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Find answers to common questions about Mixamo features and services.

Discover Adobe Creative Cloud membership plans and monthly prices for our full suite of applications including Photoshop, Premiere Pro, Illustrator, and more. Creative Cloud Plans & Pricing Save 40% on Creative Cloud All Apps when you buy an annual prepaid plan for US$359.88/yr US$599.88/yr. Mixamo animation on your Fuse model or any model that you use it, can be used within your games also. The limitation is to re-sell the Fuse model. But if you apply animations on another model that you allow to commercially sell it, the animation can be included within those 3D model.

Adobe Mixamo Price Guide

Mixamo is available free for anyone with an Adobe ID and does not require a subscription to Creative Cloud.


The following restrictions apply:

  • Mixamo is not available for Enterprise and Federated IDs.
  • Mixamo is not available for users who have a country code from China. The current release of Creative Cloud in China does not include web services.

Mixamo is available free and does not require any additional purchases or subscriptions.

You can use both characters and animations royalty free for personal, commercial, and non-profit projects including:

  • Incorporating characters into illustrations and graphic art
  • 3D printing characters
  • Creating films
  • Creating video games

No. Currently, the auto-rigger and animation libraries are for bipedal humanoids only.

Only the last used character is stored. Once you replace the character, no history of the previous characters or animations is stored. It is recommended that you save your rigged characters locally; if you need to animate them again, you can then upload the rigged character to Mixamo.


The Mixamo automatic rigging system only works for humanoid characters and has a few other specific requirements.

Check the following requirements:

  • Ensure the character is humanoid with distinguishable head, body, arm, and leg areas. If the character proportions are too deformed, the auto-rigger may not work.
  • Ensure the character does not have large extra appendages or props. For example, additional limbs, wings, and tails or large hair and clothing items may not work.
  • Ensure the character is in a default or neutral pose. Auto-rigging may not work if the character is largely asymmetric or posed prior to rigging.
  • Ensure there is no other content in the file. Additional helper objects, cameras, or scene objects cause the auto-rigger to not work.
  • Ensure there are no spaces between any of the parts. For example, the auto-rigger does not work on floating heads that are disjoined from the body.
  • Ensure the character is centered in the scene. The auto-rigger works best when characters are set to the (0,0,0) origin of the world. This prevents animation offsets happening from unit differences.
  • Ensure the character mesh is clean and error free. The auto-rigger performs more reliably on characters with clean meshes as well as provides higher-quality animations.

Adobe does not support troubleshooting for third-party programs.

To learn about using Adobe Fuse characters and Mixamo animations in Adobe Photoshop, see the following Help resources:

Adobe Mixamo Price Pakistan

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Adobe Mixamo Price Pakistan

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