June 17, 2021

Supreme Court Just Did Biden’s Bidding – After Joe Begs Them, The Justices Cancel 2 Trump Cases

As expected, Joe Biden is working overtime to undo everything Trump did in the last four years.

Some of it might come easy, but he’ll learn it’s not that easy to erase the Trump effect.

He quickly ended construction of the border wall and planned to end Trump’s migration policy.

But these two issues were facing reviews by the Supreme Court. The court’s decision could impact both of these issues, regardless of the administration.

So, Biden’s administration asked the court to dismiss the cases. This is what they did.

From Fox News:

The Supreme Court on Wednesday agreed to a request by the Biden administration to remove two immigration-related cases from its upcoming calendar because they were no longer necessary due to policy changes by the new administration.

In a brief order, the high court agreed to the request to remove the cases from its upcoming oral argument calendar.

The Supreme Court canceled two pending cases over Trump administration policies after Biden asked them to.

Over the course of his time in office, Donald Trump faced endless legal challenges to his executive authority. Whenever he signed an order or implemented a new policy, Democrats were quick to sue him.

Two of those cases were still pending, even with Trump out of office. They both related to Trump’s immigration policy.

With Biden in office, he canceled the border wall and halted Trump’s remain-in-Mexico asylum policy. Because he killed both plans, there was no longer need for the legal battles.

The Supreme Court still could have decided to hear legal arguments. They could have ruled on these issues regardless.

But, as is keeping with this Supreme Court, they appear far more eager to appease the D.C. swamp over upholding the law.

This same Supreme Court—with three Trump appointees—refused to take cases addressing election problems after November 3. Even though past Supreme Courts frequently took election cases, this one suddenly refused to—ensuring a Biden “victory.”

It shouldn’t be a surprise that this same court is giving Biden what he wants. This should cause many to question whether this Supreme Court bothers to uphold the Constitution at all.

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