Burp Suite 2020.4

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Description: This room uses the Juice Shop vulnerable web application to learn how to identify and exploit common web application vulnerabilities.

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Burp Suite Cookbook: Practical recipes to help you master web penetration testing with Burp Suite. By Sunny Wear Sep 26, 2018. 4.7 out of 5 stars 22. 2020-05-07 Accepted burpsuite 2020.4-0kali1 (source) into kali-dev (Sophie Brun) 2020-04-09 burpsuite 2020.2.1-0kali1 migrated to kali-rolling ( Sophie Brun ).


Host: TryHackMe OWASP Juice Shop (by Cake) – https://tryhackme.com/room/owaspjuiceshop

1. Open for business!

1.1 Deploy the VM attached to this task to get started! (…)

1.2 Once the machine has loaded, access it (…).

2. Let’s go on an adventure!

2.1 What’s the Administrator’s email address?
Clicking through the reviews I found it.


2.2 What paramater is used for searching?
Doing a simple search gets me the parameter for it in the URL.

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2.3 What show does Jim reference in his review?

  • Star Trek

3. Inject the juice

3.1 Log into the administrator account!(…)
Burp Suite “Intercept is on” and as Email:

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3.2 Log into the Bender account!
His email address, because as the email address is valid (which will return true), I don’t need to force it to be true.

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4. Who broke my lock?!

4.1 Bruteforce the Administrator account’s password!
Catched the login request with Burp. Here I selected the password as parameter and pasted in the “1050 seclist” wordlist. One password entry gave the response code 200.

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4.2 Reset Jim’s password!
Used the “Forgot your password?” function with the email address [email protected] With a bit of research I found the answer to the security question.

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5. AH! Don’t look!

5.1 Access the Confidential Document!
Went to the “About Us” page and hovered over the “Check out our terms of use”. Here it links to “/ftp/legal.md”. Navigating to the “/ftp” directory reveals the content and I downloaded the “acquisitions.md” file.

Burp Suite 2020.4
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5.2 Log into MC SafeSearch’s account!
Watched the video and got the password and changed the “o” to “0” for Mr. Noodles. With this I was able to login with the [email protected] account.

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5.3 Download the Backup file!
Went to the “/ftp” folder and tried to download “package.json.bak”. But it seems with a 403 which says that only “.md” and “.pdf” files can be downloaded. To get around this, I used a character bypass called “Poison Null Byte” (%00) and added “%2500.md” at the end.

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6. Who’s flying this thing?

6.1 Access the administration page!
Went to the Network Viewer in the Dev Tools of Firefox. There is a GET request for a file called “main-es2015.js”. The most important entry is the path:

Logged in as the admin and went there for the flag.

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Burp Suite 2020.4 Crack Download

6.2 View another user’s shopping basket!
Logged in as the admin I clicked on ‘Your Basket’ with Burp running to capture the request! Forwarded each request until I saw: GET /rest/basket/1. Here I changed it to 2.

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6.3 Remove all 5-star reviews!
Went to the Administration page and clicked on the bin icon next to the only review with 5 stars!

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7. Where did that come from?

7.1 Perform a DOM XSS!
Entered this XSS command into the search field:

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7.2 Perform a persistent XSS!
Navigated to the “Last Login IP” page. Turned Burp intercept on and logged out. In the logout request I added a header with “True-Client-IP” and as the content the iframe XSS code. After a forward and signing in there was the alert!

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7.3 Perform a reflected XSS!
Logged in as the admin I went to the ‘Order history’ and clicked on the truck icon on the incomplete order. There is an ID paired with the order in the URL. Replacing the ID with the iframe XSS code after refreshing shows the alert.

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8. Exploration!

8.1 Have fun!
Went to the “/score-board” and got the last flag!

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Burp Suite Pro 2020.4.1

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Burp Suite 2020.4

Burp Suite Professional Full 2020.4 Crack Download

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