June 16, 2021

After Biden And Harris Cancel Energy Jobs – Kamala Slips Up On Live TV, Claims New Jobs For “Reclaiming Abandoned Land Mines”

We’re learning in realtime how competent the new administration is. Spoiler: not that much.

Joe Biden angered millions of union workers when he killed various fossil fuel jobs. Hey, he said he’d do it, guys.

Kamala Harris then went to West Virginia and brag about their massive spending bill, neglecting to contact WV senator Joe Manchin.

Now, Harris made a gaffe on TV that is catching people’s attention.

From Western Journal:

Team Biden is having a tough time with its messaging, especially when it comes to alternatives for energy workers who have lost their high-paying jobs because of the new administration’s war on the fossil fuel industry…

Her lack of concern for the workers in the coal mining industry whose livelihoods were abruptly lost was impossible to miss. So was her complete lack of familiarity with the topic.

Harris told the outlet that the workers’ skills could be transferred “to what we need to do in terms of dealing with reclaiming abandoned land mines.”

Uh… what? Harris claimed the thousands (perhaps hundreds of thousands over time) who will lose jobs under Biden can get new work… reclaiming “abandoned land mines?”

What is she talking about? There aren’t hundreds of land mines scattered across the West Virginia wilderness (or anywhere in America, for that matter).

And what does that have to do with roughnecks and other workers in the oil and natural gas industry? Drilling for oil and gas is nothing like recovering dangerous land mines from past wars.

Was she trying to think of another job that sounded similar? Or was she being that disrespectful to our hard-working neighbors?

Chances are, it was just a flub, that she was talking about reclaiming mining lands, but it underscores just how much this administration seems to care about working-class Americans.

Do you think Harris knows anything about a hard, honest day’s work? She seems to be an entitled, West Coast liberal who never had to get her hands dirty, and who even dated the San Francisco Mayor Willie Brown and may have used that relationship to help her climb the government ladder to become San Francisco’s District Attorney.

It seems easy for her to dismiss the tens of thousands of Americans who won’t be able to put food on the table. She even confuses the type of work they do.

Did Mike Pence ever do anything like this? Not even close.

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