February 26, 2021

REPORT: Democrat Senator Pat Leahy Will Preside Over Senate Trial Of Trump, Not Chief Justice Roberts

When Democrats hold their stupid, pointless impeachment trial of Trump in the Senate, it will not be presided over by Chief Justice John Roberts, but Democrat Senator Pat Leahy.

Sounds like a completely fair arrangement, doesn’t it?

It’s like they’re trying to make the process more illegitimate.

The New York Post reports:

Sen. Pat Leahy will preside over Trump’s Senate trial, not Chief Justice Roberts

Vermont Sen. Patrick Leahy will preside over former President Donald Trump’s Senate impeachment trial next month — rather than Supreme Court Chief Justice John Roberts, who presided over Trump’s first trial last year.

Leahy, a Democrat, said the chief justice won’t preside because Trump is no longer president.

“The president pro tempore has historically presided over Senate impeachment trials of non-presidents,” Leahy, 80, said in a statement…

Some Trump defenders argue there shouldn’t be a trial because Trump no longer holds office and the primary purpose of impeachment is removal from power. If Trump is convicted by the Senate, however, he could still be barred from holding office again by a simple majority vote.

Does anyone believe Leahy is an impartial choice? Please.

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