April 19, 2021

Obama Demands Taxpayer Funded Secret Service Protection for Life

Democrats love nothing more than living off the taxpayers’ dime. You can see it from their constant golfing trips, lavish vacations, and some are even profiting by hosting official government business at their private properties.

The latest of these schemes has to do with none other than Barack Obama himself. He had the audacity to demand the government provide him and his family a lifetime of Secret Service protection funded by We the People.

It doesn’t matter that all former presidents receive this perk, and it matters even less that Obama never asked for it. What matters is that the taxpayer, yet again, has to spend their hard-earned money on benefits for these people that chose this career. We didn’t ask Obama to be president, so why should we pay for his security?

Republican Senator Joe Barron, who is the Chairman of the Senate Committee on Presidential Fraud, said that he would be looking into and accusations of wrongdoing.

“We have enough grifters in the White House as it is so we don’t have the money to spend for Obama’s crap. I will be looking into impeachment of Obama as soon as the current crisis is ended.”

We hope Obama doesn’t get the Secret Service protection he isn’t asking for. Our country has paid enough from his presidency and we want it to end so we can move forward.

Vote red to make sure honest Republicans are in office to hold these liberals accountable for their actions.

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