ethical HackingComputer Hacking
Ethical hacking is the type of methodology to find out any of the threats or the vulnerabilities in the system or in the network.The computer hacking mainly refers to the breaking into someone’s system for the personal and commercial gains.
The hackers who do ethical hacking are mainly known as white hat hackers.The hackers who do computer hacking are mainly known as grey hat hackers.

19) What is sniffing in hacking?

Sniffing in hacking is the monitoring and deriving of every packet that goes through a specific network. This process is achieved by making use of sniffing tools. Sniffing of information can take place in Web traffic, router configuration, chat sessions, email and DNS traffic, FTP and Telnet password. Sniffing in hacking can also be described as tapping telephone wires in order to know or hear a conversation. This is broadly known as wiretapping. With sniffing, you can see both the protected and unprotected traffic. An individual working in an organization can sniff all the traffic of the network in the physical location.

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What are the main features of ethical hacking?

The following are the main features of Ethical Hacking:

  • Ethical hacking provides the features of the scanning ports and seeking vulnerabilities.
  • Ethical hacking helps to provide the feature of the examination of the patch installation by making sure that they cannot be exploited.
  • Ethical hacking also provides social engineering techniques that include shoulder surfing.
  • This type of surfing helps to gain access to important information.
  • Ethical hacking also provides the feature to handle the issue related to laptop threats.

Pros of Ethical hacking

The following are some of the pros of ethical hacking:

  • The main benefit of Ethical hacking is fighting against terrorism and the national securities breaches.
  • Ethical hacking is mainly to test the company’s security and always provide a safe environment.
  • After the Ethical hackers have finished analyzing the company’s system, they return to the areas that are mainly related to the technologies. This includes lack of sufficient password encryption and all the human-based systems.
  • Ethical Hacking provides a type of computer system that prevents malicious hackers from gaining access to one’s personal information.
  • Ethical hacking has a capable preventive part in preventing all the security breaches.

Cons of the Ethical hacking

The following are some of the cons of Ethical learning:

  • There are some Ethical hackers who use ethical hacking knowledge to do malevolent hacking activities.
  • Ethical hacking allows all the company’s financial and the bank details to be seen.
  • Ethical hacking will allow all the massive security breaches.
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