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Rar Extractor free download - RAR Expander, RAR Password Cracker, Free RAR Extract Frog, and many more programs. B1-Free Archiver is a great and the best free rar extractor backed with an efficient interface. It offers an incredible way to compress files and also ensures fast and secure file transfer. This archive manager tool is fully compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms and also runs perfectly well on Android devices.

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Best .RAR Files Extractor for Windows 10

Download File Extractor apk 1.1.9 for Android. This app is used to extract the files like rar, 7z, zip and also Zip maker. Jul 17, 2020 B1-Free Archiver is a great and the best free rar extractor backed with an efficient interface. It offers an incredible way to compress files and also ensures fast and secure file transfer. This archive manager tool is fully compatible with Linux, Mac, and Windows platforms and also runs perfectly well on Android devices. Verdict: The Unarchiver is a free cross-platform file archiver that supports even more file formats than a built-in ZIP extractor on Mac. This program works with the common archive files such as 7-ZIP, ZIP, RAR (including v5), GZIP, TAR, and BZIP2. The Unarchiver can read old formats such as LZH, ARJ, StuffIt, DiskDoubler, and ARC.

After installing the operating system, users usually don’t have enough programs for unpacking files. Such programs are named file archivers. Often, before the version of the OS Windows 10, users had to look for third-party programs to be able to unpack archives. In Windows 10 much has changed, ranging from the ability to use quality archivers from the application store and ending with a built-in explorer archiver.

In this article, we have selected five archivers for Windows 10. All the archivers that you need to download from official sites, without any problems, will suit users of the Windows 7 OS. And all applications installed from the store will be suitable only for the Windows 10 OS.

1. WinRAR.

WinRAR is a powerful program for operating the archives, since it allows you to operate with large archives. It supports all popular operating systems, starting with Windows and ending with Android. WinRAR remains so popular because even after the end of the trial period allows you to use all of its features.

You can download WinRAR and exploit it as WinRAR is free up to a 40-day period, after which it will start unobtrusively reminding that it would be worth buying a license: but it still works. If you don’t have the task of archiving and unarchiving data on an industrial scale, and you resort to archivers once in a blue moon, you may have any inconvenience from using an unregistered version of WinRAR.

Main features:

  1. Supporting most common archive formats for decompression.
  2. Allows to encrypt the archive with a password, create a multi-volume and self-extracting archive.
  3. Adding additional data to restore corrupted archives in its own RAR format (it can work with archives that have lost integrity), which can be useful if you use it for long-term data storage.

2. 7-Zip.

The 7-Zip archiver is a free open-source archiver and the only free program for working with archives that we can safely recommend.

Almost any archive that you will find on the Internet, on old disks or somewhere else, you can unpack in 7-Zip, including RAR and ZIP, 7z own format, ISO and DMG images, ancient ARJ and much more (it’s far from being a full list).

In terms of the formats available for creating archives, the list is shorter, but sufficient for most purposes: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, XZ, BZIP2, TAR, WIM. At the same time, for archives 7z and ZIP, the password for the archive with encryption is supported, and for archives 7z – the creation of self-extracting archives. Working with 7-Zip shouldn’t cause any difficulties even for a new user: the interface of the program is similar to the usual file manager, the archiver also integrates with Windows (you can add files to the archive or unzip it using explorer’s context menu). You can download 7Zip on the official site.

3. HaoZip.

This is a free archiver, which allows you to open fifty different formats of compressed files. The application can create self-extracting containers, split libraries into parts and protect them with a password, keep the history of archiving and restore corrupted packed objects, contains the function of scanning suspicious files using online antivirus. When processing a large array of data, the utility uses the full potential of multi-core processors.HaoZip can extract information from 50 different types of archives, but only a few types of containers are available for compression – 7Z, ZIP, TAR. A common RAR format isn’t supported when creating libraries, this can be considered the main disadvantage of the utility.

It also has the availability of additional tools. Among them – the function of combining MP3-tracks, the converter of archives and the option of emulating optical drives.

The appearance of the application resembles the popular WinRAR archiver, it is possible to change the design of the interface through skins. The program menu is translated into different languages, but the help isn’t localized – it is only available in Chinese, it is not possible to change its language even for English.

4. Bandizip.

It is a utility for unpacking more than 30 kinds of compressed libraries, including RAR. Using Bandizip, you can create regular archives in the formats TGZ, TAR, ZIP, ISO, LSZ, 7Z, and also generate self-extracting containers, which can be extracted later without the help of third-party software. If desired, you can encode the contents of libraries using the modern algorithm AES 256 Bit. When processing data, the program uses all the cores of multiprocessor systems, which can significantly reduce the time to create large-sized containers.

