After Effects Shape Animation

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Mar 11, 2017 Joe walks through a clever technique where you can use a shape layer repeater along with a small expression to loop shape layer animation. This is great for setting up seamless patterns for ribbon boards, or simply for anything else that you need tiled and animated. After effects expressions after effects shape layer. In this After Effects tutorial, we are going to learn some animations using Circle shape. The animations we are trying in this video are:1. Repeater Animatio.

No matter what object you’re animating on the map (ours shows a taxi cab), you’ll want to select the layer containing that object and choose Layer > Transform > Auto-Orient from the main menu. In the Auto-Orientation dialog box, select Orient Along Path and click OK. Switch over to Illustrator, select the patterned line layer in the artwork, and choose Edit > Copy. Return to After Effects and position the playhead at the beginning of the comp. Select the Taxi Cab layer and press P to expose Position. Now select the Position parameter itself and choose Edit > Paste to paste the path points as keyframes. Hold the Option/Alt button while dragging the last keyframe in the series — keeping them all selected (blue) — until you reach the end of the comp. Doing this retains their relative positions and makes the taxi move at the same pace as the patterned line. Finally, in the Composition panel, select one of the points in the pasted path’s outline and reposition it over its proper location on the map. You may need to increase the Zoom level to get it right. Play the comp and watch the taxi move along the defined path and leave the patterned line behind it. If necessary, press R on the Taxi Cab layer and change the Rotation value so the car faces forward.

Sometimes the only thing keeping your motion design from being over the top is a simple shape element. While these elements are usually pretty easy to create, it’s still great to have some simple pre-rendered elements to drop into your project.

To help with your future motion graphics projects, we’ve put together a collection of 35 exclusive drag-and-drop shape video assets.

The video assets have all rendered out in a ProRes format that includes alpha channels, so you don’t have to worry about using blending modes. Easily give your projects movement and style with these fine-tuned shape animations.

After Effects Shape Animation Plugin

Using the Shape Video Assets

Heart Shape Animation

Step 1: Drop Files Over Your Footage

Simply import the assets into your video editing or compositing software of choice. Next, drop the desired asset over your background footage.

After effects shape animation

Step 2: Stylize as Needed

You can stylize the video assets anyway you want. In our example video, we used a gradient and glow effect, but it all depends on your project.

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