June 17, 2021

Jim Carrey Takes Parting Shot At Melania Trump With Disgusting Painting

Jim Carrey used to be a brilliant, animated and — most important of all, funny — stand-up comedian and actor.

Nowadays he’s a shell of his former self: He’s just another bitter, petty, foul, objectionable Hollywood has-been, as he demonstrated anew this week following President Joe Biden’s inauguration and the departure of President Donald Trump and his gracious but routinely mistreated wife, first lady Melania Trump.

Breitbart News has the details:

Leftist actor Jim Carrey has taken one last dig at Melania Trump, crowning her the “worst first lady” in a new portrait caricature that mocks and bids farewell to the recent White House occupant.

Jim Carrey, ignoring Joe Biden’s call for unity and healing in America, tweeted the caricature Friday, suggesting that Melania Trump will be seeking a divorce from Donald Trump.”Oh… and goodbye worst first lady,” he wrote. “I hope the settlement can finance your life in the shallow end. Thx for nothing.”

“During her tenure as first lady, Melania Trump received no affection from the mainstream media, including fashion magazines, which never featured her on their covers despite her past modeling career in Europe. Hollywood celebrities also mocked her unrelentingly, with rapper and Joe Biden surrogate Cardi B smearing her as a prostitute,” the outlet noted.

Media analyst Joe Concha, writing at The Hill, agreed.

“It’s safe to say that no president’s wife has been treated more disrespectfully and disgracefully than Melania Trump, who exited the White House on Wednesday after four tumultuous years,” he wrote in a column published Thursday.

He adds:

These two examples – around such small-potatoes as Christmas trees and roses – underscore what met the now-former first lady on a regular basis. Even her accent was mocked on national television by the pope of late night, Jimmy Kimmel — and this occurred while she was reading to children during a White House Easter event. The backlash was swift, forcing Kimmel to apologize.

But the true low point came after Mrs. Trump had to undergo a procedure on her kidney, which required hospitalization afterward. Two weeks later, speculation of the grossest kind emerged after she wasn’t seen publicly while recovering.

Here’s one Rolling Stone senior writer’s guessing that the first lady was being beaten at the White House by her presidential husband, generating 20,000 likes and apparently not in violation of Twitter’s super-selective “Terms of Service”:

Meanwhile, don’t expect the same disgusting, biased media treatment of Jill Biden, as evidenced here, here, here, and here.

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