Ableton 10.2

2/14/2022by admin
  1. Ableton Live 10.2 Beta
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I have been lately considering updating from 8gb to 16gb.10.2

Ableton Live 10.2 Beta

Ableton 10.2Beta
  1. Is there a way I can open an ableton 11 project in ableton 10? I was working in a track with a friend and when I do my part I work in ableton 11 and now that I sent it to my friend he can't open because he has ableton 10.
  2. Ableton Live 10.2 / 10.5 when? Post by docbot ┬╗ Tue Apr 21, 2020 12:06 am Okay so it can only be weeks to max. 2 months till the next Version gets introduced. 10.1 was released 10 months ago, so I'd expect a new version.
I am just migrating from live8 to live9-64b.10.2
Ableton 10.2First of all I don't use that much of memory consuming romplers, etc.... Until now AbletonLive8.exe usually consumes between 1.5GB and 3GB of RAM with a ready project but I have had to use romplers sparingly so I expect it to raise a little bit.

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Ableton 10.2 Release Date

Ableton 10.2 Rumors

Anyway I suppose that windows8 uses superfetching/caching to utilize the extra RAM. So what is your opinion, will 8-16 upgrade speed up workflow and project loading times even if your Live.exe would consume between 2-5GB of RAM....?
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