Ableton Live Mp4

2/15/2022by admin
Ableton Live Mp4

Ableton Live Mp4

Ableton Live Mp4AbletonLivehey everyone. i'm running into an issue on a collaboration i'm doing with another ableton 9 user. i am running ableton 9 64 bit. he mainly uses m4a files and when i try and open our project, it shows his m4a files as offline and i get a message that 'Live is unable to decode m4a files'. I know this is expected and, if i understand correctly, ableton uses Quicktime to decode m4a files but it seems to only work in 32 bit as Quicktime is a 32 bit application. i have found some 3rd party codecs and installed but i still get the error message and the m4a files still show offline when i open the .als file of our project. i'm sure i'm doing something wrong and i figure someone here will know what to do. obviously, i can just ask him to not use m4a format files but i would think there was a way to do this without having to. any help is really appreciated. thanks everyone.

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