The developers of the utility tried to make the interface of their product as convenient as possible – it was translated into different languages, you can extract objects from the archives by simply dragging the mouse into the specified folder, there is a function to preview the contents of the container.

Best Rar Extractor

Advanced Bandizip users respond positively to the methods of encoding the file names used in the program. In their opinion, Bandizip is one of the few archivers that correctly saves the names of objects even if then the archives will open in a different operating environment (for example, Linux).

5. IZArc.

Multifunctional archiver IZArc allows you to fully work with packed files of various formats, can repair damaged libraries and open protected archives. The utility allows to perform additional actions with compressed files – add new objects, search, view and write comments. The program supports multi-volume libraries and is able to create automatically unpacking executable files.

The main functions are controlled from the context menu of the explorer.


The special function of IzArk – the ability to work with images of optical discs created in the popular formats ISO, BIN, NRG, CDI. And, if necessary, you can re-encode one type of image into another. Such an option, as a rule, is found only in specialized software.

Main functions:

  • free archiver;
  • opening of a huge number of compressed library formats (7-ZIP, RAR, ZIP and others);
  • support for 256-bit data encryption algorithm;
  • reanimation of damaged archives;

• work with images of optical media.

Data extraction refers to the process of analyzing data to retrieve relevant information from the data source. Data extractor also follows a specific pattern in downloading data from a source like a database. It also involves addition as well as the integration of metadata and other data. Efficient data extractor can handle unstructured data from multiple sources. Data extraction can be online as email extraction with online extractor like a browser. It can also be extracted after downloading the zip files and others.



WinZip is the extractor that can compress files into zip files and unzip the compressed zip files. The software is basically designed for iOS but works on other platforms like Windows, Mac, and Android as well. The extractor download is available and before opting for the regular version you can use the trial version for free.


7-Zip is an open source extractor software. While most of its source codes are under GNU LGPL license, the unRAR comes under mixed license. The extractor free download is available and it can be used on any computer system including the commercial ones. You do not have to register or pay anything for downloading the software.

RAR File Extractor

File Extractor is an excellent tool for extracting contents from zip files online or offline. You can use this extractor download full version or can opt for the trial extractor free download. The tool is easy to handle and works fast and quick unzipping of files and extracting their contents.

Best Rar Extractor Windows

Other Platforms

All the extractor software as discussed above can work on different platforms like Windows, Linux, and Mac and even on mobile platforms like Android. However, there are also some of them designed for a specific operating system like extractor Mac for Windows, Linux, and Android etc.

RAR for Android

RAR designed by RARLAB is one of the all-in-one extractors that could be useful for any enterprise. The software is original, free, and easy to use and specifically designed for Android users. It compresses quickly and archives files and contents conveniently. Its capability to RAR, ZIP, and unzip files renders the extractor to download favorite of professionals.

UnRarX for Mac

UnRarX is extractor designed for use on Mac operating system. The provider has come up with the universal Binary version included in the Version 2.2. It also has automatic update functionalities. The extractor download is done clicking on the icon. It is basically Mac OS X Cocoa application and you can expand or retrieve archives using the software.

Best Rar Extractor Pc

Free RAR Extract Frog for Windows

Best rar extractor for mac free

Free Extractor Frog is extractor designed for users of Windows operating system and it works on versions XP and above. This extractor free download is available on provider as well as on other such software providing websites. The software is fast and works with both RAR and the ZIP compression format and can unzip compressed files with ease and convenience.

Extract Now – Most Popular Software

In the industry today, ExtractNow is the most popular software around. This extractor enables you to extract multiple archives simultaneously. The software supports both RAR and ZIP formats and for this extractor download, you need to access the website and download it. The latest version is and it works on most of the leading platforms.

How to Download File Extractor Software?

File extractor software is available as full version paid as well as extractor free download. There are also versions that work as extractor online but if you like extractor download on your system the only thing you have to check is system compatibility. For instance; you can decide on extractor Mac or Windows, Linux, and Android among others. You have also to select the process whether to use GUI or command line instructions. Rest of the process is like any other download. You can also see ZIP File Extractor

In online transactions, there is always the necessity for compressed files, especially for communicating with others and uploading the contents online. After that, there will be a question of extraction that is carried out by extractor online or the extractor downloaded on your system. Reviews of best extractor download can help you take an informed decision in choosing the right extractor.

Free Rar Extractor Windows 10

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