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I run D&D streams and want to do a full character animator live stream. I posted before but the post fizzled and got berried. I contacted Oddball about their post and haven't had a response in a few weeks. Cucumber Free Adobe Character Animator Puppet This free Adobe Character Animator puppet is created by using stop motion technique. Being the first stop motion puppet created in world (stated by the creator himself), the file contains shots of different face expressions and other assets needed for the puppet to work in the software.

Add animations to your character and make it move as realistic as possible thanks to a powerful face expression tracker and a reliable motion recorder

What's new in Adobe Character Animator CC 2021 4.0:

  • New example puppet:
  • Hopscotch the Frog is a new example puppet in the Home screen with posable limbs.
  • New robust project file format:
AdobeRead the full changelog

Professional 2D animation requires a lot of creativity and solid technological skills, along with industry-leading software tools that can generate realistic motion effects. Following an extensive collaboration with experienced animators, Adobe created its own Character Animator, which allows 2D characters to come to life.

Lip-syncing and webcam-based motion, gesture, and facial expression tracking

Adobe Character Animator Full

Adobe Character Animator provides a new approach to character animation. Combining the power of a robust motion recorder, a face expression tracker, and an advanced lip-syncing algorithm, it enables animators to deliver 2D animations that mimic real human gestures.

Using a high-quality webcam and a headset equipped with a microphone, you can practically make your character copy your movements and facial expressions in real time. The character smoothly transitions from one position to another, while pose-to-pose animation enables it to obtain the effects seen in hand-drawn animations. Furthermore, the application can recognize pupil and eyebrow movements, which is bound to help users obtain more expressiveness for their characters.

Pays attention to details and allows realistic interaction effects between different layers

Attention to details is mandatory in the animation industry, and that is why Adobe Character Animator displays waveform representations of sound, allowing users to carefully adjust the timing of speech and entrance for a character. Moreover, it can collaborate with Adobe Audition for enhanced audio editing capabilities.


Adobe Character Animator implements realistic collision effects, allowing layers to interact with each other dynamically while taking into account gravity, friction, and bounciness. Therefore, users obtain improved control over their artwork, with advanced keyboard triggers.

Obtain high-quality, expressive characters and realistic movement effects

Adobe Character Animator provides advanced control over the behavior of a character, making it much easier to obtain the right face expression in both recorded and live performances.

Already used by animators who design 2D characters for cartoons and even live TV shows, Adobe's application has huge potential that can only be discovered by experimenting with its feature set. It is perfect for frame by frame animation, and it opens up new possibilities to the world of 2D animation altogether.

Although it can deliver impressive results, it is not as intricate as other similar editors. In fact, it eases the work of animators who previously had to combine complex settings in After Effects or some other professional editor.

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  • Multi-core Intel processor with 64-bit support
  • 8 GB of RAM (16 GB or more recommended)
  • 3 GB of available hard-disk space for installation; additional free space required during installation (cannot install on removable flash storage devices)
  • 1280x1080 display (1920x1080 or larger recommended)
  • Latest qualified graphics driver for your GPU, with at least OpenGL 3.2 support
  • Webcam (for face tracking)
  • Microphone (for audio recording and lip sync)
  • Headphones (to prevent recorded audio takes from being re-recorded in subsequent takes)
  • Internet connection and registration are necessary for required software activation, validation of subscriptions, and access to online services.
  • Adobe account
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Adobe Character Animator Full Crack

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Adobe Character Animator CC 2021 4.0

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Adobe Character Animator Full
Beginner Tutorials
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Getting Started

This is a simple walkthrough of creating a basic character in Adobe Character Animator. After going through this tutorial, you should be able to create an animated character with head tracking, responsive eyes and eyebrows, real-time lip sync, and a body with draggable limbs.

Recording & Editing

Recording in Character Animator is as simple as pressing the red record button, but this tutorial digs a little deeper into the best techniques for recording and editing, such as arming & disarming behaviors, blending multiple performances together, and perfecting lip sync tracks.


Triggers are a critical part of any puppet made in Adobe Character Animator, allowing you add emotions, props, and animated sequences on demand. We’ll set up some simple triggers to turn lights on or off, swap between different hand positions, explore what happens when you trigger a group with a behavior, and finish with Face Triggers, adding eyelids, sad mouth sets, and other features to give a face more dynamic range.

Download the example project here.


Behaviors are what bring your puppets to life in Adobe Character Animator. The Lip Sync behavior tracks your voice, the Eye Gaze behavior tracks your pupil movements, and so on. In this overview video we’ll quickly preview all of the currently available behaviors and give a brief example of what they do.

Get more detailed info about each behavior at

Creating an Animated Livestream

In this tutorial we’ll show you how to build and stream a live animated character on places like Twitch, YouTube, and Facebook. “Live animation” seems like an oxymoron, but it’s now possible with Adobe Character Animator.

Download Bluster at

Creating Lip Sync Mouths

When you are first getting started in Character Animator, getting the mouths to work right can be the hardest part of making your own custom creations. In this tutorial we’ll walk through two free example mouth sets (in both Adobe Photoshop PSD and Illustrator AI versions), learning how to get the best lip sync possible.

Download the Mouth Pack at

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