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Tennessee has led the nation in academic gains for students over the past decade, and most recently in the K-12 crisis response to COVID-19.

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Tennessee is now uniquely positioned to tackle the literacy crisis and can do so from all sides. To help support literacy development in Tennessee, the state will leverage approximately $60 million of one-time federal COVID-19 relief funding and $40 million in federal grant funding to immediately launch Reading 360 and invest in optional reading resources and supports at no cost to the state or districts.

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Reading 360 will provide optional grants and resources to help more Tennessee students develop strong phonics-based reading skills by supporting districts, teachers, and families.

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Throughout Tennessee and across the country, national experts, directors of schools, elected officials, and various stakeholders are encouraged by this bold approach to support literacy in Tennessee.

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If you want to stay involved, follow along on social media using the hashtag #Reading360.

Reading 360 Resources:

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    • Reading 360 Launch Press Release(1.4.21)
    • TDOE Opens District Applications for Pre-K–12 Literacy Implementation Networks (2.3.21)
    • TDOE Announces 48 Districts Selected for Pre-K–12 Literacy Implementation Networks(3.8.21)
    • TDOE Announces Stipends for More Tennessee Teachers for Summer Early Reading Training(4.22.21)
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